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Zodiac horoscope Libra (September 24 - October 23)

Scales (September 24 - October 23)

The ruling planet: Venus.
Lucky number: 2,6,7,8,9,15.
Symbol: Scales, book.
Colors: dark blue, green, purple, aqua, pastel colors.
Stones: opal, emerald, sapphire, pearl and beryl, green jasper, lapis lazuli, moonstone, crystal, chrysolite.
Metal: bronze.
Flowers: calendula (marigold), roses, violets.
Talisman: heart, book.
Happy days - Friday, Saturday.
Unsuccessful days - Tuesday, Sunday.
Countries: Austria, the Caucasus, China, Japan, Thailand, Siberia.

General personality characteristics

Everyone is looking for Venus, the goddess of love, a planet that knows love, but the sign of Libra possesses it. Scales, as well as their symbol - scales, have a lot of variations up and down in their personal lives. Their personalities are bright and intelligent, because they are an air sign, their charm is infinite, their smiles are irresistible.

Libra all his life looking for a man who would be the perfect spouse, but when they still find the perfect partner, they are rarely happy. Why? Perhaps Libra is in love with love itself? Perhaps, just like the surface of Venus, which astrologers hardly consider because of the nebula above it, the people of Libra are inexplicable.

The astrological symbol of this sign is Libra, and most people of this sign try to balance the Libra in public and personal terms. Scales are very much in need of balance and harmony, and when this is not possible, they are more likely to retreat than make any effort to change the situation. Venus gives its sons and daughters a sharp analytical mind, especially when it comes to art, the scales have prudence and attract many people who ask for their advice. They are also sincere friends and business partners.

Intuitive features and aesthetic understanding of beauty make the scales outstanding artists, poets, writers, composers, singers and actors. One can imagine that all these qualities make them the happiest of astrological signs, and they are often really happy, but it still depends on whether Libra will find a spiritual accomplice in life, it is a duty for them, it is absolutely impossible to think of Libra in the singular: all their future views are associated with a happy self-giving in all areas of life. So we see that Libra is a seeker of love. But not in the literal sense, such as Sagittarius or Scorpio. Scales, perhaps, hope for that extraordinary evening when they hear the laughter of a stranger, who will then become their spiritual accomplice and make their lives full.

But all these qualities do not make Libra a weak adversary when you already possess it. Their independence is unshakable, although they express it softly and imperceptibly. They are always clear about the type of person they are looking for. Scales highly appreciate people. Their desire to make people happy goes so far that they are more likely to please others than themselves, but they are not weak-willed when they see that their delicate personalities are offended.

Scales are often at odds with the surrounding reality, as they completely identify with elegance and grace, they will do anything to avoid contact with people who insult the laws of ethics and good taste.

The planet Venus is considered to be "less successful" by astrologers compared to the "more successful Jupiter". Weights must develop a practical spirit in order to reap the rewards of their heavenly ruler. When the scales are balanced, they are irresistible.

And in today's commercial world, they have two advantages; their sign governs the realm of love and idealism.

Psychosexual characteristics

The question arises: if Libra has so many virtues and is so passionately looking for a partner, why can't they satisfy and keep the object of their love? The answer is that the people of this sign treat their lovers not as people, but as beautiful works of art. And in our age of sexual freedom, there are few women who like to be admired at a distance. And everyone already knows that men of this type are also rare.

Caressing and physical intimacy over time Libra gets on his nerves, these gods of love do their best to make themselves beautiful, seductive and charming, and when they finally find the one they were looking for, a delightful pink period of romantic charm begins for them and then really you can believe that the people of the sign of Libra come from the planet of love - Venus.

Non-sexual maneuvers

Scales can perform non-sexual maneuvers with such skill that their victims are rarely aware of what is happening. Some astrologers consider Libra to be the most selfish sign, the non-sexual Libra maneuvers are that they require their friends to help them in establishing public contacts and achieving the desired heights. Libra understands that they are far from being so skillful in business maneuvers and often operate on the skills of their friend. In marriage, Libra avoids various unpleasant works, referring to mood or the inability to perform them. In fact, they consider minor works below their dignity.

During love scales are very idealistic, paying great attention to caresses and kisses. They are very sensitive to the atmosphere prevailing in the bedroom, there should always be clean linen on the bed, they are strongly influenced by Venus and they demand luxury: silk shirts, soft light and romantic music. Scales require a long love game, after which sexual intercourse occurs fairly quickly. Otherwise, their aesthetic feelings will be offended.

How to satisfy Libra

Treat them with tenderness. They hate the vulgar scenery, of all the signs, they are most easily distracted during intercourse. They often dream during love. It’s common for them to think about someone else: a former lover or an unfulfilled image. Many Hollywood stars were born under this sign, but the calculations show that the people of this sign, who controls love and marriage, are not very successful in these areas.

Positive features

Libra is a very honest, sincere and attentive sign. They have a great sense of aesthetic values, are very judicious in behavior, they are friends for many years.

Scales can be very unrestrained, their attachments come from the heart, not from lust.

Women of this mark adapt to the requirements of their husbands. This ability allows them to have a great influence over men, but the effect is pleasant and touching.

Men of this sign, although not listed among the best providers of the family, but create an atmosphere of harmony and harmony, they are good fathers.

Negative traits

Since Libra is very eager to please others, to create an atmosphere of harmony, they go too far in this that they lose their individuality. They should also try to become more practical and translate their creative ideas into actions, and not just dream. They must learn to take the sexual side of marriage with joy. They should not respond to the attachments and demands of people who do not stand, just because Libra finds them harmonious.

Economy of love

Scales are not skilled in the economy of love. In today's world, in order to achieve their goals, it is necessary to have firmness, cruelty in character. And Libra often hates open competition and aggression. Their way of fighting for the good of the world is the hope that their ideal, open image will bring all these benefits for granted. This, of course, is too luxurious attitude to life, and Libra needs to think about old age, when their charm and beauty will start to fade. The idea of ​​buying love is lower than an understanding of scales. Many people of this sign despair in old age, old age, because they wake up after the years of youthful idealism that have flown by quickly, turn out to be lonely and unprepared for the monetary content of the future. This sign should collect stock for a rainy day. Libra is a sign whose sense of livability depends on monetary dependence and cash security.

Most suitable partners

Up to 29.5 years, Libra is most sexually compatible with the signs of Gemini and Aquarius, all three are air signs and, up to 29.5 years, their intellectual, social and sexual connections are fragile and changeable.

After 29.5 years, they begin to mature and become more practical. They are already closer to a more settled and less intermittent way of life. Now they often find compatibility with the signs of Scorpio and Aries, because these two signs, ruled by Mars, are sometimes a bit rude to Libra, both of them highly ambitious. They need a soft balance of scales and encourage their calm behavior.

After 41.5 years, Libra has already developed, gained control over its intellectual "I". Now they are often compatible with the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius, thanks to their idealism and romanticism.

Assessment of loyalty

In their youth, it is good, from about 13 to 23 years old they seek to form a close union in love and friendship.

It is excellent in marriage, provided that they are not required to play the role of a passionate lover, and also if they are given relative freedom to engage in public life and devote their free time to aesthetic values.

The best condition for compatibility with Scales is mutual interests at work or a large amount of money, which makes it possible to give the scales freedom from various duties.

Questions for Libra

Why can't you learn to live for some time just for yourself, without worrying so much about your friends and lovers?

Why, before you trust someone, you make serious tests?

Why don't you listen to passion?

And finally, why did the stars make you so charming and irresistible?