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Zodiac horoscope Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Ruling planet: the moon.
Lucky numbers: 2,4,5,8.
Symbols: Cancer, crab, heart.
Colors: white, light blue, blue, pale lilac, silver, green pea and pale orange.
Stones: opal, moonstone, crystal.
Flowers: honeysuckle, water lilies, all white flowers, jasmine.
Metal: Silver.
Talisman: clover, heart.
Happy days are Monday, Thursday.
Bad days - Tuesday, Saturday.
Countries: Turkey, Scotland, Prussia, Holland, Syria, Africa, Australia, Pacific Islands.

General personality characteristics

The moon, the intermittent moon, 4 times changing phases during its cycle (28 days), makes its subordinates very emotional, easily amenable to mood, sensual people. When they get into a good lunar cycle, they look like a fabulous little girl with a curl on her forehead, which will be charming if she has a good mood, but terrible, if she is bad.

Cancers are very shy and are more afraid of failure than all other signs combined. However, they are ambitious, almost like Capricorn, their opposite. But, unlike Capricorn, their path to success is the same as their symbol, Cancer. They are slow, moving in inches to what they want to possess, and then, at the most unexpected moment, they seize their prey, and, just like cancer, hold it tight and never let go. The moon governs the woman, and the female crayfish feel in their element, and the men, regardless of whether they are courageous or not, have many character traits inherent in women. Cancer men are not as aggressive in love affairs as people of other signs. However, they create an attractive facade of naivety, which forces a woman to take the first step.

Cancer - Enak, loving comfort. He controls the 4th house of the horoscope, therefore, the house and various household items are very important for him.

Cancers are very suspicious and rarely show their inner self in both love affairs and business if they are not confident.

Cancer is a very deep sign. These people retain their youthful views to old age. Often, men of this sign live at home with their mother longer than anyone else.

Cancer needs the sympathy of the people with whom he communicates. They can not stand a sharp conversation or strong criticism, regardless of whether it is deserved or not.

Despite the fact that Cancers love their home, they like to travel. Especially they love sea travel. Cancers often yearn for the past, for childhood.

If a Cancer is infuriated (it is difficult to do and happens quite rarely), he often acts by violence. The moon controls all fluids, and it should not abuse alcohol.

Positive, developed types of crayfish can be loyal, many of them are on the lists of patriots of our country. They can also be romantic and can sacrifice themselves. Like a cancer, their symbol, they need to learn to make their inner "I" as hard as a carapace of cancer. Due to the failure of protective instincts, Cancers have the potential of financial genius.

Psychosexual characteristics

Cancer is the most messy sign in connections. Changeable in mood: he can easily be in the intertwining of sexual exploits. However, if they love a person, there is nothing that crayfish do not do to please the object of their love. He is not alien to any form of sexual intercourse. Women of this sign like to behave in a maternity with respect to men. Cancer governs the breast, and this part of the body excites it. Male cancers are attracted to older women of the maternal type. Cancers have tremendous control over sexual functions: they are able to play an intense love game for a long time. Men and women - Cancers - love to be caressed.

Women of this sign like to play the role of a small, innocent girl who is seized by a stereotypical, lecherous man, although in reality they are overjoyed at the temptation of erotic pleasure, pretending that they endure their virginity.

This is a sign that produces extremely shy people, but in some cases they turn to the other extreme in sex. relationships and play an aggressive, imperious role, sometimes reaching sadism, verbal and physical.

Non-sexual maneuvers

Cancer is the master of non-sexual maneuvers. He demands firm rules from his partner, which he himself cannot always follow. No other sign can display such a false virtue, loyalty, sensuality and insult to feelings like Cancer, when he is personally guilty. What a heart-breaking mask — these moist, sad eyes — that Cancer can wear: a little boy who has been offended, insulted.

Of course, Cancer devotes a lot of time to create a comfortable home life, looking for a faithful husband or wife, breeds offspring. But as soon as they achieved this, they secretly find satisfaction in debauchery, justifying their adventures with social activities, deeds, etc.

Cancer is a wife indulging in all her weaknesses, annoying her husband with requests to buy expensive things; he is also a boastful husband who always reminds his wife of the price of a luxury item he bought for her.

By nature very materialistic, conscious of the power of things, Cancer usually makes gifts to her loved ones after quarrels.

Cancer is also a guilty husband who, returning from a "business trip", brings an expensive gift to his wife. This is also a guilty wife who had fun with a cute telemechanic while her husband was away on business and, when he returns, sees that she cleaned out the whole house, prepared his favorite food, went to the hairdresser and now welcomes him at the door with hugs and kisses and an innocent childish smile. Crayfish - the winners in the art of not sexual maneuvers.

How to satisfy Cancer

Make them feel young! They idolize youth (Libra and Lions follow them).

The only way for Cancer to overcome sexual desire and stay true is to get into a situation where it is impossible: at work, at a conference, in a hospital where he is immobile due to a cast, or in the arms of his beloved wife.

Positive features

Despite the fact that Cancers are very nervous (negative types), the positive type has a large number of virtues: patronizing fatherly or maternal attitude towards people, leadership in risky deeds and great persistence. Above all, they have a valuable quality that helps them overcome their negative traits - patience. Crayfish can be extremely thrifty, prudent and hardworking.

Negative traits

Cancers are victims of anxiety and fear. They should overcome the limitations that they set for themselves. They should not live in their past childhood, but by an effort of will to force themselves to act in accordance with their age. They should beware of alcohol abuse and overeating. They need to learn how to tolerate criticism and stabilize their moods.

But the main drawback is their inability to enter into a conversation, if there is the slightest opportunity to be defeated. They can not "stick to the wall," even if they are to blame for anything. They would rather continue to lie than pay for their sins.

Economy of love

Cancer is a cunning merchant in love, a finished materialist who, in the economy of love, stands head and shoulders above his astrological brothers and sisters. There are two types of love economics to which Cancer resorts. The first type is addressed mainly by young people who are consciously looking for older lovers. They are strongly attached to them, especially if they are thrown with gifts and not only things. Because crayfish revel in the role of beginning to live, they like to obey an experienced, patronizing teacher who acts in their interests. If they are not married to these teachers by any chance, then they usually retain their relationship long goals, until they have served their purpose. If they do get married, they are rarely in a married position after 35 years. This is a critical age for Rakov. Seldom Cancers live with the same spouse after 35 years.

The second type of love economy is practiced by Older Cancers. Usually, by this time they were in a stable position. They drastically change their youthful behavior and find themselves a young lover, whom they give gifts and share with him the wisdom of an experienced person. If Cancers do not divorce their spouses after 35 years, this is due to financial dependence or love for children, but not at all out of loyalty to their old spouse. Their married life exists solely for the sake of convenience, while the Cancers secretly look after the young ones.

Most suitable partners

Up to 29.5 years, the best partners of Raku should be sought among the signs of Scorpio and Pisces. All three are water signs and require close, passionate and deep emotional connections.

After 29.5 years, Cancers usually begin to mature and become aware of their true identity, becoming more liberal and less cautious. Then they often find compatibility with the energetic signs of Gemini and Virgo. These two signs, ruled by Venus, have a large degree of youthful vigor and do not consider it demeaning to accept signs of attention, including gifts from youngsters who are already 30 years old.

After 41.5 years, Cancers must fully develop and gain control of themselves. Then they will be able to be compatible with Capricorn (a highly organized, partly mental sign, which is always ready to unite its goals and acquire power with Cancer already settled down).

Assessment of loyalty

In his younger years - bad. The exception is when Cancer stays at home for a long time under the direction of one of the parents, usually the mother, and thus their behavior is not controlled by Cancer, but by someone else. In marriage, it is also bad, unless Cancer is not connected with her spouse by a common cause or work, when they constantly see each other. The best period of getting loyalty from Cancer is when he is very young and inexperienced, or after 35 years when he is already a seasoned lover and welcomes the refreshing demand of loyalty. Cancers are also loyal to lovers when they are offered luxury and comfort. But this will seduce any sign in our age of materialism!

Questions to Cancer

Why are you lying all the time forcing people to believe you?

Why, having your home, your ideal lover, wife or husband, do you continue your love affairs? When will you find your fault in your mistakes? When will you give more energy to spiritual qualities? Why are you so uncommunicative?

Why do you make others suffer if you are in a bad mood?

And finally, why did the stars make you such a deceptive perfect lover (husband), husband (wife)? But you really have all the possibilities, you just have to try.