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Apps on iPhone in .IPA (part 2)

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Newsstand 1.3.2

Newsstand - это RSS читалка новостей. Легкие настройки

Newsstand is the RSS newsreader. Easy settings. Possibility of organizing channels by folders. Beautiful interface


iPro Recorder 1.11

One-touch recording. It's simple!

iProRecorder is one of the simplest recorders.
Even its unique advanced features are simple and intuitive to use. Powerful? Yes. Complicated? No.

iProRecorder gives an amazing and unprecedented collection of features:
- wheel speed adjustment
- Up to 13 hours of uncompressed recording on 1GB in three quality parameters


iDict 1.0

iDicto, пожалуйста, самый простой и легкий в использовании диктофон

iDicto, please, the easiest and easiest to use voice recorder.
He writes well. I use it when you need to remember something urgently, but it's problematic to print.


Color Expert 1.0

Программа специально созданная для художников и дизайнеров

The program is specially created for artists and designers!

Color Expert contains powerful tools that help artists and designers identify, capture, translate and display the right colors.

Designers know that inspiration can come anywhere and anytime. Just look around. Some of the best ideas await you in real


eWallet 6.1.4

Keep all important information relevant wherever you are. Protect yourself, your money and information.
In top of the best password managers under Windows Mobile and Palm for 10 years. Now it is on the iPhone.


Wunder Radio 1.3

служит для доступа к интернет радиостанциям, которые поддерживают RadioTime

Weather Underground has released a new application called WunderRadio, this application is used to access Internet radio stations that support RadioTime. WunderRadio uses the GPS iPhone to find available radio stations, including NOAA weather radios.


technoBox 1.0

В приложении используется тот же движок, что и в плагине AudioRealism Bass Line 2

The application uses the same engine as the AudioRealism Bass Line 2 plugin, which received good reviews from critics. Multitouch technology is supported. Thanks to the high-contrast interface, technoBox can be used even in nightclubs


Fake Em 'Out 1.1

Отправляйте себе поддельные смски, звоните с поддельных номеров и оставляйте не существующие пропущенные вызовы

Send yourself fake sms, call from fake numbers and leave the existing missed calls


iBluetooth crack 1.0

Сегодня в сидии появилась программа , позволяющая использовать блютуз айфона по стандартному для мобилок назначению, передача файлов

Today in the sidia appeared a program that allows you to use the Bluetooth iophone for a standard mobile phone destination, file transfer. The program costs about 4 euros, for those who do not have enough trial in 6 days, we offer the following:
1. Install a program from Cydia (the program is not opened!)
2. Drop the crack at the specified address: /private/var/stash/Applications/ do not forget to backup the native file ..
3.Expose rights if needed as well as the root file 07777


Opacity 1.3

An image editor designed to create an independent screen graphics solution.


MobileFiles 2.0

доступа или обмена файлами с Вашего iPhone или iPod

This program is designed to access or share files from your iPhone or iPod. With this application you can access your MobileMe iDisk account, the user by email directly from the iPhone and transfer files from your PC or Mac with WiFi


Air Mouse 1.5.2

Air Mouse - программа превращает Ваш iPhone в беспроводную мышь для ПК

Air Mouse - the program turns your iPhone into a wireless mouse for PC. The application is very easy to use. You need to download the application from the App Store and the server for the computer.

iPhoneBrowser 1.81

Excellent file manager under windows for phones with firmware 2.0 and higher. It's easy to copy, delete, move files / folders to iPhone and back to PC.

iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.7

1. SSH connection via USB cable.
2. Added Terminal and FileBrowser.
3. In this version you can save up to 3 profiles.
4. Auto-update function.

TuneAid and DiskAid

TuneAid: allows you to copy your music from iPod including iPod Touch and iPhone to your computer.
DiskAid: allows you to make an external disk from your iPod / iPhone.


iThemeit! - a useful application for PC, which will help to give your theme for the iPhone a new look: changing icons, wallpaper, wallpaper, setting an individual style theme.
iThemeit has an intuitive interface and does not require designer skills.

Stanza is a good reader

Official site

The program allows you to download books from the Internet in epub format, formatting, tap - zones are present, the background color and font are changing.

In the online catalog there is a Russian book resource, created by Maxz, which is now being reinforced.

The usual addition of books is done using a desktop client (on the manufacturer's website there are versions under MacOS and Windows). The book in the format fb2, doc, pdf opens in the desktop client and is downloaded to the iphone already reformatted via Wi-Fi.

Download from the official site of the program. Install. We open in it any book.
In the "Tools" (service), check the box next to "Enable Sharing".
Connect the Touch or iPhone with a PC grid through Wifi.

The book appeared in Stanza on the device in the Shared Books section.
We pass and download - all.
And the second way:

The book is downloaded in the format fb2, it is converted to, the epub file is downloaded to the iPhone.
Then in the station the url of this type is prescribed file: //localhost/var/mobile/Documents/blablabla.epub

<img src = "/ img / skin / smiles / smile.png" alt = ":)">


Программа, с помощью которой можно редактировать собственное генеалогическое дерево – свою родословную

Description: A program with which you can edit your own family tree - your pedigree

Floola 2.9.3

A smart alternative to iTunes


Volume Logic

Volume Logic это плагин к iTunes который значительно улучшает качество звучания композицийVolume Logic это плагин к iTunes который значительно улучшает качество звучания композиций

Volume Logic is a plug-in to iTunes that significantly improves the sound quality of songs. Volume Logic adjusts the volume and balance of the sound in music tracks that are played in iTunes. To correct the sound, it uses a 5-band processor. Volume Logic adjusts the sound "on the fly", and does not make any changes to the file.


QuickPwn 2.1

QuickPwn 2.1 allows you to jailbreak firmware 2.1, 2.0.2 and 2.0.1.! Works with both iPhone and iPod Touch, and with iPhone 3G.



iFunBox is another file manager for Windows!


PwnageTool 2.1 & QuickPwn 1.1

Today, the release of PwnageTool and QuickPwn was released to unlock the iPhone with firmware 2.1 for MacOS. Downloading further!


iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.5b

1. SSH connection via USB cable.
2. Added Terminal and FileBrowser.
3. In this version you can save up to 3 profiles.
4. Auto-update function.


WinPwn 2.5 Beta 2

Today there was a new WinPwn 2.5 Beta 2. This program can unlock iPhone with firmware 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2! Ability to change the root partition. Built-in Installer. automatic update. Support for WinXP and Vista 32/64 bit.


QuickPwn 1.0.0 [MacOS]

The interface of this program is very similar to PwnageTool, but they perform different functions. QuickPwn is a program for quickly hacking an iPhone, and PwnageTool is a powerful tool with tons of extra features. Downloading further!


ImagePhone [MacOS]

ImagePhone is a free program for Mac OS to make wallpapers. Finished wallpaper can be exported in different formats. Very useful and easy to use program. Downloading further!


WinPwn 2.5 Beta

Today there was a new WinPwn 2.5 Beta. This program can unlock iPhone with firmware 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2!


Pwnage 2.0.3 & Pwnage

PwnageTool - A program for Mac OS to crack new firmware on the iPhone. The recommended update method is Sparkle (an internet update built into PwnageTool) or use the Finder to unzip the program correctly. In the version of Pwnage fixed some bugs, fixed a bug with rights on iPod Touch, when users could not save their passwords and added Installer v4.0b6.


QuickPwn 1.50

Updated the program QuickPwn to version 1.50! QuickPwn is a program for unlocking the iPhone 2G! The program for Windows from DevTeam. Has already built-in Installer 4b6 and Cydia.


QuickPwn 2.0.2

QuickPwn is a program for unlocking firmware 2.0.2! The program for Windows from DevTeam. We remind you that QuickPwn does not do Unlock and Activate firmware 2.0.2! It does: Pwn (the ability to install custom firmware) and Jailbreak, installing Installer 4 and Cydia.


iPhone PC Suite GB

iPhone PC Suite This program can manage and edit data on the iPhone: manage photos, music, video, phone, installed software (and install new ones), notes, contacts, bookmarks, themes, ringtones, sms, wallpaper. There is a built-in file manager, converter of ringtones, video and audio files. Many other functions. The version in Russian. Downloading further!


QuickPwn Beta

QuickPwn is a program for unlocking firmware 2.0.1! The program for Windows from DevTeam. If you can not reflash iPhone with PwnageTool or WinPwn , then try QuickPwn - it's intuitively easy to use.



iPhoneBrowser has been updated to version! The program is very convenient. (When using it with 1.x firmware, everything goes well, but in firmware 2.0 the program refuses to see the / var / and / Applications / folders.) I recommend the iPhone Manager for users of 2.x firmware. In addition to the standard browsing functions for directories, Goto Location "where you can find links to all the most used directories in the iPhone: RingTones, Applications, Themes, etc. Also one of the useful features is the ability to create backup files and directories. The feature is very useful for fans digging into the iPhone. And many more useful features. Download iPhoneBrowser more!



Today there was a new WinPwn This program can unlock iPhone with firmware 1.1.4, 2.0 and 2.0.1!
In this version:
1. Resize the Root partition.
2. Built-in Installer 4.
3. Support for Windows XP and Vista (32 / 64bit).
To use WinPwn, you must first remove the previous version of the program from your PC and make sure that iTunes is updated to the latest version ( currently 7.7.1 ). The process of creating custom firmware has not changed.


PwnageTool 2.0.2 [Mac OS] [Released]

PwnageTool 2.0.2 - A program for Mac OS to crack the firmware 2.0 on the iPhone. The recommended update method is Sparkle (an internet update built into PwnageTool) or use the Finder to unzip the program correctly. Do not try to install it through the command line. Just open the PwnageTool_2.0.2.tbz file in the Finder. This version includes Installer 4 Beta. Recall that at the moment this is still Beta. Although PwnageTool will give an error that Installer 4 Beta is not available, it will still be installed. The latest version of Cydia is also available.


WinPwn 2.5 [Coming soon]

Preparing for the release of a new version of WinPwn 2.5 (the program for unlocking the iPhone)! It will be available very soon, and now you can see the screenshots of the new version. We look further!


iTunes 7.7.1 [Update]

Today released a new version of iTunes 7.1.1. To update you need to go to iTunes in the "Help" section and click on "Check for Updates" - a window will open where you can download it. Or you can immediately download the distribution from the official website of Apple. The developers claim that the bug fixes and synchronization began to occur faster.


iPhone Manager 1.02

IPhone Manager 1.02 for Windows is first and foremost a wonderful browser for iPhone directories. Works both with old firmware, and with firmware 2.0. The program also shows Contacts from the application and notes from Now the program is completely free. We look at the screenshots and download further! Read more...


The program for breaking firmware 2.0. In version the work of Ipwner is fixed, now the program does not crash and does not give an error of 16xx. Also fixed a bug when using ipswBuilder. Downloading further!


XviD4PSP 5.034

XviD4PSP 5.034 - video converter for iPhone and iPod Touch. The program is absolutely free. Downloading further!



Winpwn has been updated to version It allows you to unlock iPhone with firmware 1.1.4 and 2.0, supports firmware images, Payloads. With the iPhone the first time the program works fine - unlock it completely but for iPhone 3G it can only do JailBreak for now. Suitable for WinXP and Vista 32 / 64bit, but not suitable for Windows 2003/2008 server, Windows 95 and Windows 3.11. Downloading further!


WinPwn 2.0 is out!

Winpwn 2.0 is available for download. It allows you to unlock iPhone with firmware 1.1.4 and 2.0, supports firmware images, Payloads, and unlock iPhone 3G. Downloading further!


WinPwn 2.0 [Coming Soon]

Developers report on their blog that the program WinPwn 2.0 will be ready soon! This program will help everyone to unlock iPhone with firmware 2.0 from under Windows. Currently, there is a version for Mac OS [PwnageTool 2.0.1]. We are waiting for the version under Windows and pereproshivaemsya!


iRinger iRinger is a completely free program, intended for creating ringtones. The version under Windows. For Mac, use the equivalent of the program - GarageBand. iRinger works without installation on your computer. It is very easy to use and exports ringtones directly to iTunes. Downloading further!


PwnageTool 2.0.1 [Mac OS]

PwnageTool 2.0.1 - The program for Mac OS to crack the firmware 2.0 on the iPhone. The list of changes is read more ...


iLinkPhone 1.0

iLinkPhone 1.0 - the program under Mac to create a backup media library of your phone. The difference between this program and all the others is that it does the whole procedure via a USB cable with the push of a button.


iPhone Configuration Web Utility 1.0

iPhone Configuration Web Utility 1.0 is a useful program from Apple for iPhone that can collect information from your phone, create and edit profiles. There is also a function to digitally sign and collect system information (console logs) from the device.


iTunes 7.7

iTunes has been updated to version 7.7. In this version, the ability to remotely control the player via iPhone or iPod Touch is added. Just appeared App Store! Downloading further!



SharePod supports iPhone and iPod Touch. The program for managing media content. Can add / remove videos and music, create playlists. It can also copy music and video back to the computer. Can prescribe tags to files, support Drag'n'Drop technology. Easy to set up and manage. An accessible interface. Downloading further!


iToner v1.0.7

The program iToner for Mac OS X computers serves to create an unlimited number of custom ringtones on your iPhone.
The new version of iToner V1.0.7 has the following improvements and changes:
- Fixed compatibility with iTunes. iToner should not allow iTunes
remove iTMS ringtones.
- Fixed the issue of syncing iPod with iTunes
- Various fixes and improvements
Through iToner, users can drag their favorite audio files to iTunes, click the Sync button and it's ready! Downloading further!


iPhone PC Suite v1.0.7.1

1) The program is constantly updated.
2) Works without glitches, but you need to start installing ZiPhone iBrickr Fix.
3) Can create "Groups" in Contacts and edit them.
4) Download Video, Music, Ringtones, Topics for SummerBord, Photo, work with sounds for standard applications. The program has the built in recoder. You just need to select a file, and she will do everything for you.
5) Restores the rights. Works with the Calendar, Alarm Clock, Sms, Notes, Books, etc.
6) Provides work with folders ... rename, copy to pc, delete and search.
And much more useful!


iBaReS - iPhone Data Backup

iBaReS is a utility for backup'a your iPhone. Includes a set of tools for backup and restore "iPhone and iPod Touch through Wireless LAN." BSD Subsystem & SSH is required for operation. Program for Mac.


Wondershare iPhone Video Converter v3.1.1

Wondershare iPhone Video Converter v3.1.1 is designed to convert video to iPhone and iPod Touch Read more ...

iTunes 7.6

Program iTunes 7.6 for synchronizing Apple products with a computer, recording music, videos, photos, etc.


FirmWare 1.1.4 (file .ipsw)

Firmware file 1.1.4 for the restaurant and many other purposes. For example, this file will be needed when the phone is unlocked via iLiberty +


iLiberty +

The program iLiberty + for Windows serves for JailBreak, Unlock, Activate. In this version, your device will install Installer and not Cydia. Read more ...

iPhone Browser 1.52

Best iPhone-file manager for Windows. Crawls on the device, supports Drag & Drop, can make backups. The program must be for all owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch. With it, we will install applications, change icons and much more! Download link is on Read more ...

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