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Zodiac horoscope Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

The ruling planet: Venus.
Lucky number: 2,4,6.
Symbol: Bull.
Colors: spring - lemon, white, green and lilac.
Stones: agate, diamond, opal, moonstone, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, esmerald, jade, carysol.
Flowers: lily of the valley, lilac.
Metal: copper.
Talisman: golden calf, owl.
Happy days are Monday, Friday.
Bad day - Tuesday.
Countries: Ireland, Poland, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, Switzerland.

General personality characteristics

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, affects him completely differently than Libra. Being the ruling planet of Taurus, it is less complex, pretentious, it is easy to throw off the unearthly and intellectual, it descends to the earth. A typical Taurus is a warm, friendly sign, a gentle and passionate person, although he may not show it. The bull is a very accurate symbol of the sign. To achieve the goal, he uses force. They are often called the "salt of the earth", because there is no sweetness in it: they know what they want and work hard for it.

Men Taurus is often meek, kind, amenable to the soft features of his character. But do not consider this a lack of temperament and do not wave the red cloth in front of the bull. They are difficult to annoy, even more difficult to identify their internal antagonism, but if they are angry, then they become a real "bull in the china shop", ready to destroy everything that catches the eye.

Most Taurus can not stand against art, music and, above all, they are attracted by the beauty of the human body. Taurus usually passionate lovers. Astrologers often say that Scorpio, the opposite sign to Taurus, is an insatiable partner, but I believe that Taurus is superior to Scorpio by its insatiability during sex. of the act. The main difference between the two is that the intelligence of Scorpio often makes him forget about gender. attraction in order to achieve success in any other areas. But Taurus has such an excess of power that the floor. the act is a sort of pacifier for them.

Taurus rules the 2nd house of the horoscope, which is often called the house of money. They are overly materialistic, often engaged in money-making plans, but they are not like power-hungry Capricorns. Taurus live in the present.

They are slaves of comfort. Their homes are equipped with modern amenities that facilitate their lives and the lives of loved ones. Taurus everyone knows the price, but more importantly, when buying, they weigh the enjoyment factor of each luxury item.

Venus, the planet of Taurus, is often called the less fortunate, but it is "less" only in comparison with the more successful Jupiter. But she is a good friend of Taurus. She brings happiness and success. She makes him attractive to friends and lovers, she gives him a soft charm that attracts the whole world to the threshold of his house.

Since Taurus is not always an extremely intellectual sign, under the influence of Venus, he develops a tendency to complacency, in other words to laziness. They often say: "I know that I could achieve everything if I really wanted to. Why try?" And this is not boasting. Taurus can really do whatever he wants, but often this is manifested in contentment with all its capabilities, rather than the joy of doing things. This quality also manifests itself in the absence of demonstrativeness of his feelings. Taurus is not in the habit of giving kind compliments to his lovers or wives (husbands). Most Taurus replace such poetic speeches with expensive gifts. Although their beloved are grateful to them for this, Tauruses should try to show their feelings in a more graphic way.

Taurus has great vitality, but he rarely spends them on practical things. He, the "salt of the earth", wants to have a monetary reward for the forces expended. In general, every effort expended to achieve a positive goal must be reimbursed by any rewards, otherwise they will be upset and lose interest in the work. Nothing can prevent Taurus from completing what he started in reality, stubbornness is a serious shortcoming that threatens Taurus’s career.

It is difficult for him to understand other people. But in general, Taurus is a positive sign. He is friendly, although sometimes a bit boring because of his restraint and silence. Taurus controls the throat. Most Taurus will more likely be singing or listening to cheer singing than speaking. Many of the actors, TV and radio broadcasters (Taurus) are lucky because their professions have strong, pleasant voices. They experience acute sexual arousal when they speak to an audience, since the nerve endings in the throat are connected with the organs of the lower body, including the genitals. Therefore, it is often possible to hear how people-Taurus of such professions admit that they must abstain from sex before an important public speech in order for the vocal cords to be free from sex. voltage.

We can argue that the personality of Taurus functions at an even, consistent level. But remember, do not try to push the bull off its path, otherwise you will know the consequences of this.

Psychosexual characteristics

Taurus is perhaps the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. People who are ruled by Venus love to caress, but prefer to be caressed, stretching caress time. What characterizes Taurus on the positive side is that they are usually good spouses. Women of this sign are usually sincere and faithful wives and they know how to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in their home. Most Taurus work well when they have a cozy home and family where you can relax and restore energy. Taurus wives often complain that their husbands are not demonstrative in sexual relations. They take a passive role, expecting the wife to be active. If not, then the husband will readily find another woman.

Since Taurus rules the house of money, his financial affairs greatly influence the sexual area of ​​his life. When Taurus is solvent, he does not look at a beautiful female figure, but when things go wrong, sex becomes his conviction.

When he easily succeeds, he can become money-hungry. But he loves to spend and spends.

Women of Taurus should sweeten their nature of Venus with various luxuries: expensive jewelry, clothes, cars - all in order to flatter the goddess of love and beauty and cause admiration from Mars. When she is admired, the daughter of Venus becomes completely indifferent to sex, while Taurus men are rarely so indifferent: he will not deny him.

Both men and women are rather incontinent. During intercourse, they often act under the influence of an impulse and, being a physically strong sign, they often consider sexual intercourse as insufficient. Tauruses often like the external data of two characters controlled by Mercury: Virgos and Gemini, who are also able to offer a diverse sexual repertoire. Both men and women Taurus is usually endowed with beauty, not one movie star was born under the sign of Taurus.

Non-sexual maneuvers

Venus often acts on its subjects so that they become aggressive and, when they take this position, they become nimble and get what they want through non-sexual maneuvers. Taurus occupy a significant place in the list of famous "dear mistresses". They love to be admired and pampered by them, and thus they seek expensive gifts.

Taurus is an earth sign, he is able to practically use his spell. They say that for any worthwhile thing in the world is worth and work hard.

Since they believe in a fair game - they are bad businessmen and businessmen, and therefore should avoid economic areas that require cheekiness and resourcefulness, otherwise they will not stand the competition. In general, non-sexual Taurus maneuvers work better not in affairs and society, but in personal life.

How to satisfy Taurus

Taurus's attitude toward sex can easily become too prosaic and when he is not connected with a partner with a deep feeling and when he simply gets bored. Taurus does not hesitate to ask their telephone number for any other suitable partners.

Positive features

Taurus is a peace-loving person and in our time, when everyone aspires to manifest his desires in a violent manner, Taurus is an example of virtue. Thanks to the strength and ability to concentrate energy on one thing, success easily comes to it. They do well in matters that require time and perseverance. They often come up with any commercial ideas that seem insignificant at first, and later turn into objects of national scale. Remember, Taurus rules the house of money and he knows how to shake the gold out of other people's wallets.

He rarely divorces when he gets married. They are faithful to the end, if not sexually, then spiritually. Men can safely marry a Taurus woman, because she is a strong, noble wife who supports her husband’s affairs with practical advice.

If anyone wants a relationship that floats on the smooth waves of Venus, take the ship "Taurus" - no troubled waves. Venus, the goddess who makes young girls fall in love, and the young guys go on the balconies lit by the Moon and sing passionate serenades makes people born under the sign of Taurus most suitable for romance and marriage. They are in great demand in this area.

Negative traits

Obstinacy, indifference, egoism - this is where one should begin, but the main disadvantage of Taurus is indulging one's weaknesses, indulging one's desires. Another drawback is over-caution. If he fails, then it is due to his uncertainty and inability to take advantage of the opportunity. In personal relationships, Taurus fails to combine sex and emotion. They should at least come up with a spiritual life, pretend, if not for themselves, then for their partner, if they want to keep the peace. Women love to talk, and men have to listen occasionally. Taurus men love flattery and their partners should force themselves to say something that caresses their ears. Taurus's sexual impulses are closely related to the stomach and eating habits, and they must remember that gluttony is overweight.

Economy of love

Taurus wants to have everything and is happy to enter the game "economy of love". Usually they extol the golden calf and are extremely skilled at using money to meet personal goals, especially sexual ones. Taurus attracts many, but he often wants an unattainable person, a man who leans to his charms for a high price. Then, one person is enough for him: he needs not only quality, but also quantity. He needs two cars, two houses, and if not two wives, then at least a mistress. A Taurus woman does not hesitate to use money to lure the most beautiful man. Positive types of Taurus can be generous with money. Loving art, they promote it in their sex life. But they rarely take under the protection of a person who does not possess beauty and talent: Venus gave them a subtle sense of these two qualities.

Taurus always manages to save money for a rainy day. These are people who are experiencing national financial stagnation and recession, buying things through a smart way that always retain value, such as estates or jubilee products. In short, no one owns the art of monetary manipulation so much as the owners of the house of money.

Most suitable partners

Up to 29.5 years, the most suitable partners are humans. Capricorn and Virgin. All three are earth signs and until the age of 29.5 they are all looking for random, slightly passive sensual connections. But if Taurus chooses Virgo, he should keep in mind that she is beautiful, but cold, and if Capricorn - that he is a good partner and spouse, but later he will not be able to satisfy him sexually.

After 29.5 - Taurus begins to grow spiritually and can find a suitable partner among Gemini and Owen. Gemini will increase his intellect, and Aries

- fire and energy. Aries and Gemini are quite intelligent signs and, like Taurus, do not soar in the clouds. Sometimes it is useful to lower him to the ground, so that he can take a good look at his life and subsequently change his future.

After 41.5 years, when Taurus has already acquired long-awaited well-being, he is ready for deeper, more idealistic, spiritual relations. Here it can be compatible with Scorpio.

Assessment of loyalty

In general - always "good." A solid sign, Taurus does not like change. In their youth, Taurus is especially loyal to his friends and relatives. In marriage, their loyalty is constant and dependent.

Questions to Taurus

Why do you not want to achieve spirituality, possessing 95 percent of all other virtues, what will make you a more active sign of the zodiac?

When will you learn to participate in a two-way conversation?

When will you give other people the opportunity to speak?

When will you stop depending on the circumstances?

And finally, why did Venus leave her precious casket with the poetic, intellectual values ​​of Libra and only then came to you?