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IPhone 4 activation on iOS 7.X.X

Активация iPhone 4 на iOS 7.Х.Х

It works only with iPhone 4, and that's it!

After the release of Jailbreak using Evasi0n for iOS 7 on many forums, including ours, we were asked questions, what if the phone is locked to an operator or an apple iD ?

Evasi0n does Jailbreak only on activated phones, is it really impossible to at least make a phone like an iPod?

After all these questions, a utility was released that allows owners of a locked iPhone 4 to activate and install the Evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 7

Instructions for use

1. Download and install the iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool utility.

Download iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool Virus Free by KAV

2. Open iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool .

3. Click on button 1 and enter the device into DFU mode.

4. Click on button 2 .

Make sure that the drives are mounted!

Mounting / dev / disk0s1s1 on / mnt1 ..
Mounting / dev / disk0s1s2 on / mnt2 ..

Активация iPhone 4 на iOS 7.Х.Х

If not, press button 2 again.

5. Click button 3 .

Message pops up:
Continue connecting to the cache?
(Y) es, (N) o, C (a) ncel, © opy Key:
Press "y".

The phone restarts and Recovery Mode appears.

Активация iPhone 4 на iOS 7.Х.Х

6. Click button 6 .

We configure the menu on the phone as new and now you can safely do Jailbreak iOS 7.0.x !