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JailBreak, Unlock, Activation via iLiberty + [How to unlock the iPhone]

JailBreak, Unlock, Activation via iLiberty + [How to unlock the iPhone]

In this manual, I will describe in steps how to flash or flash iPhone for firmware 1.1.4, make JailBreak (you need to safely have access to all directories on your phone), Unlock (unlock your phone, that is, be able to access all functions, except for the call and sms function and Activation (it forces the iPhone to accept any SIM card, thus you can call from iPhone, send SMS, use GPRS, EDGE, etc.). In short, in this manual we will in 15-20 minutes create a fully functional phone, ready to go! I emphasize that this manual will be useful not only to people who have just pulled a new phone out of the box, but also to those who want to reflash their device with a new one. So, let's begin! Read on!

Download to your computer a file with firmware 1.1.4 for iPhone. It weighs 166mb. You can download it from our website here: iphonefirware
Download, unpack the archive. Go ahead.

Putting iPhone into recovery mode (DFU mode) by holding Sleep / Wake and Home for 10 seconds. The screen goes out. Release the Sleep / Wake button. Continue to hold the Home button for another 10 seconds and iTunes will detect the iPhone in recovery mode, which will be seen from the window that appears. ITunes and cable icons will appear on the iPhone. We connect the phone to the computer. Run iTunes. ITunes can be downloaded here:

We hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and at the same time click on the "Restore" button in iTunes. A window will open where you need to specify the path to the firmware file that we downloaded in STEP 1. Select it. Begin flashing. At the end of this process, the iPhone will reboot and a cable will be drawn there. Do not close iTunes, minimize it. Do not disconnect the phone from the computer. Download the program iLiberty + here:
(this is a proven version that works without interruption and installs the Installer, not Cydia)

Download the program iLiberty +. Unpacked. Install. After installing the program on the computer, run it:

Go to the Advance tab. Here we select the programs we need (I advise Terminal vt100, BSD SubSystem 2, OpenSSH) Click on Download. Programs are downloaded. It should be noted that these programs can now not download. They can be installed later, from the installer. Go back to the Standart tab.


Tick ​​all the checkboxes (JailBreak, Activate, Unlock, Downgrade bootloader 4.6 to 3.9 FakeBlank, Setup Installer)


Click on the "Go For It" button. A window appears:

Disconnect the phone from the computer. We are waiting for at least 15 seconds. We connect the phone to the computer. We are waiting for another 10 seconds. Click on the "OK" button.


On the phone ran the command line - operations are performed. On the phone, words will run on a black background for 10 minutes, when the process is complete, the phone will reboot itself and you will be prompted to enter a PIN code from your SIM card. We enter. We throws on the springboard. Disconnect the phone from the computer. We close all the programs on the computer. If you have an "No Signal" written on your iPhone, restart the phone. A signal will appear.


That's all. The phone is ready to work. Now it makes sense to Russify your phone let's say the program "Russian Project".


Next, I recommend to go to the phone settings and check whether the settings are saved (it happens that not). Check and fix it very easy! We check this: in the settings, turn off the sound on the keyboard. If the sound on the typing keyboard is turned off, then everything is fine. If the sound on the printing keyboard remains even though you turned it off, then download the Terminal program (Term-vt100) via the Installer. Open this program. If you are asked to enter a password, then we write alpine . The password will not appear - we type blindly. Click on the "Enter". Now enter the following line:
chown -R mobile:mobile /var/mobile/Library/Preferences Click on “Enter”. Now the settings will be saved.