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Jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS (Baseband 05.11.07) with Blackra1n RC3 for Mac and Windows

Instructions: Jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS (Baseband 05.11.07) with Blackra1n RC3 for Mac and Windows

Geohot recently released the BlackRa1n RC3 application for Mac and Windows, which allows you to jailbreak on any iPhone models, and in the aftermath and unlock even with the latest version of Baseband 05.11.07. The method is fairly simple and unlocks the firmware that is installed directly on your device and does not require the creation of a custom as it should be done in PwnageTool.

In this manual, we'll describe how to jailbreak and unlock using BlackRa1n RC3 on iPhone 3G and 3GS .

Thanks to the built-in "sn0w" Blackra1n RC3 can now do everything: jailbreak, unlock and hack activation of your iPhone and all this at the program level, you just need a little patience and press a couple of buttons.

So first download BlackRa1n RC3 from by clicking on the Apple / Microsoft logo, depending on what your operating system is, or BlackRa1n RC3 [ BlackRa1n RC3 ] [ BlackRa1n RC3 ]

Step 1

Connect your iPhone to your PC, launch BlackRa1n RC3, you will see a small window with a single "Make it ra1n" button, press it.

Step 2

After that you will see "Entering Recovery". The program began fully automatic input of your iPhone recovery mode, then jailbreak and then installation of Blackra1n on the iPhone. You just need patience here, just wait and do nothing.

Step 3

When the program does everything that is planned for you on the display will appear the corresponding image "Enjoy your jailbroken iPhone"

Step 4

Jailbreak was successful, now wait until your iPhone reboots. After that, from the iPhone desktop launch the utility Blackra1n, which was installed during the jailbreak. In Blackra1n, select "Cydia" and "Snow", after you install them, restart the iPhone and you have all the unlocked iPhone 3G and 3GS.


Do you already have a jailbroken iPhone with Blackra1n installed?

Launch your Blackra1n (make sure you are connected to the Internet) and install the " rain " from it - it will update your Blackra1n and after that the unlock " Snow ", which needs to be installed to unlock your iPhone, will be available in it. After that, restart the phone and that's it.

Do you already have a jailbroken iPhone due to custom firmware made in PwnageTool?

You just need to go into Cydia and install the blacksn0w utility from the repository, reboot the iPhone and everything.