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Jailbreak 3.1.3 and rollback to 3.1.2 for the European (neverlock) iPhone 3Gs, Only for European (neverlock) models!

And the dachshund, here is what you need to do, what would you have on your iPhone 3Gs firmware 3.1.3 with jailbreak!

Instructions for Europeans only (neverlock) and if you have a stored digital signature in Cydia!
That is, clicked the "Make my life easier" button until the firmware 3.1.3

First, we make it so that iTunes will allow you to downgrade the firmware version. To do this, we will forward it to the Apple spoiled server, which was created by Saurik:
So, to summarize, I built a server that duplicates the functionality of Apple's electronic signature server, replacing the live process of getting the signature in a "on file" process.

So just open the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts (Windows) or / etc / hosts (Mac OS X) file and put the following citation, the last line of the file:

We reboot the computer. Now that iTunes thinks he's talking to Apple, he actually talks to Cydia and we can roll back his firmware to the predecessor!

Option-1 If you still have firmware 3.1.2 with jailbreak and Sidia, of course, but you want or are thinking of upgrading it to 3.1.3, and there's still no digital signature, first we'll do the following:
- We go to Sidia, look for the button on the main page: "Make my life easier", press it and wait, we wait for your SHSH (digital signature) to be created, which will help you always roll back to this firmware. You will learn that your SHSH was created when you see this line in the sidia:

(I, as you can see, the signature was saved for firmware 3.1 and 3.1.2)

You already have a digital signature and we can safely proceed to the firmware itself:
- You rock our custom, follow the link below;
- Connect the phone to the computer;
- Launch iTunes (latest version);
- On the phone's tab, hold down the Shift key (on the keyboard) and click Restore ;
- In the window that opens, select our custom firmware and flashing your phone!

PS Carefully! When you are stitching on our custom, the phone should already be jailbroken, or you will have to follow the instructions below.

Option-2 If you accidentally updated to 3.1.3 or failed to do it and yet you know for sure that in Sidia you have a digital signature with the predecessor, and maybe even the latest firmware (if you do not remember or do not know, try to roll back , Preliminarily editing the file .hosts - see the start of the post, but iTunes will hardly allow you to do it because of the absence of the digital signature) - then perform the following steps:
- Downloading the firmware 3.1.2 from the Apple website;
- We swing our cast by the link below;
- Launch iTunes (latest version);
- On the phone's tab, hold down the Shift key and click Restore ;
- But this time in the opened window we choose not a custom, but a pure firmware 3.1.2 which we downloaded before that;
- The phone starts flashing;
Everything seems to go well and here, when the stripes almost started behind Yablochko, iTunes knocks us out: "An unknown error occurred 1015" (this error is related to the modem, because it's new in 3.1.3 firmware), everything in the shower ..., all ... I will not do a jail ... BUT, it was not here!
- Download QuickPwn 225-2 for Windows and run it, it tells us that you need to connect your phone to your computer;
QuickPwn 225-2 for Windows [ ] [ ]
- Disconnect the phone from the cable and enter it into DFU mode [ ? ] , (ITunes can already be closed), entered into DFU, your phone has an off screen and connect it to your computer (QuickPwn works wonders, the phone turns on);
- Launch iTunes , it activates the phone - set it up "Like new";
- Now we will make a jailbreak! Yes Yes! Jailbreak on 3.1.2, and not on 3.1.3 - this is so that we could install the custom that we downloaded before that. If you have WiFi at home, I recommend jailbreaking blackra1n'om , because it's faster, but if not, then jailbreak with RedSn0w , do everything as instructed here (do not pay attention to the manual written for 3.0, for 3.1 .2 it is identical), only RedSn0w we download here:
RedSn0w.rar [ RedSn0w ] [ RedSn0w ]
- After you jailbreak, connect the phone to your computer, open iTunes and on the phone's tab hold down the Shift key (on the keyboard), click Restore , and in the window that opens, select our custom firmware - your phone is stitched! After flashing, you can customize it as you please!

You can download custom firmware by following the link:
[ ] [ ]