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Create your own jailbreak tweaks for iPhone using Flex

джейлбрейк-твики для iPhone с помощью Flex

A new development called Flex, released in Cydia after extensive testing, allows iPhone users to independently develop tweaks and make arbitrary changes to iOS. Moreover, to customize the Apple operating system using Flex can absolutely anyone without special knowledge in the field of programming.

Thanks to Flex, you can tweak at your discretion almost any aspect of iOS. For example, users can use the “skip” function of songs an unlimited number of times in the Pandora application, remove the camera button from the lock screen, or remove the warning about the age limit of programs downloaded from the App Store.

What are the requirements for self-creating tweaks ("patches" in the language of the author Flex)? Do I need to have programming skills for Objective-C? Absolutely not. The utility was developed with the aim of providing a simple tool for creating tweaks for a wide range of users. Flex includes a small application instruction manual and several ready-made patches.

джейлбрейк-твики для iPhone с помощью Flex

Even if you do not set a goal to develop your own tweaks on your own, you can download Flex and take advantage of the experience of a friendly community. The program developer prudently launched the cloud service Flex Community Cloud, with which add-on authors can share their work. Some of the most interesting patches appear in the Favorites section. Flex is installed as an additional icon on the iPhone desktop.

What other edits can I make to iOS using Flex? For example, now in the Flex Community Cloud there are a number of add-ons that allow you to include photos of contacts in the regular Messages application, remove the limit on the number of tabs in Safari, hide the Kiosk from the desktop, and much more.

The final version of Flex was released at Cydia this week.

The cost of an application compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6 is $ 3.99.