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How to Unlock Your 1.1.2, 1.1.3 OTB iPhone, Easy software Unlock

This instruction is for jailbroken phones with boot loader 4.6. Do not use on phones with boot loader 3.9!

I did a soft-unlock on 1.12OTB, then upgraded to 1.13 jailbreak (version SoftJailbreak 1.13 ver 1.13-2) After switching to 1.13, I strongly recommend resetting (Settings-> General-> Reset-> All) all content and data. Do not forget to save contacts, notes, SMS and so on.

Then install from installer-> System-> Bsd Subsystem, open ssh and Sources-> Community Sources. Continue at your discretion.

I have a 1.13 jailbreak - everything works fine. Yes, in order for Google Map to determine its location, you need to install Locate me and run it once)) Step one

Go to Settings (Settings) through the Main Menu

Step two

Enter the General (General) Settings

Step Three

Enter the lock menu (Auto-Lock) and choose not to use the lock (Never)
Airplane mode (airplane mode) is not necessary!

Step Four

Press the Home key to return to the Main menu. Run the installer

Step Five

Go to the Sources tab, click Edit, then Add and enter the following link Click Done, go to the main Installer menu and select iClarified

Step Six

Select Geohot Unlock (1.1.2, 1.1.3) from the list and click install

Step Seven

A message appears on the screen stating that the process will take about 5 minutes. Remember to make sure the auto-lock is turned off. If you are ready - click OK. :)

Step Eight

The message "Your iPhone has now been unlocked!" Appears on the screen. Click OK and run to search for the usual SIM card, and put the multisymbol on the shelf