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How to Install Cracked App from App on iPhone

How to install "hacked" applications

To install hacked applications, you need to add a repository to Cydia (one of the three) and install the AppSync patch from there for your firmware (3.1.2 and 3.1 are the same and 4.0, 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 are also the same)


  • Restart the phone and install any application from the App Store!

    On our site there are many programs for the iPhone from the App Store. And already overwhelmed with questions about how to install these applications. So, now I will explain both methods of installation! It's very simple, so let's start:
    First, make sure that you have installed a cracked 2.0 firmware using WinPWN or some other method. Because the games from the App Store will be installed only on this firmware. Great, go ahead. Now we go into Cydia and install MobileTerminal - with this application you will communicate with the iPhone teams. Next, download any archive with the hacked application .

    Option 1: If we see a folder inside the archive, the name of which ends in ".app" , then we proceed as follows:
    1. We drop the folder onto the phone using iPhone Manager or iPhone Browser or another browser in private / var / stash / Applications. (Hereinafter all differently, I have Applications.82X3Wf, remember the name of this folder, it will come in handy later) and create a folder called \ ”Documents \” (if not created) in / var / mobile /
    * there is an interesting moment - on one of my iPhone the private / var / stash directory was missing. That's why I just downloaded the application folder in / Applications /! But there is not enough space on the system partition, so you definitely need to use the BossTool 2.0 utility from Cydia, which will transfer the entire contents of the / Applications / folder to the user partition! *
    2. Restart the phone or Respring
    3. Go to MobileTerminal and write su root - press enter
    4. Enter the alpine password (nothing will appear, it should be so) - press the input
    5. Next, we write cd /var/stash/Applications. (As uvas), for me this line will look like this: cd /var/stash/Applications.82X3Wf - press enter
    6. So we got to the Applications.82X3Wf folder (for me), it contains system programs and applications that you installed are not from the AppStore. Now we will set permissions for the ***. App folder.
    7. We write this line chmod -R 775 ***. App - press input. Is done.
    * In my case, when I put the folder with the application in / Applications /, I wrote the following lines in the terminal:
    cd /Applications/
    chmod + x tetristouch
    As you already understood, I put Tetris. It works that way too. *

    Option 2: The archive contains the file format .ipa , then do the following:
    1. Using the iPhone Manager or iPhone Browser or SSH or PC Suite, open the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework folder.
    2. Find MobileInstallation file in it and rename it to MobileInstallation.bak ( MANDATORY !)
    3. Then, in the same folder, transfer the MobileInstallation file from the downloaded archive and set 755 rights to it, for this we open the terminal and enter the commands:
    su root
    cd /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework/
    chmod + x MobileInstallation
    4. Restart iPhone
    5. Now run iTunes on your computer, open (2 clicks) on the .ipa file from the archive, it will open in iTunes. Now sync and the app will be downloaded to your iPhone! Advantages of this method: no need to transfer folders back and forth, easy installation via iTunes over the wire, the ability to remove the application directly from the springboard.

    Conclusion That's all. There is nothing difficult about it. If someone has any questions, write in the comments, try to help!

    Common mistakes

    Error killed in the terminal
    This error occurs if you use the Iphone PC Suite, as it installs a special daemon. To avoid this error, you need to update Cydia Core Utilities. Try to update all the programs in Cydia, to do this, select Changes in it, wait for the download, Cydia will ask you to update the programs (usually 3-4 pieces), click "Upgrade", wait for the download - the error killed will not disturb you anymore.
    If this does not help, then you need to restore the firmware.

    Error 0xE8000013
    Treated by re-syncing the iPhone with the computer.

    Error 0xE8000001
    It is treated by restarting the service AppleMobileDeviceService.exe (for Windows users).
    Treated by re-syncing the iPhone with the computer.

    And to install via iTunes, you need to be registered in the iTunes Store? And if I do not have a payment card?
    To create an account without a payment card, do the following:
    1. At the very bottom in the middle choose Russia.
    2. We are looking for "Top Free Apps" on the right, click on any program.
    3. Click "Get App". A window will pop up.
    4. Click "Create a new account".
    5. Click "Continue". Put a tick, again click "Continue".
    6. Fill out the form => "Continue".
    7. "Payment Method: None". And fill out the form => "Continue".
    8. After registering, an e-mail will be asked to confirm your account.

    Put the program, but the iPhone writes "Unable to start the application"
    Try to install any free application (for this you need to register, read above)
    Perhaps you are not authorized, for this at the top of iTunes, click "Store", and then "Authorize a computer."

    ITunes has been updated, if it is installed, will the programs work?
    The latest iTunes update works correctly.

    Is it possible to update programs installed using the IPA method?
    No, otherwise Crack will fly. Exit: wait for the updated version of the program with Crack.