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Instructions how to transfer iPhone to DFU mode, recovery mode, etc.

DFU-mode (Device Firmware Update) - this is the mode for updating the firmware of the device. It refers to emergency modes and is recognized by iTunes when you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using the USB cable as a recovery mode.

It differs from the recovery mode (Recovery Mode) in that in this mode the device does not give visible signs of life (control button does not work, there is no image on the display). Recovery Mode is started using the iOS operating system, and DFU mode is bypassed by the operating system, i.e. at the hardware level.

DFU mode is used to restore or update the iPhone firmware (iOS itself) in cases where the standard iTunes tools fail to perform the required operation. In some cases, DFU mode can fix a system failure in the iPhone, which will allow the device to re-boot in normal mode.

It also happens that the iPhone or iPad crashed, and iOS firmware does not start, in such cases and use the Recovery Mode and DFU modes. For starters, always try the softer mode - Recovery Mode, but if it does not help, then they already use the DFU mode.

How to enter phone in Recovery Mode?

DFU-mode is launched in the same way in iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, and in any other mobile device from Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

Инструкции как перевести iPhone в DFU mode, recovery mode и т.д.
Transfer iPhone to DFU mode. Method number 1

  1. Connect iPhone to your computer (this can be Windows PC or Mac);
  2. Turn off iPhone in any available way and wait for the device to turn off completely;
  3. At the deactivated device, simultaneously press the "Home" and "Power" buttons;
  4. Hold both buttons pressed for 10 seconds;
  5. After 10 seconds, release the "Power" button, while continuing to hold the "Home" button pressed;
  6. Hold down the "Home" button until the computer detects the iPhone in DFU mode.
Инструкции как перевести iPhone в DFU mode, recovery mode и т.д.
Step-by-step start of DFU mode in the iPhone. Method number 2

  1. Connect iPhone to your computer (this can be Windows PC or Mac);
  2. Turn off the iPhone and wait for the device to turn off completely.
  3. We clamp the Power button and counting up to 3 seconds in the place with it we clamp the button Home.
  4. Hold Home + Power, count to 10 and release Power, but keep the Home button.

Video "How to enter iPhone in DFU mode"

The result of entering the phone into DFU mode

Инструкции как перевести iPhone в DFU mode, recovery mode и т.д.
ITunes program during the start of DFU mode

Completing the input of the iPhone into DFU mode on the phone screen is useless to watch, since it will simply be black, you need to look into the running iTunes program that will detect the device with DFU running and will display the following message: iTunes detected the iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before using it with iTunes.

If you see this notification, and iTunes has the only button - Restore iPhone, now look at the phone screen, if the screen is black, then it is in DFU mode.

If something is wrong, you may see an image with the iTunes logo and a USB cable, which means Recovery Mode.

How to get iPhone / iPad out of DFU mode?

If the computer recognized the iPhone, for example, in the firmware update mode (also known as DFU), in order to bring the device out of this mode, it is necessary to perform a "cold restart" of the iPhone.

To do this, simultaneously press and hold the "Power" and "Home" buttons for about 10 seconds. Then briefly press the power button iPhone (it's Power). The logo should appear on the screen of the device, which is an indication that the device is loaded in normal mode.