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FAQ on Unlock 1.1.2, iPhone World News

Method one is TurboSIM.

TurboSIM is not an analogue of the "blank" for the cloning of SIM cards, as many believe. This is something like a “middleman” between a phone and a SIM card, which allows it to be used even with SIM cards that are not readable by ordinary (and unusual, in general, too) scanners and are therefore not cloned. To use TurboSIM, you do not need to cut the chip from the card, as when using adapters for 2 cards, you just need to cut a small piece of plastic to reduce the thickness of the overall design. Although this method is somewhat inconvenient due to the need to prepare your SIM card, it does not cause damage to the phone and works even with the latest firmware 1.1.2. The main disadvantage of this method is its price. One such "unlock" will cost about $ 150.

The second way is hardware.

There is also a second way to unlock new iPhones. This method requires opening your device and some manipulations with its insides. Then you get a fully standard and working device with any version of the firmware. No side effects and consequences of this method does not carry, if carried out by an experienced specialist. The price of such an unlock is about 60-70 u. And its only drawback is the need to open the device.

Other ways at the moment DOES NOT EXIST. Specialists who deal with this problem assume that the software unlocking method that is already familiar to us will most likely appear with the release of a new version of the software for iPhone.

1. Virginization of the modem firmware. For all unlock methods below AnySIM version 1.2, which we use below in the list.

1.1 Go to the settings menu on the unlocked 1.0.2 / 1.1.1 phone, set Autolock to the Never position.

1.2 Install BSD Subsystem via the Installer,
1.3 Add in the Installer in Sources -,
1.4 On the tab with applications, go to the Unlocking Tools, select OneSIM if you have AnySIM1.1 or The Virginizer (0.x) for your modem firmware, if you have iUnlock or AnySIM1.0.2.
1.5 Waiting for ~ 10 min.
1.6 After successful completion of the virginization, the application will download your modem. And pops up a notification about the wrong sim.

2.Unlock 1.1.2 2.1 We do Restore before the firmware 1.1.2.

2.2 Now we do downgrade to 1.0.2 (Without lowering the modem firmware version). To do this, hold Home + Power for exactly 10 seconds, then release Power and hold Home until it appears in iTunes. There we hold Shift and poke to restore. From the list, select the previously downloaded firmware file 1.0.2
2.3 Activate 1.0.2 and install Installer Community Sources, BSD Subsytem and openSSH in Installer.
2.4 Using WinSCP, upload to the / Applications / folder. Write down your iPhone IP address, you will need it later.
2.5 Next, go to this folder, select all files, right-click and go to the Properties menu. Where it is written 0644 set 0755 and click OK.
2.6 Restart the phone and the AnySIM icon will appear there, disable the automatic blocking and start.
2.7 Once the process is complete, check if the phone is ringing.

3.Jailbreak 1.1.2

3.1 Now go to iTunes and do Restore to 1.1.1. At the end, error 1015 pops up, and on the screen you see a picture with the iTunes icon and a wire. It's not scary, it should be.
3.2 Launch iBrickr version 0.91 and click on Boot the iPhone. The screen lights up red and waits for 2-3 minutes until you see the inscription Slide for Emergency and the globe in the background.
3.3 Now we activate 1.1.1 and go to the Installer, update it and install OktoPrep, it is in the section Tweaks 1.1.1 3.4 After a successful installation, go to iTunes and do Update to 1.1.2, not Restore. To do this, hold down the shift and click to check for updates. And select the firmware file 1.1.2.
3.5 After the update, download the program 1.1.2 jailbreak and run (for Win you need to run windows.bat) and follow the instructions. Do not forget to tick the install ssh

4. Activation 1.1.2

4.1 Make a backup of the usr / libexec / lockdown file via WinSCP (just download it and save it somewhere in a safe place).
4.2 Download and unpack this archive and through WinSCP upload the lockdown file from this archive to the usr / libexec / folder on your phone.
4.3 Download this file and download it to this phone folder System / Library / Frameworks / AppSupport.framework /
4.4 Right click on the file you just uploaded, go to properties and write instead of 0644 0755.
4.5 Restart the phone.

Step 1: Go to the Installer and add the Source:

Step 2: Go to the System repository and install the BSD Subsystem.

Step 3: Exit the Installer and wait for the soft reset. Then go to the Installer again and select the repository.

Step 4: Install AnySIM 1.2.1u.

Step 5: Turn on airplane mode.

Step 6: Run AnySIM.

Step 7: Scroll the text down and click "OK, Unlock My Phone".

Step 8: We are waiting for some time, after which the following inscription will appear on your screen: