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Viruses on Mac OS X

On this topic:

Periodically, questions arise about viruses and antiviruses for MacOS X. I think this question will be very interesting to many switches (people who have just moved from Windows to Mac). After many, many years of using Windows, constantly searching for the most effective anti-virus software for itself, periodically demolishing the system due to incomprehensible glitches that could be caused by malware, people develop a stereotype that comp + Internet = a bunch of viruses. There is some truth in this. But not in the case of MacOS X.

And the point here is not at all that there are relatively few poppies, but that it is UNIX. Apple Mac OS X is a UNIX certified system. The system implements a very strict policy of differentiation of access rights (permissions), as well as isolation of user data from important system files. Only three other operating systems possess similar UNIX 03 certificates from The Open Group, which owns the UNIX trademark: Solaris 10 from Sun Microsystems, AIX 5L from IBM, and HP-UX 11i V3 from Hewlett-Packard.

There are virus concepts for Mac OS X. Most likely, real virus prototypes can be developed that can infect macintosh computers. However, currently known cases of “viruses” require a number of non-trivial actions from the user.

For example:

“This attachment is not an image, but contains executable code. Run? ”->“ The program is trying to access the system files. Allow? ”->“ Enter your password to use the XXX application. ”

And here - BAM! Virus!

It was a scenario of activating one of the really existing virus prototypes for Apple Mac OS X. Many-year-old virus protection completely unprotected macintosh users, most of them were so vigilant that the scenario I presented could well catch them.

Of course, at the present time you do not need an antivirus for Mac OS X. However, on the other hand, you will get a couple of advantages if you take care of installing the antivirus:

  • 1. You cannot accidentally transfer windows viruses from one user's windows to another.
  • 2. When the great and terrible virus appears under macintosh - you will be ready to meet him.

Macintosh virus-related findings:

Apple Mac OS X is a reliable and secure operating system with a rigorous Unix architecture. There are no dangerous viruses under Mac OS X. But no one can guarantee you that one fine day (but not for mac) the great and terrible virus for macintosh will not suddenly appear. Because there is nothing perfect in this world. But now - sing and have fun, do not worry about viruses and other malicious programs.

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