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iTunes download all versions for Windows and Mac

iTunes скачать все версии под Windows и Mac

iTunes is a media player for organizing and playing music and movies, developed by Apple and distributed free of charge for OS X and Windows.

iTunes provides access to the iTunes Store’s branded online store, allowing you to buy music, movies, iOS apps, and books. One of the interesting features of the player is the Genius function, which analyzes the user's library and offers songs and movies in the iTunes Store, based on his preferences.

iTunes is compatible with all existing iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV models. The player can be used for streaming media (including HDTV format) and creating a home collection, including both audio and video files, and photos.

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Download iTunes 11.1.3 with equalizer error correction and improved performance

10 days after the release of OS X Mavericks and iTunes 11.1.2, Apple has released a new version of its media player. In the update under the index 11.1.3, the technical equalizer error was fixed and the program performance was improved.

Скачать iTunes 11.1.3

A key feature of iTunes 11.1 is the new section for listening to Apple's online radio . Apple introduced its own radio in early June at the WWDC conference. The company has made iTunes Radio smart enough: the service is changing, learning more about the user's preferences based on the music they listen to and download. The more often a person turns to iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more accurately the service adjusts the playlist. You can create and tune stations with your preferred music.

iTunes 11.1 allows you to use all the features of the service, including adding and deleting new stations, placing songs in the “wish list” and using the “black list”. The service also works on mobile devices running iOS 7.

Скачать iTunes 11.1.3

Features of iTunes 11.1.3 for Windows and Mac:

“In this version of iTunes, a bug was fixed, as a result of which the equalizer could malfunction, and also improved performance when switching view types in large iTunes libraries. The update also fixed minor additional errors. "

In a previous version of iTunes 11.1.2, support for OS X Mavericks, Arabic and Hebrew was added.

Detailed security information for the next update can be found at If you use OS X Mavericks, then the books are now in iBooks for Mac.

You can download iTunes 11.1.3 for Windows and Mac OS X on a special page on the Apple website .