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Downgrade c 1.1.1 to 1.0.2

Step 1: First you need to download firmware 1.0.2

Step 2: Install the iphone in the docking station and wait for the phone's definition (if itunes seems, close it)

Step 3: Press the Home and Sleep buttons for 15 seconds and wait until itunes prompts you to restore

Step 4: Pressing the Shift key and clicking on Restore, pointing to firmware 1.0.2, after the recovery process is completed, an error pops up, do not panic, everything is fine (maybe there is another situation - when error flashes error 1, open iBrickr and press downgrade 1.0. 2, this option will translate the body into a special mode and the screen will turn white, close iBrickr and go through step 4. Now the process has gone)

Step 5: Then download AppInstaller, click Continue, select 1.0.2 and click Install. There will be a process, but an error will fly out, this is normal.

Congratulations, downgrade done!