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Store HackStore integrated with OS X

In early April, Russian programmer Andrei Fedotov launched a store of unofficial HackStore applications. Since then, the online kiosk has received several updates, which eventually allowed it to perfectly fit into the software environment of Apple computers.

Магазин HackStore интегрировался с OS X

Mac users know that, just like the mobile operating system iOS, the desktop OS X platform has a number of hard restrictions on the software. Developers who want to make custom edits to the system, for example to change the appearance, can not be published in the Mac App Store.

Fedotov supports the development of an alternative store, which makes it easy to install and update system tweaks and programs for OS X. Under the HackStore logo is its main slogan "No pirate applications."

Магазин HackStore интегрировался с OS X

According to the developer, HackStore is a single center for all software, which for one reason or another has not passed in the Mac App Store. Here you can find Steam, Adium, Glims, Plex, TinyUmbrella, Counter-Strike 1.6, Lion Tweaks, iTweax and hundreds of other interesting utilities. They were not allowed into the official store because of the "draconian rules of Apple."

The latest update provided HackStore with tight integration with the OS X operating system. From now on, all applications are installed directly into the standard launchpad LaunchPad. From here they can be easily removed. Just like in the Mac App Store, the unofficial store has an auto-update feature. Now the user can easily keep up-to-date all the downloaded software. Fans of tweaks on the iPhone and iPad will find a new Tweaks section useful, in which about 40 various developments are presented.

Магазин HackStore интегрировался с OS X

Store HackStore allows you to view screenshots, leave comments, ratings and, of course, download your favorite programs. At the moment, the capacity of the store is estimated at more than 200,000 makovodov. Download the application can anyone by following the link.

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