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How to install Cydia on iOS 6 with jailbreak

Jailbreak of the newest operating system iOS 6, released last week by hackers from the iPhone Dev Team, was not without its certain drawbacks. One of them is the lack of a third-party application store Cydia after the hack.

Как установить Cydia на iOS 6 с джейлбрейком

Nevertheless, there is a way to install Cydia on iOS 6 beta. To do this, jailbreak using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev1, compatible with iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS, and perform an SSH connection to the device. Before proceeding to the description of the procedure, let us note a few key points:

  • At the moment jailbreak iOS 6 tethered;
  • jailbreak iOS 6 is compatible only with devices on the chip A4;
  • hacking is not supported.

How to install Cydia on iOS 6 beta with jailbreak

Step 1 : Jailbreak iOS 6 according to the instructions published here .

Step 2 : Connect to your iPhone via SSH. Use the Coda program on the Mac or Putty on Windows to do this. The user name is "root", the password is "alpine".

Step 3 : Run the following command (via SSH):

  wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/ 

Step 4 : Your device will perform the respring, then Cydia will appear on the home screen. Start the store and it will prepare the iPhone file system for work.

Step 5 : Now you can install tweaks and applications from Cydia. Unfortunately, right now most jailbreak programs are not compatible with iOS 6.