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Merry Chrismas to everyone!

Apple iPhone 3G firmware 2.2 has not been updated for firmware version 2.2 (02.28.00), but it has been upgraded to 2.2.

As you wish, GEVEY-3G sim finally comes with the iPhone 3G firmware 2.2. It works flawless with medem 02.28.00. It has excellente updates such as working airplane mode, perfect 3G / edge working and more. For aginst with fakes and duplicates, we will use for the new version. But we do not know how to do this. For now, we will have to use the package for temporary packaging.

The new version (GEVEY-3G-PLUS 2) will comes the following features:

Continuous and stable signals.

working airplane mode.
work with all firmwares and speacially for firmware 2.2 (medem 02.28.00 and pervious).
STK menu working.
phonebook inserting ok.
Update update 2.2 for more features and stay updated with apple.
We will release this unlock for firmware version 2.1. lol

We can ONLY provide a beta version (GEVEY-3G-BETA), it can. We will release the GEVEY-3G-PLUS 2.0 before Jan 1, 2009. The beta comes the following packaging.

Emergency Warning

Please don’t upgrade your iphone firmware firmware version 2.2 which is not supported by GEVEY-3G. Once you upgraded it, you will get "no service" all the time. You have to wait for the firmware. Your iphone is not able to get phone calls when using a GEVEY-3G sim and firmware 2.2.


New release! GEVEY-3G-plus-version-for-iphone-3g

It is proud to announce it! version of GEVEY-3G for iphone 3G. More features and new look.

  • Add it to the iphone.
  • Easier Phone book install.
  • Airplane mode is functional for limited kind of sims. (It depends on countries and carriers. We could not guarantee.)
  • New program for avoiding hidden calls.


Instant Messager for ordering online

  Thank you for all people. We have recieved some many emails from all over the world very moment. MSN messaging for people ordering from us. You can now add MSN: to chat online. For technical support, please use "SUPPORT".


Important Reminding!

Special reminding: Please use the SIM card. If you’re looking for something to do. If you need to use the 3G Network, please open the data roaming first. If you use the 2G Network, please close the 3G and the data roaming. In addition, you shouldn’t have to call it your phone’s mode. As for those users who couldn’t use the SIM in OTB 2.0.2, please try to fix it. I couldn’t be able to connect to itunes. A jailbreak action is needed to work with itunes.