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Firmware and jailbreak 3.0 for iphone 2G / 3G (Jailbreak Cydia)

firmware 3.0 for iPhone GSM, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1st and 2nd generation

Introducing the first instruction, step by step showing the process of jailbreaking and unlock devices with installed firmware iPhone OS 3.0. The manual is designed for devices iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 1G and iPod Touch 2G. In this case, hacking will be performed in the Windows operating system environment using the RedSn0w application.

RedSn0w, as well as QuickPwn, allows you to remove the binding to the operator on the already installed original firmware. You can put it in the usual way through iTunes by clicking on the main menu Update.

Obtained in Russia 3G officially, not officially, as well as for 2G, you can safely flash on 3.0 and confidently make a jailbreak!

For those who do not have official 3G phones, the unlock method is listed at the end of the article

And so, we have 3G (official or not) or 2G, install them safely firmware 3.0, before the firmware, do not forget to remove the gasket (who has :)

Download or or: [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ]

- The first one added a hose, and so no difference, we extract from the archive folder on your desktop.

!!! If you have firmware 3.0.1 use the program RedSn0w v.0.8 [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ]

Update iTunes to the latest version 8.2 or newer.

iTunes 8.2 for Windows Vista 64bit is available here .

Update the firmware on your iPhone.

This can be done through iTunes, so that he downloaded and installed the firmware, or manually, as described below.

If via iTunes, then it will save the downloaded firmware along this path:
- for Windows XP C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates \
- for Windows Vista C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates \

If you chose how to install the firmware via iTunes, then in iTunes click on "Restore" with the "SHIFT" button pressed. You will be asked to choose the firmware, point to the correct downloaded firmware and install it on the iphone.

Download and unpack bootloaders (for iPhone 3G is not necessary) [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ]

Who needs the firmware separately, you can download here.
iPhone 3GS :
iPhone 3G :
iPhone GSM :

After installing the firmware, we are waiting for activation (the network will appear), for 3G , then iTunes will offer to set up the phone as a new one,
or from a backup, you must select it as a new one.

For 2G , after installing the firmware, close iTunes and proceed to jailbreak

Proceed to Jailbreak!

[METHOD # 1]

In the folder redsn0w we drag the firmware 3.0
Use the mouse to attach the firmware file and overlay it on the file redsn0w.exe look at the picture below.


We get on screen such a picture


Next, we connect the iPhone to the computer, and enter it into DFU
How to enter the phone in DFU.
1. With the cord connected, clamp both Nome + Power keys, and hold,
2. As the display goes out completely, we count to 8 and release Power, we continue to hold Nome, for another 15 seconds.
3. Let go, put Home, and on the keyboard press Enter, then see the running lines and this picture


As the lines finish running, the command line window disappears by itself, and we'll see the loader on the phone, and then all the familiar running Pineapple.
Everything is ready, we have on the phone Cydia installer and access to the file system through the manager :) )
You may need to use the QuickPwn program (the Windows foretnetwork dotnetfx35.exe) for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, you can take it here


Download and unpack the archive redsn0w-win_0.7. (2) unpack to the desktop, and run the file redsn0w.exe

We connect the iPhone to the computer, follow the instructions of the program







Next, you just need to follow the instructions for the introduction of the iPhone in DFU mode . Keep track of the activity of the lines in your program window.
1. Turn off the iPhone (Power button 3 seconds and the slider to the right)
2. Then click Next
3. Now watch the activity of the lines in the program.
4. Press the Power button for 2-3 seconds.
5. Without releasing the Power button, press the Home button (round at the bottom) for 10 seconds.
6. Let's release the Power button, continuing to hold the Home button, priplizitelno up to 20 seconds, the Jail started.


Soft unlock 3G! Attention, since you need internet for the sidia, you need to connect the waffle!

ONLY for owners of unofficial iPhone 3G, locked to one particular operator.

1. Read the instructions to the end before doing anything.
2. Check carefully all the raw data. In order for this instruction to work, you need to have:
- Plugged iPhone 3G (bought not from the official seller!);
- On the phone should be the original version of the firmware 3.0 (original, not beta!) .
- The phone should have the original version of the modem from firmware 3.0 - 04.26.08 (checked in Settings - General - About phone - Version of the modem (Baseband)) .
- The phone must be jailbroken (should stand Cydia and access to the wafer);
- Your SIM card must be on the phone;
3. Go to Cydia and add the Ultrasn0w repository: Cydia - Manage - Sources - Edit - Add -;

Джейлбрейк Cydia

4. In Changes or by searching, find and install ultrasn0w.

Джейлбрейк Cydia

Джейлбрейк Cydia

5. Exit Cydia, then reboot the phone (hold down the Power button until the phone turns off, and then turn it on again).

6. If there is no network , then you need to dance with a tambourine according to the following scheme:
- Pull / paste back sim card;
- Remove the verification of the pin code of your SIM card (this can only be done through another phone!)
- Airplane Mode ON, Airplane Mode OFF;
- Reset network settings;
- Disable 3G - The network should appear :) ))