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All the programs that are missing in your iPhone

It's no secret that after the long-awaited release of the Apple iPhone, almost everyone was disappointed because of the lack of simple, but nevertheless necessary things in the mobile phone that everyone is used to, for example, SMS delivery notification. What can we say about the impossibility of recording video on the camera (in the iPhone 2G) or the lack of the possibility of zoom in the photo. The most offensive was the fact that the release of firmware 2.0 and even 3.0 did not correct these omissions.
But progress does not stand still, and after the invention of the jailbreak for the iPhone, quite a few programs and hacks appeared that improve the current capabilities of the phone, and add a number of new, previously hidden features.
In this article we will install (and in one of the following we will configure) the most needed hacks and applications that will make your Apple iPhone (no matter 2G, 3G or 3GS) really an iPhone, and add everything that Apple has deprived it of in connection with its gesture okay politics.

Before you start

To install most applications, and even more hacks, your iPhone should be jailbreak 'chick, although I think that if you are the owner of this miracle device, then in 99% of cases you have it. If this is not the case, then you can read about jailbreak in Google, it is beyond the scope of the article and is also illegal. :) Also, you should have Cydia or ICY installed to install applications from repositories. If you have a jailbreak , then you also have Cydia almost certainly. Almost all the applications described in the article can be found either in Cydia (through search), or in Google in free download. The efficiency of the applications described in the article was checked on firmware 3.1.2. It is not recommended to install firmware 3.1.3, since so many applications and games crash on it, and it is not known when their new versions will be released.

First, make sure that the following repositories are added to Cydia, and if not, add them:

And so now we are ready to search and install applications on the iPhone, we will begin the upgrade.

Step 1. Backgrounder + ProSwitcher. Add multitasking

Backgrounder is one of the most necessary applications for iPhone, it allows you to minimize any applications on your phone by holding the (O) button and then open it. And you can minimize as many applications as you like, just to have enough RAM. Also in the program, you can customize the list of applications that will not close by default, but collapse when you press the (O) button. Very convenient for browsers and clients like ICQ.
The program also adds a beautiful icon (which can be selected and modified) near the minimized applications in the SpringBoard, including those that are always minimized (phone, iPod, etc.).

ProSwitcher is an add-on for the Backgrounder program and allows you to visually switch between running programs.

Step 2. SBSettings. Convenient panel + task manager + built-in hacks

A unique program that must be in your iPhone. If you have BossPrefs installed, you should remove it before installing SBSettings, as it includes the features that BossPrefs has.
The SBSettings program adds a pop-up panel (to open it, you need to slide your finger from right to left on the top of the screen, where the operator is written, time, battery charge) on which you can put many switches - for example, turn off / on 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Edge. This can greatly help to save battery power, especially for 3G on iPhone 3G, and also helps to solve the problem “the subscriber is not available or is in the network coverage area” with GPRS / EDGE enabled, since the iPhone often connects to it itself when they do not ask for it, thereby blocking your cellular connection with a packet connection, which people cannot reach you immediately.
But SBSettings is not limited to these switches, it also has a very useful PROCESSES button that opens a list of minimized applications, which can be closed through it by freeing up memory, as well as a FREE MEMORY button, which significantly clears free RAM. After using this chip, not one game slowed down on my iPhone 2G. It is also worth noting the Power button when you click on which you can restart the iPhone, turn it off, do ReSpring (restart the graphical shell) or go to Safe Mode.

When you click the More button in the SBSettings panel, you will be taken to the program settings, where several other interesting features are hidden, for example:
  • Enabling the display of battery charge in percent near the icon
  • Turning on the display of free RAM about time
  • The ability to hide the display of unnecessary applications in SpringBoard (for example, a program for buying music on iTunes, which does not work in Russia)
  • Add date mapping and more

It is also worth noting that so many applications for the iPhone have SBSettings plugins that allow you to add their switches to the panel. Also, the SBSettings panel supports skins that can be downloaded in abundance in Cydia.

Step 3. WinterBoard. Install the themes on the iPhone and change the appearance of the standard interface.

The WinterBoard program (formerly SummerBoard) allows you to set themes for your iPhone. Moreover, the program can literally change everything, from icons, sounds, wallpapers and even the appearance of the calculator and the phone, to the location and positioning of the interface elements on the screen. Many themes can be downloaded from Cydia.

Step 4. iPhoneDelivery. Add a notification about the delivery of SMS / MMS.

Hack adds additional fields to the SMS setup, allowing you to enable notification of message delivery.

Step 5. iBlueNova. We send and receive files via Bluetooth between any phones.

The program allows you to use Bluetooth fully, and not as it did at Apple. Now you can transfer your favorite songs or photos via bluetooth to any other phone and vice versa.

Step 6. Safari Download Plug-In. We download through safari any files from sites on the iPhone.

Safari browser hack that allows you to download any files from sites to iPhone.

Step 7. VolumeButtonExtender. We control the iPod player in any application and when the iPhone is locked.

The program allows you to control the playback of music using the iPhone's volume buttons - when you hold down the volume up button for a couple of seconds, the player switches to the next track, and the decrease - the previous one. To pause / play, you must press both volume buttons simultaneously. The main advantage of this program is that it works even when the phone is locked or when some kind of application or game is open.

Step 8. Qik Video. We write video in iPhone 2G.

The program allows you to record a full-fledged video in mp4 format, has a zoom and settings, effects for video. There are quite a few programs for recording videos on the iPhone, but I liked this one.

Step 9. Camera Plus Pro. Improving the camera in the iPhone.

The program adds a lot of features to the standard camera in your iPhone and allows you to take pictures much better and clearer, can simulate a flash brightening photos, adds sharpness to photos, allows you to zoom (with improved quality and reduced blur) when shooting, add effects to photos, allows reduce the effect of "shake".