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Making Downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch, iPhone World News

1. Connect iPhone with PC

2. Download iPhuc

3. Unzip and click iPhuc.exe

4. Enter "enterrecovery" and wait until the iPhone enters the Recoverymode

5. iPhuc should output: #: (If not, restart iphuc.exe)

6. Enter "filecopytophone WTF.s5l8900xall.RELEASE.dfu"

7. Wait until the iPhone turns white on the iPhone screen and iTunes doesn’t notice the device.

8. Hold down the shift key + restore -> select FW 1.1.2 -> let it finish -> do the same and choose 1.1.1 fw

9. Using iBrickr Sorry for the translation :)