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Zodiac horoscope Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius (January 21 - February 20)

The ruling planet: Uranus.
Lucky number: 2,4,8,9,11,13.
Symbol: Aquarius, wings, flight of birds, zigzag, sage.
Colors: blue-green, ultramarine and purple.
Stones: pomegranate, zircon, opal, light sapphire, amethyst, lapis lazuli.
Flowers: violets, myrtle, daffodil.
Metal: tin.
Talisman: the key, the icon.
Happy days are Wednesday, Saturday.
Unsuccessful day - Sunday.
Countries: Denmark, Italy (south), Russia, Canada.

General characteristics of the personality

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, according to astrologers, has the most eccentric behavior from all the planets of the solar system, for example its axis is deviated from the plane of its orbit by a small angle of 98%, it lies on its side. When the Sun is opposite the southern pole of Uranus, the entire northern half of the planet is in absolute darkness for about 20 years. When the Sun is opposite the northern pole of Uranus - the entire southern hemisphere in the dark. The characteristics of Uranus, which distinguish it from other planets, fit well with descriptions of many people of the sign of Aquarius, these people range from simple people to geniuses.

Aquarius - giving a sign, symbolized by a man pouring water. People of this sign are trying to improve the person. They "pour their" personality into the world and usually reap the fruits: glory, wealth and a deep sense of belonging that is usually rewarded.

Aquarius has a triple power, speaking astrologically, it is virtually invincible. Firstly, because Aquarius is an air sign and has a strong mind, secondly, it is a permanent sign: these people possess perseverance and perseverance, and thirdly, because of the ruling planet, his life is freed from the small earthly deeds that are so disturbing in everyday life. And it's not surprising that so many famous people were born under this sign.

Distinctive features of Uranus: originality and self-expression. It is impossible for Aquarius to make people talk and not do as they want, regardless of the consequences. In fact, Aquarius is synonymous with self-expression.

There is in Aquarius and some detachment and often they seem cold and indifferent to people. They do not always enter into relationships with people, but they are never indifferent. They like to serve and there is a danger that people will enjoy it. If he does not obey the wise advice, then his nobility can exhaust him spiritually and materially.

They are balanced, seldom offended, until after thinking they decide that they were wrongly treated. They are balanced and reasonable, because they adapt well to various conditions of life, all welfare objects do not attract them.

Psychosexual characteristics

Aquarius excites everything new, so they are looking for new interesting people, they want to touch and hold with different bodies. They are stimulated by diversity in sex. Partners, but for them it's not sexual immorality, but Aquarius life. In the sign of Aquarius there is an internal conflict, because he is a permanent sign, he wants to strengthen his status quo; on the other hand, he wants change. Therefore, they often come into conflict in various ways. They hesitate about getting married, and do not marry as much as possible.

The craving for humanity as a whole is very great, but they still choose their spouses for one and for all life. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Aquarius is the first to try to get rid of social and parental instructions, they enjoy resistance and rebellion.

Non-sexual maneuvers

In general, Aquarius is not skilled in non-sexual maneuvers. They are usually very sincere in their desires and goals, and are often exposed to injustice. Over them it is easy to get the upper hand in this respect.

In personal matters, they talk about their intentions openly and too often their sincerity fails. Aquarians are usually happy people and are often rewarded for their originality, despite the fact that other people often take over the top of them.

How to satisfy the Aquarius

Never disrespect the mind and personality of Aquarius, do not let it think that it is a simple tool for your enjoyment. He will not tolerate it. Do not offer Aquarius to spend one night with you - they will refuse, they need to find out their partner.

Remember: Aquarius rules the house of friendship and believes that the result of sexual intercourse is the acquisition of a new friend.

Since they are curious, most of them want to have contact with everyone, to get to know all forms of sexual experiences personally and many Aquarians at least once, but they will all try. People who have entered into a relationship with Aquarius should remember that they consider themselves different from others. The way it is. He does not fit in the allotted scope, he rebels faster than people of other signs, long-term sexual relations with him are not possible, tk. after a month of intimate relations, the mistress of Aquarius will become his best friend, and then a loved one. Aquarius rarely leaves the same friend to stay at home, when he himself is looking for a new lover, they go together.

Positive features

Aquarius is a kind, gentle sign, ready to help. They are generally happy when they are approached for advice and they are some of the best advisers. They are modest and rarely try to achieve an advantage over their comrades.

In love, they are very faithful and faithful spiritually, but are always a little reserved and do not like to show their emotions.

Uranus is a powerful friend of Aquarius and often influences the choice of his profession, in general Aquarius is a positive sign, 80% of famous people are born under this sign. So those who communicate with him, who were born under this sign are happy. Aquarians give them hope and courage.

Because Aquarius rules the house of friendship - he is a master of personal relationships, his devotion knows no bounds.

Negative features

The main threat to the success of Aquarius - his tendency to spend his abilities on attempts to gain a prominent position in society, they talk a lot about the future, but not always their ideas become reality. Because of their desire to do whatever they want, despite the consequences or the opinions of others, people will judge them in appearance and not be able to see their sincerity and other virtues, the wise Aquarius will do well if he realizes that he will soon achieve his goals, if it acts within a conditional framework, even if it is a temporary compromise, for it there is a danger of becoming superficial, it requires an extraordinary combination of virtues, especially in the intellectual field, but if it does not find it, then it can reduce its demands and be "with all". They should not have done this: for them it would be better to go further and look for new, more intelligent friends.

Economy of love

I'm afraid that Aquarius loses the most in the economy of love. In fact, the average Aquarius, usually, shies away from all matters relating to the economy. They are too busy with human values, the secrets of human existence, the world of the soul and mind, to at least notice that most people are kneeling before the golden calf.

Because Aquarius is able to adapt to people below him. In order to achieve a sense of belonging, they are often content with what they have at hand at the moment, rather than being more legible. In other words, they rarely struggle to achieve economic power to buy love and sex.

Naive Aquarius allows its nobility to reach such an extreme that, as a result, it remains without any means to sushchustvovaniyu.

But not all people of this sign are such carefree philanthropists, Aquarius is a permanent sign and intends to achieve their goals. Few people from this sign can not come to the rescue when their names are called and therefore they are considered simpletons, but despite this, they will always have the wealth of mind and soul.

Best partners

Up to 29.5 years of the most suitable partners they need to look for among the signs of Gemini and Libra. All three are air signs, their relations are fragile and changeable. The twins offer an intellectual stimulus, a cheerful partnership, and Libra - balance and harmony.

After 29.5 years, they are more interested in practical earthly life, and then often are compatible with the signs of the Virgin and Aries. The sharp mind of the Virgin and her ability to work tirelessly can help Aquarius enter the realm of practicality. Aries offers Aquarius a burning ambition and serves as a good example of his "I" for him.

After 41.5 years, Aquarius acquires a positive orientation in his personal life and work, and he is ready to enter a higher society. At this time he is very compatible with his opposite sign - the Lion, who has already started to go in this direction. If the previous connections of Aquarius with Leo were unsuccessful, our adult Aquarians can try again, because By this time they have become more diplomatic and know what can and can not be expected from Lviv.

Assessment of fidelity

Aquarius is very faithful in all areas of human relationships. This is a permanent sign and these people feel best when they see familiar faces and places around them.

In his youth, Aquarius is a loyal and trusting friend, he brings his friendship usually to old age.

And marriage? Well, first try to make him marry at all. But when he finally marries, he is faithful to the end, in his own way, maybe not always romantic, but always consistently, calmly and a little reserved.

Questions to Aquarius

Why do not you rebel against the system, why are you so unorganized and do not have a strategy?

Now you are the first and the central sign, all attention is drawn to you. Never before has humanity depended on you. The dawn of your century - the age of Aquarius. Do not fail mankind.