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X-Sim TurboSIM SilverSim NextSIM StealthSim for iPhone

Preface: All X-Sim TurboSIM SilverSim NextSIM StealthSim are all clones of each other. The principle of action is the same.

This is the latest version of such cards, it works without problems and with pre-orders and contracts.

The only and easy way to unlock iPhone 1.1.2 is TurboSim.
A thin film with several contacts and a microchip, is glued to the user's sim card (from the corner of the card, 2 mm of plastic is cut off) and that's it!
The phone is ready to work with all operators, anywhere in the world. The Sim card of the user remains working and compatible with any other phone.

Attention! This is the only proven way to make the iPhone work with firmware 1.1.2 CTB.

Verified, works with Kyivstar, MTS, Beeline, Life, Utel, GoldenTelecom.

An example of a map trimming, thus there are fewer opportunities for card jams due to burrs