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iTunes does not see the iPhone / iPad / iPod in Microsoft Windows 10

iTunes не видит iPhone в Windows 10

The symptoms of the problem are that the new Windows does not see the iPhone / iPad / iPod in iTunes , but at the same time displays it in Explorer / File Explorer . The problem is that Windows 10 prefers to use its own driver, and not the Apple driver .

Windows 10 is an operating system for personal computers developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family. After Windows 8, the system received number 10, bypassing 9. The system is designed to become one for different devices, such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones, Xbox One consoles, etc. A single development platform and a single store of universal applications are available that are compatible with all supported devices. Windows 10 comes as a service with the release of updates throughout the support cycle. During the first year after the system is released, users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free on devices running legal Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Among the significant innovations - voice assistant Cortana, the ability to create and switch multiple desktops, etc. Windows 10 - the latest "boxed" version of Windows, all subsequent versions will be distributed exclusively in digital form. The Windows 10 license agreement allows Microsoft to collect numerous information about the user, the history of his online activities, passwords to websites and access points, data typed on the keyboard, and much more.

iTunes is a media player for organizing and playing music and movies, developed by Apple and distributed free of charge for OS X and Windows platforms. iTunes provides access to the company's online store iTunes Store, allowing you to buy music, movies, applications for iOS and books. One of the interesting features of the player is the Genius function, which analyzes the user's library and offers songs and movies on the iTunes Store, based on their preferences. iTunes is compatible with all existing iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV models. The player can be used for streaming media (including HDTV format) and creating a home collection, including both audio and video files, and photos.

Step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problem - iTunes does not see the iPhone in Microsoft Windows 10

  1. In Device Manager, right-click on an Apple iPhone device (Apple iPad or Apple iPod) and select the Update Driver command in the context menu.
  2. Select "Search for drivers on this computer . "
  3. Select "Select a driver from the list of already installed drivers . "
  4. Click the "Install from Disk" button. (If the Install From Disk button is not available, select a device category, such as Mobile Phone or Storage Device (if available), and click Next . Then the Install From Disk button appears.)
  5. In the Install From Disk dialog box , click the Browse button.
  6. Navigate to the C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ Drivers folder .
  7. Double-click the usbaapl file. (On a 64-bit version of Windows, this file is called usbaapl64 . If the usbaapl64 file is not in the specified folder or the Drivers folder does not exist, look for it in the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ Drivers folder instead ).
  8. Click OK in the Install From Disk dialog box.
  9. Click "Next" and complete the driver installation procedure. Open iTunes to verify device recognition.

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