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Buying Iphone in Kiev

iPhone, photo by M. Koyfman
iPhone, photo by M. Koyfman

In the autumn, in all US electronics stores, giant queues lined up - Apple (in Russian, the name means “apple”), specializing in the production of expensive and sophisticated high-tech technology, launched its first phone, the iPhone (when Today first wrote about it, we have named the novelty "Apple"). The device is still sold only in the United States, blocked by American mobile communications, but smugglers are already carrying it to the CIS. Many Ukrainians have already acquired this fashionable toy, but they don’t officially supply it to us - therefore, many buyers want to and prick themselves - many are simply afraid to purchase an expensive product at their own risk. “Today” decided to look into everything, and we bought an Iphone to conduct the first test of the novelty in Ukraine.

4800 UAH - RED PRICE. Deciding to get an expensive and stylish mobile phone, I painfully thought about what to choose: something flashy beautiful, but with a minimum of functions, or a fancy phone-camera with a flashlight. And then one friend advised me: buy an iPhone. Eureka! Inspired, I got on the Internet (officially in Ukraine the Iphone is not yet sold, therefore there is no sense to look for it in classic stores). I easily managed to find some good Iphone offers for 5600 UAH, but the price seemed too high (in the States themselves, from where these cute things are being smuggled, a new device costs $ 600). Having rummaged in a network, I find sentences from 5100 UAH, and - here it is - for 4788! The order can be made directly on the Internet, in the same place they offer to pay for the device with free delivery in Kiev and paid (at prices of road carriers) within Ukraine. I tick off "pay on delivery" and go home from work.

DO NOT PLEASE - DO NOT CALL. At 10 am - a call from the online store. Discussing details with the seller. The main question that interests me is how to get the iPhone to work with my phone card (the devices are sold only in the USA, and only for one mobile operator, immediately with a phone sim card). If earlier, in the first months of illegal sales in the CIS, in order to unlock the iPhone, hackers had to perform complex operations with your SIM card, American SIM card from Iphone and the device itself, now, it turns out, everything is much simpler. Phone "reflash" under the domestic mobile operators programmatically, without opening the case. To do this, in addition to hacker programs, TurboSim is installed in it - a SIM card adapter, which is like a case where your SIM card is inserted. And that's all - the phone works.

"The only thing is to combine your sim card with a turbo sim, we will cut it a little with scissors. It's not scary: your sim card will work with another phone without problems later. We will only tweak the plastic. And for the future, if you want to change the number, just Get the turbo, pull out the old card, cut the new one according to its model, insert it - and everything works! " - admonished me the manager. I agreed, and we agreed on a meeting time.

... The device was brought to me by car directly home (but the dealer did not want to go into the apartment, asked to leave), the Iphone was checked right in the car with me (without a SIM card), then my SIM card was cut off, inserted inside and the phone was tested for the possibility of making a call (the dealer and I called each other, and, just in case, I dialed one of my friends). After that, a short verbal instruction, a recount of money, and in my hands, besides the iPhone, there was a wonderful box with a charger, headphones and cables to the device.


Programs that should be installed on the iPhone immediately after purchase:

Camera Pro - advanced software for photos (in the basic Iphone camera there is no digital zoom and change of shooting modes (brightness, black and white format, with Camera Pro all these functions are available).

PDFViewer - iPhone allows you to perfectly view Word and Exel documents (only browsing, editing promises to add in a couple of months). But in order to study PDF-files (various kinds of instructions, books and documents in this format are very common on the Internet), and this program will be needed.

SendFile - allows you to send any files (except music) from iPhone by e-mail (adding them to the letter).

SendSong - allows you to send music electronically.

SwirlyMMS - if you use MMS services, this program is necessary for its use (sending and receiving MMS).

iToggle - a handy program that contains WiFi, EDGE / GPRS, Bluetooth and other communication switches in the visible part of the screen — useful if you, for example, are on your unstable WiFi network with your iPhone and are working in the internet. When the WiFi signal is weakened, the device can switch to the Internet access mode via EDGE / GPRS, which will hit your pocket with lightning speed (on average, Ukrainian mobile operators have UAH 5 / megabyte). Using iToggle to enable / disable communications is very easy and fast.

Apollo - for those who use ICQ, MSN Messenger and other instant text messaging services. All these services on Apple devices work through this program. Her biggest drawback is that at the moment (although they promise to fix it soon) she does not understand Cyrillic fonts, you can communicate with it only in transliteration (typing Russian and Ukrainian words in English letters).

All these programs can be installed from the list in the Installer menu, which is present on the screen of any iPhone.


Design. It is a pleasure to hold this stylish, flat, with a screen for the whole body and a steel color back cover. The lack of a keyboard is also a pleasant thing.

Touch superscreen. iPhone responds to the touch of the fingers sensitively and predictably, exactly. Working with fingers on the screen is very pleasant. In the Safari Internet browser, the iPod player and when viewing photos, the device responds to its own position - vertical or horizontal - and turns the screen in the right direction. Songs, photos, web pages are flipped through the fingers. Thanks to the wonder-screen, websites can be read as usual, not “for mobile devices”. To look at any part of the page closer, just put two fingers on it and stretch them to the side, or quickly touch the right place twice. You can also move an enlarged web page around the screen with simple finger motions. When you tap your finger in a text form to fill out (for example, a password in an email, etc.), the keyboard automatically appears on the screen. When you click on the drop-down list, this list in an enlarged size appears at the bottom of the screen. Everything is very clear, even get used is not necessary.

The screen with sensitive sensors is made so thought out that the probability of a random call, unlocking the phone or answering a call is excluded. The phone is absolutely indifferent to the touch of solid objects or folds of clothing (unlike their counterparts with buttons), it works only when you touch your fingers.

Menu. The phone interface is simple and clear, all the settings and control functions become apparent in the process, there is no sense in looking at the instructions at all.

Wi-Fi. The device catches wireless networks better than Hewlett Packard editorial laptops, the speed of work on the Internet with a wireless connection Wі-Fі is as high as that of a regular computer, not a phone.

Camera. With amazingly fast response (it works instantly after pressing), good quality of images, at the level of a cheap digital soap dish. Better than many ordinary phones.

Photo galleries. With the help of fingers, photos can be scaled (zoom in on fragments of a snapshot, move away, flip a snapshot, etc.). The process of viewing photos in iPhon'e looks very impressive.

Player. The sound quality in the device is amazing, like all Apple music devices. Ordinary cell phones and even mp3-players rest. Equalizer significantly changes the sound. You can sort music by song titles, artists, album names and even styles. When searching for music in albums, images of album covers are displayed (if they existed before the music was poured into the Iphone on your computer) and posters of individual tracks.

Sound adjustment. The iPhone has several sound adjustments. The device remembers what the volume of the player and the phone were with and without headphones, and if you have only one volume of the player without headphones, inserting the headphones into the device will not have to feverishly turn down the sound: Iphone switches to the volume mode that you set listening to it with headphones for the last time. Same with the phone. The iPhone remembers the volume settings for the speakerphone, regular communication, and headset.

Work speed Applications in Iphone switch without pauses and delays, everything works almost perfectly quickly. Small delays (less than a second) are observed when talking on the phone, when a playback video clip from YouTube is hanging in your memory and you are still browsing the menu, and that is not permanent.

Connection quality. Impeccable. When driving by car outside the city, in problem areas of the highway, where during a conversation, 90% of the time the connection is interrupted on a regular phone and you have to call back (one of these sections is the transition between the coverage areas of different mobile communication stations near the border of Cherkasy and Kiev regions) Iphone withstood several attempts to cross the "dead zone" at different speeds, without interrupting the conversation. The device works great in underground passages. The sound quality is excellent, the human voice in the Iphone sounds soft, pleasant.

Chips. The iPhone has some nice “gifts” for the user. For example, the Google Maps program installed by default, the weather forecast and the system for buying music and movies from the Internet - all this only works if you have a network connection. Another handy thing - SMS-dialogues. The device remembers SMS messages in relation to a specific mobile number (if the subscriber has several phones, then each one). Therefore, at any time it will not be difficult to read all your correspondence - SMS, reply to it, the next answer, etc. - as in ICQ. This is very convenient, and, given the smallness of the size of the memory, which the SMS message takes, and 8 GB in reserve for the Iphone, there is no need to clear the correspondence often.

Russification. Despite the fact that it was made not by Apple, but by smugglers, it’s still at a high level. There are no grammatical errors, although some service phrases like “Detectable” (instead of the banal “Detected” when searching, for example, available Bluetooth-enabled devices) look too technical.

Tips for typing and SMS. The iPhone guesses quite a few words by default in the first letters, and also remembers the words you often typed (for example, in the Organization field in the Contacts menu, my Iphone offers to enter the word Today today when entering the letters “C” and “e” ). Unlike the T9 word entry function present in many mobile phones, which often does not work correctly, the iPhone will not insert a hint word until you press the enter key.

Multitasking. iPhone perfectly proved itself, simultaneously playing music, updating software over Wi-Fi and receiving two calls in conference mode. No brakes.

Updatable The iPhone is originally crammed with the Installer update system, which, if you have an Internet connection, scans websites with certified programs and offers to download and install all sorts of new things (an advanced version of the camera, games, Apollo program for working in ICQ, and hundreds of others). By purchasing an Iphone, spend an hour or two, staying within the Wi-Fi network coverage area - and you can significantly expand the functionality, and, for example, increase the Iphone speaker volume (programmatically). On average, once a week it is worth checking for updates, this can be done not only via Wi-Fi, but also via EDGE / GPRS. Tips and descriptions of all updates are understandable and fully reveal the meaning of a particular program - of course, if you know English.

Frost resistance. Contrary to the fact that many Russian forums talk about the allegedly inoperable iPhone already at zero degrees, my device played music perfectly and called without problems at -5, being in the outer jacket pocket for a long time and just holding it. At a lower temperature, it was not possible to test the iPhone in Ukraine ...


No warranty. In principle, there is a guarantee on the phone, but it extends to the phone with the original American SIM card, and, among other things, is canceled when installing non-certified software (and this is both hacker unlocking and Russification). And although Iphone dealers promise to help in case of problems with the device, this is not worth believing.

Compatibility. An ordinary computer perceives the Iphone as a digital camera, and makes it possible to copy from it only the photos available there. For music operations and firmware updates, iTunes is required. You can download it from the Internet for free, and you cannot do without it. On the iPhone, you can not just copy music or video, as in conventional phones and most MP3 players. You need to create a playlist on your computer with the selected music (using iTunes), and then sync it with the iPhone. The procedure seems to be simple, but for users of ordinary Windows PCs it is somewhat unusual and looks like a bunch of unnecessary unnecessary movements. Yes, keep in mind - iTunes - the program in the CIS is not very popular, you are unlikely to find it on your friend's computer, if suddenly you want to update your music collection in your iPhone at a party. So, if you plan to connect the phone frequently to different computers, it is not a bad thing to stock up with a USB flash drive with iTunes installation files. In the Internet cafe, even if the administrator does not object to connecting some devices to the computer, software installation is generally prohibited.

Difficulties installing ringtones. First, the iPhone can not make any song a ringtone, as in many modern smartphones. As a ringtone, the iPhone understands only music in a special AAC format (similar to the usual mp3, but with a different information coding system). But, even if you convert some files to this format using iTunes, it’s also impossible to set them as ringtones. For some reason, even the "correct" files are not added to the list of these ringtones. Internet forums are full of discussions on this topic, and most Iphone users agree that it is easier and faster to add ringtones to the device using a special program that runs on Apple computers running MacOS. If you have a Windows PC (like mine), you will have to wait until specific software appears.

Lack of video shooting. While the iPhone does not shoot the video. The developers promise to provide it with this function closer to spring - with the next program update.

Unfinished Bluetooth. The BlueTooth communication protocol in the States is not very popular - due to the availability of the Internet via WiFi, Americans simply do not need to exchange information between phones directly, for this they have Internet access. Therefore, bluetooth in the iPhone is designed exclusively for a wireless headset. In addition to headsets, the iPhone does not see anything via bluetooth, and laptops and other phones define the device as a kind of localhost and do not want to connect to it. However, it is likely that in a month or two this flaw will be eliminated by programmers.

No file transfer system. Engineers at Apple do not sell anything unfinished. At least, this is how they explain the complete failure of the iPhone to store all kinds of files, except for music, pictures and video that are synchronized through iTunes. They say that when a user copies documents and other data to a regular smartphone, and at that time they call him, the connection is broken, some data is lost, and so on. Therefore, Apple decided to ban users from creating potential problems for themselves, and now they are writing a special program that can pause the transfer of files when calling and receiving SMS. Apple's manic desire to provide consumers with maximum comfort in such cases is simply annoying.

No search for music with a Cyrillic title. This is not critical, however, sometimes rummaging through 8 gigabytes of music in search of a favorite song sometimes strains. And if the search for songs with English names in such situations is greatly facilitated by the alphabet placed on the side of the screen (when you click on the letter you move immediately to the part of the list of songs with the names of this letter), then with Russian words this number will not work: the Cyrillic alphabet, alas , there is no search bar.

No automatic SMS delivery report. This problem is promised to be eliminated in the coming months. To receive a report on the networks of Ukrainian mobile operators right now, you will have to start the text of each SMS message with a question mark with a space (“?”).

Specific headphone jack. Although this connector is standard, it is placed in the Iphone in such a way that most ordinary headphones (except for some Koss models) are not inserted into it. The “native” iPhone headphones are of very high quality, moreover, a microphone is attached to them - a ready-made hansdfree headset. But there is no bass in them. In order to shove powerful and bass-oriented "ears" into the iPhone, you will have to go to the radio market and order an adapter (or solder the connector on the headphones themselves). It will cost UAH 50.

The plug does not fully go to slot 3.5, the main barrier-body.

In other music phones, headphones are inserted without problems.

Zalapyvaemost. It is clear that a huge screen zalapyvali hands. But, moreover, in the locked state, the screen is dark, and fingerprints on it are not just visible, but clearly visible. As a consolation, Apple puts a stylish cloth in the iPhone box ...

Restrictions on updating the system. Associated with illegal use. Currently, hacker unlock exists only for iPhone software version 1.1.2. Therefore, although iTunes is aggressively proposing to update the Iphone to version 1.1.3, this cannot be done at all - the new “lomaka” is not ready yet. Install 1.1.3 now - and the phone will again be blocked by America. Soon and 1.1.3 will be hacked, but always, with the appearance of new updates, you will be one step behind the happy owners of unlocked iPhones. And, considering that in a year or two the “legal” Iphone will appear with us, the update of programs for hacking can stop altogether.


The iPhone is a standing toy for adults. And, if you are not sorry to spend up to a thousand dollars, the communicator phone player will not disappoint you. There is no point in buying an iPhone if you do not have a computer or constant access to it, and indeed it is more useful to those who are important to be connected on the Internet, to those who travel a lot or to work constantly moving during the day. Immediately after the purchase of iphone, you need to spend an hour or two in the coverage area of ​​the high-speed WiFi network (in Kiev and big cities they are found in many restaurants and hotels, and in small regional centers, as a rule, they are present at the main post offices and in the buildings of the regional directorates of Ukrtelecom ) to update the software and install the most necessary programs.