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Full and Final iOS 10 Review

Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

iOS 10 is the version of the iOS operating system from Apple, the successor of iOS 9. The system was presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, 2016. Available from September 13, 2016. Significantly expanded the capabilities of the Messages application, Siri. Reworked design of Maps, Photos, Apple Music, Apple News, Home. Messages added animations and built-in store extensions, games, "stickers" and other colorful pictures. Added the ability to send small amounts of money via Messages. For Siri, the interface for integration into third-party SiriKit applications is presented.

What we have been looking forward to since summer has happened: Apple officially released the public version of the latest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A few minutes ago, iOS 10 became available for download not only to developers and beta testers, but to absolutely everyone.

Still not decided whether to upgrade to iOS 10? Let's try together to understand what Apple’s biggest software update in 2016 is, whether it deserves our attention and is required to be installed. In this review, we lay out everything that a new operating system can offer us.

To begin with, we note that iOS 10 can be installed on all iPhones, starting with iPhone 5, on all iPads from the fourth generation and newest, on all iPad mini from the second generation and on the sixth model of iPod touch. If you use older devices, then there will be no celebration on your street. Perhaps this is for the better, because the update will certainly make your gadget almost unusable.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

Such a radical redesign of the system, as it was in iOS 7, did not happen this time. But it hardly makes sense to expect such drastic updates from Apple on a regular basis, and the company is not particularly keen on getting involved in it so as not to frighten users away. In 2016, the most notable updates affected, perhaps, only the Notification Center.

Turning to the lock screen, we can not fail to mention a function that only works on new iPhone models. It is called Raise To Wake and allows you to “wake up” the screen of your smartphone when you lift the device in your hand. By its principle of operation, this function is reminiscent of how Apple Watch goes out of sleep mode. If you remember that in the new iPhone the fingerprint scanner is much faster, and tapping the Home button instantly unlocks the screen, even if you just wanted to look at the Notification Center, the appearance of Raise To Wake makes sense. Please note that this function does not work on any iPad model.

The main updates that have affected the Notification Center and the lock screen are somehow related to 3D Touch, so the owners of an iPad or iPhone 6 are unlikely to get something useful here. Owners of the same new iPhone models can enjoy the opportunity to reply to messages directly from the lock screen or read fresh letters without having to open the Mail application.

Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

And also, if you open a message in the Notification Center using 3D Touch and answer it, the correspondence will be updated in the background. This means that you will see the answer to your message immediately after it arrives, without launching the Messages application. The camera from the lock screen now opens with a simple swipe to the left. Previously, it was necessary to grab the icon in the lower left corner and drag up.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

In iOS 10, our favorite company decided to abandon the gesture Slide to unlock, which, as Steve Jobs claimed in 2007, is the best guarantee that you do not accidentally unlock your iPhone in your pocket. Now, by swipe to the right, a screen with widgets opens, and the device is unlocked using the Home button. Owners of devices with Touch ID hardly notice anything unusual, but users of iPhone 5 and older versions of the iPad will actually have to double-click on Home to unlock the screen. By the way, if you experience problems with the button, we advise you not to update it yet.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

Perhaps the message makes sense to dwell. According to Apple, this is the most frequently used iOS application, and in the tenth version of the firmware it literally played with new colors and impressive features. It is unlikely that this could be called a new word in mobile correspondence, but there were plenty of visual innovations added.

Emoji is now three times larger than normal, and there is also a hint of emoticons using the predictive typing feature QuickType. This can be useful for those who actively rewrite Emoji, but have problems finding the right emoticons due to the ever-increasing number of the latter.

You can now add various visual effects to your posts. For example, the function “invisible ink” blurs the sent text or image, and the recipient can see them only after the swipe on the message. We trust you to invent possible scenarios yourself when you would like to use this function.

Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

Among the not so obvious innovations of the Messages application is the ability to enable or disable reports on reading messages in group chats and send images in low quality. Well, do not forget about the emoticon with a revolver, which the efforts of the pacifists from Cupertino was replaced by a water gun.

Uninstall applications

Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

In its presentation, Apple did not mention one important feature that users were eagerly waiting for and finally waited. Tired of the fact that your main screen is occupied by unnecessary and undeletable application icons Shares, Tips, My friends and more? So, now you can easily remove them, like a number of other stock iOS applications.

Yes, we know that only icons and user data are technically deleted, while the applications themselves remain hidden in the device. But still, this can not fail to please the perfectionists who are annoyed by the presence of unused programs on the desktop.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

The Music app has also received a radical visual update and now, to our taste, looks more solid and logical in terms of functionality. Compositions from Apple Music are now displayed along with the lyrics, moreover, when shooting “live photos”, music will not be stopped. Meanwhile, when using the updated Apple Music does not leave the feeling that in the improvement of the program, Apple still has much to strive for.

Separate irritation in our entire editorial office was caused by the impossibility of quick access to the playlist management from the Control Center. Now for this it is necessary to make an extra movement - swipe to the left, and no one explains why this was invented.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

Siri digital assistant is now available for third-party developers, which means that soon it can be used not only with Apple applications. This promises major changes in the platform and is designed to allow us to become even closer friends with this girl. And Russian Siri received a more pleasant voice, so that the joy of communication will be even greater.

A photo

Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

In iOS 10, there is support for images in RAW format, which will provide an opportunity to professionally process images in third-party applications from famous developers. Devices that support this format include iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It should be noted that shooting in RAW is available only for rear camera devices without the possibility of image stabilization. But stabilization now works in “live photos” if this is relevant for you.

The Photo app in iOS 10 has also been significantly updated and integrated into what Apple marketers called "artificial intelligence." From now on, the application will be able to filter images by place, time and persons of the defendants, as well as generate cute slideshows to music, called “Memoirs”.

Alarm clock

Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

In addition to the dark mode, the alarm clock in iOS got the function of monitoring your sleep. It works as follows: in the settings you specify the time when you sleep, after which your inaction during these hours will be recorded in the medical data. But if in the middle of the night the iPhone feels that you are using it, the wakefulness time will also be taken into account in the statistics.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

This application, which has never been in iOS, is intended for those who have already begun to make their home “smarter”. This is a kind of control point from which you can manage all your devices compatible with HomeKit.

It is noteworthy that the application API allows you to integrate 3D Touch, even to third-party manufacturers. For example, you can forcefully press on the name of the connected “smart” lamp and control the dimmer by moving your finger, adjusting the level of illumination. And yes, this program can also be removed.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

About the main keyboard of iOS 10, you can only say that it has received new sounds of clicks. In this case, the "Space", "Enter" and "Backspace" sounds a little differently than the others. Beta users are already complaining because they miss old, more familiar clicks. But over time, of course, you get used to everything.


Полный и окончательный обзор iOS 10

Official Apple cards have not learned to show house numbers and generally have not worked better since our CarPlay review, when we almost crashed into the fence on the luxurious Volvo XC90. But the application now tells you the most appropriate direction for the current time of the day. For example, if you launch the application in the morning, it will immediately show you the way to work, and if in the evening, then the way home.


If you were impressed by all that you saw in our video review and read in this material, go ahead and update! To begin with, we advise you only to familiarize yourself with our instructions on how to prepare for an upgrade to iOS, and also to make sure that your device is on the list of supported:


  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5


  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inches
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4 th generation
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2


  • iPod touch 6th generation

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