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FREE One-Click iPhone Unlock (Windows)

Instructions with the activation of YouTube and unlock (Option 1)

1 - Download Apptap, Ibrickr, Paycay and Unlock.pxl
2 - Install the LAST version of iTunes, but do not run!
3 - Hold Power on the phone and Home for about 20 seconds, until he starts begging you to connect it to iTunes smile.gif
4 - Now iTunes will not offer you activation, but recovery. Do it at the same time updating to firmware 1.02
5 - How to recover - kill the processes itunes.exe and ituneshelper.exe
6 - Install Apptap on your computer.
7 - Use Apptap to install Paycay. This script activates the phone and unlock YouTube.
8 - Install Ibrickr on your computer, run and see two buttons - Ringtones and Applications. Crush the Applications and select iunlock.pxl, run and follow the instructions on the screen of the phone.
9 - How to install - click on the unlock icon in the phone menu and wait 20 minutes.


iPhone_Unlock_By_APTEM.rar [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ]

Iphone Software Unlock (Option 2)

Make sure your running version is 1.02 firmware.

Settings> General> About> Version. Modem Firmware should also say 03.14.08_G

Your phone will also be jailbroken you can use [ Download ] [ Download ] [ Download ] for this!

When you have iBrickr running install the following.

  • Community Sources
  • Openssh
  • BSD Subsystem (might take some minutes)

Next Use WinSCP (root / dottie) and copy the following files to / usr / bin

You can find your ip address and ip address.

Now make a folder under / usr / called local / et c

So you upload minirc.dfl to / usr / local / etc

Now using root dot / dottie

and run the following commands:

cd / usr / bin /

chmod + x iUnlock

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

iUnlock ICE03.14.08_G.fls nor

Wait a while usually around 20minutes.

After this is complete in putty run

bbupdater -v

You should see issuing + xgendata ... and a lot more stuff this is good!

now still in putty type


When everything loads ok

If all is a good issue these commands next

AT + CLCK = "PN", 0, "00000000"

AT + CLCK = "PN", 2

if it gives a response with your unlocked!

Now just run this command in putty!

launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/


This will be a 2-5minute process.

This is still a buggy.

Iphone iphone if you still don't get the signal