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The process of jailbreaking and unlocking all versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch with the installed firmware iPhone OS 3.0

The instruction, step by step showing the process of jailbreaking and unlock all versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch with the installed firmware iPhone OS 3.0.

The manual is designed for Windows operating systems.

Jailbreaking is performed using the utility RedSn0w
RedSn0w.rar [ RedSn0w ] [ RedSn0w ] [ RedSn0w ]

1. If you have not upgraded to the original firmware 3.0, do it. You can download here [ firmware for iPhone ].
If you have an iPhone 2G, then you need two files [ Bootloader ]

2. Connect your iPhone / iPod Touch to your computer with a USB cable.

2.1 Important: If you have an official (not locked) phone, after flashing, open iTunes and activate the SIM card.
2.2 Close iTunes.

3. Start the Redsn0w application and click the Browse button.

4. A window opens where you will be asked to select the original version of the previously downloaded firmware.

5. The program must recognize the firmware. Click Next .

6. Check the Install Cydia option.
Note: if you are using iPhone 2G, then do not forget to select "Unlock Phone".

6.1 If you have an iPhone 2G, then select the bootloaders ...

7. Make sure that the phone is connected to the computer.
7.1 Turn off the iPhone.

8. Now you need to transfer iPhone to DFU mode. To do this, follow the instructions of the program.

Translation into Russian:

- hold down the Power button for 3 seconds
- Without releasing the Power button, hold down the Home button for 10 seconds
- Without releasing the Home button, release Power and hold Home for 30 seconds

9. The process will be started automatically

10. After completing the process, the device will reboot itself and will be ready to work!

11. For users of iPod Touch, official iPhone and iPhone 2G is ready, but for zalochenyh need to do a couple more actions:

1. Add Cydia repository
2. Type ' ultrasn0w ' into the search and install it
3. Restart your iPhone