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Instructions for newcomers iPhone, How to get started with the iPhone, the full FAQ on Apple

First and most importantly - Under no circumstances do not update the firmware of the phone until you are sure that it can be jailbroken and unlocked, the actuality of the firmware can always be found at our forum. When you connect the phone, iTunes usually offers to update the firmware, we answer NO to this request! Even if you accidentally clicked Yes, you have time to turn off the phone - just pull out the cord.

Second, no less important - if you own an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or iPad, we strongly recommend that you keep a digital signature , this will allow you to jailbreak your phone in the future without any problem, you can read more about this in this thread .

Where to start?
  • This should be known to all iPhone owners
  • Full instructions for iPhone in Russian
  • Basic terms and abbreviations (We read necessarily)
  • Download music, videos, photos and ringtones
  • How to install applications from the App Store
  • How to create an account in the iTunes Store ( With credit card , No credit card )

How to make a jailbreak
  • Jailbreak firmware 4.1 (greenp0ison)
  • Jailbreak firmware 4.1 (limera1n)
  • Jailbreak Firmware 4.0 (4.0.1)
  • Jailbreak Firmware 4.0 (4.0.1, 4.0.2) for iPhone 3G
  • Jailbreak firmware 3.1.3
  • Custom firmware for iOS 4 for iPhone 2G from Kile
  • Custom firmware 3.1.2 from
  • Jailbreak firmware 3.1.2

All that is related to jailbreak
  • How to use Cydia and how to install applications from it
  • How to install "hacked" applications
  • How to check the version of iBoot and what is tied jailbreak
  • How to access the file system - T-Pot , iPhone Explorer , i-FunBox , DiskAid , WinSCP
  • How to fix errors in Cydia
  • How to create custom custom firmware ( Under Mac OS , Under Windows )
  • How to install custom firmware
  • How to transfer the phone to DFU Mode, Recovery Mode, etc.

Phone settings
  • How to remove redirects and install a logo
  • How to set an operator settings profile (All services, plus logos)
  • How to configure the Internet for different operators
  • How to set up MMS
  • How to activate MMS on iPhone 2G
  • How to enable and configure the modem mode
  • How to set up mail
  • How to set up exchange rates in the standard Promotion application

  • How to set up iPhone sync with Google services (Mail, Contacts, Calendars)
  • How to save personal data
  • List of resources with e-books
  • How to save application and game data
  • How to fix the display of numbers
  • 12 iPhone tricks that not everyone knows about
  • How to change the operator logo
  • How to find out the country in which the phone was purchased
  • How to choose a soundtrack or subtitles in a video
  • How to activate Redeem code in the App Store
  • How do I place a balance check instead of the Autoresponder button?
  • How can I change the melody to SMS?
  • How to properly convert video to a format that is clear to your iPhone
  • How to create your own ringtone
  • How to install maps in your phone
  • How to draw photos from contacts
  • How to extract information from a backup

Problems and solutions
  • After reboot, the phone does not boot
  • YouTube and Push not working
  • How to remove the inscription "redirecting is active"
  • GPS does not work
  • Error 0xE8000022 when syncing
  • This accessory is not designed to work with iPhone

Popular apps from the App Store
  • ICQ and VoIP clients
  • Readers for books ( Review )
  • Viewing and editing .doc, .xls documents
  • Navigation applications

Popular Apps from Cydia
  • Backgrounder - Running applications in the background
  • iPhoneDelivery - SMS delivery report
  • Kirikae and Multifl0w - Multitasking in the iPhone
  • Recent / CallLog Delete - Selectively delete calls from the history one at a time
  • SBSettings - Disable various iPhone functions
  • Safari Download Manager - Utility for downloading files via Safari
  • iFile - File manager on iPhone, reads almost all formats