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Jailbreak firmware 3.1.2, For all Apple devices

blackra1n is a program for jailbreaking all devices with firmware 3.1.2.

All actions you perform at your own risk! Read carefully before carrying out any action!

To perform the procedure you will need:
  • blackra1n for your OS
  • The newest version of iTunes
  • Firmware 3.1.2 installed on your device (you can download it directly from iTunes or here )
  • wi-fi access point, for installing unlock and Cydia

Download the utility from the site (Click on the Windows icon) and save the file to the root of the C drive (Must be in the root, otherwise errors may occur).

Run blackra1n.exe and click on "make it ra1n" (iPhone is connected to the computer).

The process begins

The device goes into Recovery Mode and if all is successful we will see the face of the Geohot. At the end, the device reboots, after a reboot, we get to the already familiar LockScreen and unlocking we see the icon of the program blackra1n.

We launch blackra1n on the iPhone, check the sn0w checkbox and click Install (top right). Then choose what we need, namely Cydia or Rock (choose one thing, it's not recommended to install everything together!) And click on the appeared Install button again

After the process is completed, we have a jailbroken device with Cydia installed (in our example)

For the work of programs such as iFunBox or iPhoneBrowser (These programs are very useful and allow you to browse folders of your system using USB, and not WiFi) after jailbreaking, you need to do the following manipulations (Wi-Fi required):

  • Install OpenSSH from Cydia
  • Download and install WinSCP (Instructions for setting up the program can be found here )
  • Download the Services.plist file, and use WinSCP to replace it with the file in the System / Library / Lockdown / Services.plist folder
  • After all this, we are overloaded!

  • For the correct operation of applications based on MobileSubstrate (Winterboard, SBSettings, etc.), you need to run Cydia and reinstall MobileSubstrate .