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Instructions (FAQ) for installing software on Apple iPhone

Applications on the iPhone can be installed and even needed! To deceive the "clever" defense, you do not have to dig inside the phone and do not even have to spend a lot of time, everything is very simple.

So, to install the application on your iPhone you should:
1) If you are a Windows user then download iBrickr
If you are a Mac user, then download the utility

Refinement by iBrickr:
- Download the archive from the developer page.
- Unpack the archive. Run ibrickr.exe.
- Click on Free my iPhone.
- Prog will ask you to download the firmware. You need to synchronize your phone with iTunes, click the Restore button in iTunes. iTunes will ask you to return all to factory settings? Yes.
- Before the download begins, disconnect the iPhone, but the download process does not interrupt.
- When iTunes finishes downloading, it will start unpacking the file - and it will issue a Terrible Error !!!, click OK and close it so that it does not worry for nothing. Connect the phone again. Go to iBrikr, click Check again.
- iBrikr will offer to reboot the phone in Restore Mode.
- Follow the instructions of the program.

That's all! Now you can put the software and new ringtones on your phone.