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Zodiac horoscope Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

The ruling planet: Jupiter.
Lucky number: 3,4,9.
Symbol: Centaur-shooter, stars, wands.
Colors: blue, blue, purple and purple.
Stones: amethyst, sapphire, emerald, agate, kurbunkul, turquoise, chrysolite, topaz.
Metal: zinc, tin.
Flowers: carnations, daffodils, cornflowers, palm trees.
Talisman: Salamander, horseshoe.
Happy day - Thursday.
Unsuccessful day - Wednesday.
Countries: Portugal, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Spain, countries of Latin America (except Mexico and Brazil), Arab countries.

General characteristics of the personality

Planet Jupiter, the planet of fortune, as it is often called astrologers, can give their sons success, honor, fame and fortune. It's hard to believe, but this powerful planet can do it. But first Jupiter exposes Sagittarius to severe trials, declaring that he must cross the seven seas in search of idealism, which in fact lies inside of themselves. But Sagittarius is difficult to come to the conclusion that their inner peace depends on their mental perception of the world. Sagittarians are restless: they always "expand" their personality, succumbing to the temptation of the hypnotic star on the horizon, waiting for new adventures. They want to see, eat, smell everything in the world, before the end of their death journey comes.

Streltsy quickly come up with different ideas, and their success is often based on their intuitive presentiment. As their symbol is the centaur-shooter, Sagittarius is straight in manners and speech, which, like a flying arrow, hits the target of the target. They express their personal opinion, regardless of anything. They are shrewd observers of life, and they rarely can refrain from commenting on the personalities of their loved ones, but these remarks are useful, and not just critical. But Sagittarians should realize that not everyone is objective as they and their good intentions are often misunderstood. Sagittarians are very romantic and passionate, honest and straightforward in their feelings and intentions. However, often this is taken for emptiness and superficiality or for feigned flattery. Sagittarians should not take offense at the slightest manifestation of neglect or inattention, whether it is real or not. They should not take offense or harbor anger at people - their only source of joy. They must learn to believe in their bright tomorrow. Why not? After all, Jupiter is their powerful ally. Despite their sociability, Sagittarius are often very lonely, as they are extremely idealistic. They continue to believe in love and friendship for many years after they learned a bitter experience. They trust people again and again. And this is one of the great secrets of their success - their great faith, which is usually generously rewarded.

Psychosexual characteristics

Since Sagittarius is a double sign, the people of this sign are of two types: a devoted idealistic and romantic type who rarely descends from the straight and narrow road of virtue, and an entirely opposite type that, in pursuit of perfection, rushes from one lover to another and on this path he he forgets why he began his search and what he eventually sought.

In the first type there is a passionate nature, but the excess of his sexual energy is directed to creative activity, and not to Don Juanism.

The second type (of both men and women) is a constant red tape, which trembles with joy at a new sexual victory and mentally brings it to the catalog of its lovers.

Non-sexual maneuvers

Sagittarius is the most opportunistic sign. Since he is also a mental sign, he can be very prudent in his demands. Some Sagittarius mistakenly do, trying to guess what they will get for the services they render, they consider themselves especially skilled if they do not have to pay sexually for their gifts.

Being one of the fire signs, together with the Aries and the Lions, Sagittarians are very aggressive and readily begin their careers.

One of their advantages in the social manner is their ability to portray a sense of indifference and save it longer than their opponents.

In general, after many romance novels, as well as non-sexual maneuvers, Sagittarians come to the conclusion that their ideal friend (girlfriend) does not exist. Then they agree to a marriage that offers them an abundance of intellectual communication. They continue to have extramarital affairs, but since they are honest and direct, they often confess to their spouses. Surprisingly, they are allowed these extra-marital ties.

How to satisfy Sagittarius

Sagittarians are delighted with sexual adventures, and they like not so much themselves sexual intercourse, the change of a new partner.

Positive features

The people of this sign are true friends, faithful and devoted. These are people with whom you can really talk, and not only on everyday topics, but also on higher ones: philosophy is religion, science, politics.

Sagittarius is very friendly with people, he is very noble and romantic.

Sagittarius - good parents and perfectly contain the family (in monetary terms).

Negative features

Sagittarians are used to hover too much in the clouds. They should try to become more practical and descend to the ground. They must learn to distinguish rudeness from sincerity. They are also too optimistic, they all let themselves out, throwing unfinished business and hoping that everything will be fulfilled by itself.

They are stable within themselves, but we must understand that not everyone approves of their constant desire to wander (wander).

Economy of love

If Sagittarius does not hesitate, he will always find that it is not profitable for him to enter into the game of the love economy. He relies too much on chance and lives by one future. He seldom thinks about that "distant black day", which may come tomorrow. "Everything for love" is a beautiful and romantic attitude to life, but sooner or later Sagittarius should understand that however it may seem unpleasant, idealistic, love and financial paths nevertheless cross.

Sagittarius, becoming elderly, unpleasantly surprised, discovering that there is a game of economic love, they are disgusting the role of the buyer of love, it is below their dignity, and unworthy of the children of Venus.

But when they recovered after they learned about the close intertwining of money and love, they become skilled manipulators, and ultimately always win in this game.

Best partners

Up to 29.5 years of the best partners, Sagittarius should be sought among the signs of Leo and Aries. All three are fire signs, and up to 29.5 years of their relationship are not as tight and dependent as, for example, the relationship between watermarks. The key word in the relationship of this group is independence. In his youth, Sagittarians can find a good partner in Taurus or Pisces.

After 29.5 years, Sagittarians begin to mature, they realize their true personality, which gradually becomes extremely restless and mentally. Then they are often compatible with the two signs that Mercury controls - Virgo and Gemini. The people of these signs possess high intelligence and fascinate Sagittarius.

After 41.5 years, Sagittarius - already developed personality, he acquired self-control and the ability to look inside himself. At this time, he becomes very aggressive, overbearing and, moreover, independent. Then he is very compatible with Taurus and Libra. Both signs can get used to powerful people.

Assessment of fidelity

In his youth - bad, with some exceptions highly developed, intellectual types. In matrimony - medium, and then, if their spouses can tolerate their desire to be with the "crowd." The best period for compatibility with Sagittarius is after 35 years.

Questions to Sagittarius

Why are all your romance novels so short?

Why do you immediately retreat at the slightest sign of imperfection?