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How to make yourself a "Hollywood" desktop in Linux?

Как сделать себе «голливудский» десктоп в Linux?
Appearance - just Otpad!

I think you've seen movies in multiple screens with a multi-window interface that displays a lot of very significant looking sensors. It looks pretty cool, and in case you suddenly want to do something similar at home, I'll talk about a couple of programs that will help achieve what you want.


Hollywood includes a whole set of utilities, such as htop, hexdump, apg, man, stat, tree, speedometer, jp2a, bmon, sshart, cmatrix and others . In combination with the mosaic layout of windows, implemented using the console window manager Byobu, they look most spectacular.

Different terminal windows run utilities for displaying logs, demonstrating process activity, estimating the CPU load, monitoring network connections, visualizing the audio spectrum, and so on. The pictures in the pseudographics are shown, the contents of the various regions / proc, / sys and / dev, tree representations of different directories and other useful and useless data. All this together gives an imitation of a movie picture, similar to the way in the view of a man in the street should look like the screen of a tough hacker while working.

In the event that there is no hollywood package in the repository and the sudo apt-get install hollywood command does not work, connect the repository manually.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hollywood/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hollywood

To start, just use the hollywood command. To exit the program, you can press Ctrl + C and end to end the process.

Unfortunately, from the impressive here one appearance - the sense from Hollywood is not enough, except that you can tie it as a screensaver. But MultiTail is a very flexible and useful tool. With its help you can watch not only the logs, but also the output of other commands, for example rsstail, wtmptail, negtail .

Как сделать себе «голливудский» десктоп в Linux?

The number of displayed windows is not limited. You can browse the sea of ​​various information. One of the most valuable features is the ability to select color schemes. They are available for all monitored programs, for example for Postfix, Apache, Sendmail, tcpdump and Squid, you can select different themes.

MultiTail can filter output, like grep and sed, and can also convert parts of output strings. For example, Squid and qmail log files can be converted to something more readable. MultiTail also can convert IP addresses, error codes and much more.

The set of functions can be easily extended by scripts in Perl, bash, Python or other languages. You can read about other useful features of MultiTail on the official project page. I think this sotfin is worthy to take its place on one of the administrator's monitors. And it does not look much less impressive than Hollywood.