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How in two minutes to return to life the jammed Home button

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How to “cure” the sticky “Home” button on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (option # 1)

Как за две минуты вернуть к жизни заклинившую кнопку Home

All owners of portable Apple devices know this problem. And (which was not obvious to everyone) it is often not connected with the mechanics of the device.

It turns out that the "Home" button may stick due to software failures. The guys from iDownloadBlog prepared for the afflicted video recalibration instructions.

After such manipulations, the previously inhibited button will work, as well as from the very beginning.

Here's what to do:

  1. Open any app that was originally built into the Apple gadget (weather, calculator, stocks).
  2. Press and hold the power button until everyone knows the turn off bar.
  3. Press and hold "Home" until the bar disappears and the running program is unloaded from memory.
    1. Feedback from people who have tried this trick is completely positive. The button really began to respond to pressing better - even on three-year-old iPhone 3G.

How in two minutes to bring the jammed Home button back to life with the WD-40 (option # 2)

Как вылечить залипающую кнопку Домой в iPhone, iPod Touch и iPad

At a certain moment, the Home button starts to jam from iPhones purchased more than 200 days ago. Not all devices, of course, but my here is not lucky. Either the fat on the contacts prevented the conduction of electricity, or the former moisture inside the case was responsible for the absence of signs of life, but the main button on the phone stopped responding to pressing.

It can be brought back to life. This will help us liquid WD-40, sold in any hardware store.

WD-40 is an American company and a trademark of a well-known aerosol drug developed by Norman Larsen in 1953 for the Rocket Chemical Company, San Diego, California. Initially, the drug was developed for industrial consumers as a water-repellent, anti-corrosion agent. It was later found that it also has many possibilities for home use. The exact formula of the product is still a trade secret and is carefully guarded. The product is not patented to avoid disclosure of manufacturing technology.
Как вылечить залипающую кнопку Домой в iPhone, iPod Touch и iPad

So, take an iPhone, spray a WD-40 jet on the Home button, press it several times through a napkin, then spray it and press it again. Two minutes later, the button comes to life. Specially captured video below.

Attention! What to remember:

  1. Do not allow contact with WD-40 mucous membrane;
  2. Make sure you understand the risks , because there are different opinions on the network about how WD-40 acts on electronics. Some say it's okay. Opponents, on the other hand, strongly convince from spraying a liquid on any schemes, because the "veshka" attracts moisture from the atmosphere and promotes even more oxidation of the contacts.
  3. Wipe the phone well with a damp cloth to remove the oily deposits of WD-40.

There was no other choice, because it is already evening outside, to go to the service center far, and you need a work phone now.

Who is right - time will tell.