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Activation 1.1.1, For Windows

Step 1: Open iTunes and wait until it finds the iPhone.

Step 2: Dial * # 307 #, click to call. Erase this combination and enter 0. Now on the screen, an incoming call from number 1. Press the answer button, and then Hold. Once again, there will be a walking call, press the call cancellation. Opens access to contacts.

Step 3: Create a new contact.

Step 4: Enter any contact name, then click on the line "Add new URL" and enter two links in turn:

prefs: // 1F click save. click save.

Step 5: Now the menu of the contact created by us is opened on the screen. Click on the "prefs: // 1F" link and go to the iPhone settings menu

Step 6: Now configure the Wi-Fi connection and Auto-Lock> Never.

Step 7: Now we need to return to our contact, for this we press the Home button.

Step 8: Enter 0, we again receive an incoming call, press the button, and then the Hold button.

Step 9: The phone starts ringing again, rejects the call, then popodem into the contacts.

Step 10: Now we need to go to the 2nd link. We click on the link, after that the site opens and we go down and press "Install AppSnapp", then we are thrown from the browser, we wait until the iPhone is loaded and then it will ring.

Step 11: The iPhone should reboot (approx. 1 to 2 minutes).

Step 12: iPhone is activated.