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Zodiac horoscope Scorpio (October 24 - November 21)

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

The ruling planets: Mars and Pluto.
Lucky numbers: 4,5,8,9,10,11,21,100,666.
Symbol: Scorpio, Eagle, Ophiuchus, death sign, lamp, pyramid.
Colors: blood red, scarlet, crimson, and all fiery colors.
Metal: iron, steel.
Stones: ruby, coral, aquamarine, beryl, moonstone, crystal, Kurbunkul, malachite, topaz.
Flowers: peony, carnation, chrysanthemum.
Talisman: Beetle, Scorpio, a sign of death.
Happy day - Tuesday.
Unsuccessful days - Monday, Friday.
Countries: Germany (Bavaria, Saxony), Norway, Algeria, Sweden, Morocco, Ceylon.

General personality characteristics

Scorpio's personality is a volatile combination of antagonistic forces. Soul and flesh are constantly fighting among themselves, and therefore Scorpio sometimes seems to be the devil himself. And sometimes unexpectedly holy. Yes, even like God, because Scorpio is richly endowed with heavenly rulers. These are people with a strong will, so strong that aggressiveness creates many enemies on their way to success. Scorpios strive for success in life, perhaps with much more energy than all the other signs put together. And with what art!

However, although many Scorpios want to succeed in life, only some of them succeed, because before they have the laurels of the victor, inner peace, harmony and love, material goods, they must first win in the struggle with themselves, then and only then will they achieve what they want.

Scorpions are very emotional, they need love, they crave for it, they ask it, in short - love is the vital fuel. Astrologers are unanimous that Scorpio is the sexiest of all zodiac signs.

Being kings in all sexual matters, Scorpios come to sex with ease and usually start practicing them at an early age because they are sexually attractive. Even if not very beautiful. Everyone sees the lust emanating from them, and if he does not see, he feels. People want to caress them, always want to be with them, because they create inner forces that are hidden in the passionate nature of Scorpio.

There are two types of Scorpio: a low, underdeveloped type, symbolized by Scorpio, and a developed, spiritually finished type, symbolized by a soaring eagle. It is rare to find a middle between these two extremes. They have a supernatural ability to analyze almost everything in the world, to get to the essence of each case.

Since Scorpio is the first of 4 permanent signs, it persists in any business, until it is finally understood and realized by them. In fact, this is one of the characteristic features of Scorpio - to fight to the end, not paying attention to the consequences. They must continue along this path: finish what they started.

Scorpios do not know how to express themselves correctly, moreover, they tend to keep quiet and keep everything secret. They want to achieve their goals without dedicating someone to their business, so few can properly understand their actions.

Psychosexual characteristics

Scorpio is sex personified. Their sign controls the genitals. Is there anything else to say? The cells of their brain, under the aggressive influence of Mars, endow men and women of this sign with a huge sexual appetite. There are no moral restrictions here, because Scorpio looks at sex as an independent area of ​​human relations, and, moreover, sex restores their strength.

Among the lovers in the whole zodiac, Scorpios are very much appreciated. They have a certain experience that is suitable not only to satisfy their desire, but also to please their partner.

Non-sexual maneuvers

It is believed that Scorpio is one of the most opportunistic signs of the zodiac. However, my calculations show that sometimes Cancer, Virgo and Sagittarius are superior to him.

So, when we talk about non-sexual maneuvers that Scorpio resorts to in order to achieve his goals, we mean that he wants to achieve any goal with the help of "sexual activity." They marry for money and even arrange “sex dates” for business purposes. They usually marry, overpowering themselves, according to the calculation, but they are smart enough to choose the person with whom they are mentally compatible, because understand that the power of the mind is as valuable as gold.

Already married, Scorpios often enter into extramarital affairs, but they rarely allow these relationships to threaten the safety of their marriage. They are able to cope well on the "two fronts" - the marital and extramarital, they do it with ease and without any tension.

Scorpio can engage a partner in sexual intercourse so skillfully and unnoticed that he does not understand himself, as it happened, until he is seized with passion.

How to satisfy Scorpio

Provide some sex, but don't do it too hastily. When young, they are romantic, amenable to music and soft light. Later they become less restrained, more daring, they may like bright lights and mirrors. Scorpion spouses must be neat and clean.

Positive features

People of this sign are always faithful spiritually, even if they allow an extra-marital affair. This loyalty extends to select friends, whom they do not have very much, but from whom they demand the same loyalty.

In their home, Scorpios create a "protective atmosphere", as if the generals of Mars are guarding the fortress from the whole world.

Scorpions are excellent providers in the family, they are very clever in business. Women of this sign often occupy leadership positions. Scorpios are excellent parents, although they are a bit harsh and demanding.

They will work tirelessly with their colleagues at any job, and they are usually punctual.

Negative traits

They spare no effort in their race for success, which exhausts them physically and morally. Then they often break the evil on their spouses. Although some smart Scorpios choose a spouse who would help them avoid these extremes.

Extreme jealousy and possessiveness are also distinctive features of Scorpio, especially Scorpions - women. These are usually wives, similar to detectives who need to know the whereabouts of the spouse at any moment.

Scorpios retain a sense of resentment for many years after a quarrel - a trait unworthy of them. It has already been said that they are not always best friends, unless they themselves want it. But, of course, they easily become the worst enemies. They are very vindictive and vindictive when they are offended.

Economy of love

Scorpios rarely need to enter the game of the economy of love, provided that they are physically attractive, because They are very popular among women. Often they have several novels at the same time.

Scorpio controls 8 homes and people of this sign often assign heirs to their wealth. The 8th house also manages the money affairs of other people, especially the spouse. Scorpios often outlast them and reap their achievements. So, we see that they are well prepared for old age. And even in adolescence, when he finds himself in such a situation that he should buy what he wants, he rarely hesitates, even if sex is for sale. He rarely misses a business opportunity, even if it must be won at the cost of sex. They look at this situation as their own business deal. But they must be sure that they will get what they bargain for.

Most suitable partners

Up to 29.5 years, the best partners are among the signs of Cancer and Pisces. All three are water signs, which at this age are extremely emotional and act mentally-sexually. Sometimes Scorpio is well compatible with the signs of Capricorn and Virgo.

After 29.5 years, he usually begins to mature and become aware of his permanent “I”, which gradually becomes extremely aggressive and domineering. Then they are often compatible with the signs of Taurus and Libra, whose ruling planet is Venus. These signs have great patience and the ability to endure the domineering nature of Scorpio.

After 41.5 years, Scorpio should already be fully developed as a person and gain control over his intellectual "I". At this time, it is often compatible with the sign of Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Assessment of loyalty

In adolescence - the average, if you are not looking for something more physical in them. In marriage - great. They protect and strengthen their home and marriage, provided that they are allowed extramarital affairs. They know how to hide them and never flaunt them in front of his beloved. The best period for getting loyalty to Scorpio is after he turned 29.5 years old and when there is great agreement between the partners from the very beginning. But under these conditions, who will not be true?

Questions to Scorpio

Why do you know how to listen so badly, although we believe that you have mastered the art of conversation?

Why, when you have experienced the bitterness of failure or disappointment, do you run? Stop and analyze the situation.

And finally, why did the stars make your personality as interesting and sparkling as a diamond?