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Top 100 jailbreak taps in 2012 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in 2010-2011

Top 100 jailbreak taps in 2012 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in 2010-2011

The jailbreak community of users of Apple gadgets continues to rapidly recruit loyal participants, despite Apple’s prohibitions and the indulgent attitude of the owners of “ordinary” iPhone.

For those who do not know, the term "jailbreak" means the procedure of hacking the firmware of a mobile device to open full access to its file system. Jailbreak not only allows you to install pirated applications from the App Store, but also offers tremendous possibilities for customizing the device using unrealized or unresolved Apple functions.

Since the advent of the original iPhone, jailbreaking has witnessed the birth of many truly great jailbreak solutions for hacked iPhones, iPod touchs and iPads. With the advent of the Notification Center, Siri voice assistant, there are even more significant reasons to open root access to iGadget.

The following collection of 100 jailbreak add-ons were bloggers from Jailbreakmatrix.

Zephyr - multitasking gestures
Barrel - 3D effects when turning pages
Facebreak - FaceTime over 3G
AirBlue - file sharing via bluetooth
TruPrint - Improved AirPrint Features
Double At - shortcut for inserting mailing address
KillBackground - close all background applications with one tap
iGotYa - tracks the location of the iPhone
iBlacklist - block unwanted calls
AdBlocker - ad blocking
Icon Renamer - rename icons in iOS
MultiIconMover - batch moving icons
Gridlock - free arrangement of icons on the screen
SpyPhoto - a new tweak from James Bond arresal
Copic - photos in the contact list
AnyAttach - any email attachments
Winterboard - more than 5000 themes for iOS
Dreamboard - new themes
SMSmileys - smilies in SMS
Animate - custom download logos
UnlockFX - unlock iPhone effects
Infinite Tweet - Tweets more than 140 characters
WeeTrackData - widget for web browsing
WeeSpaces - switching applications from the Notification Center
WeeSearch - quick search through the Notification Center
Color Keyboard - New Keyboard Styles
BytaFont - change default fonts
iSounds - sound themes
LockScreenClockHide - removes the clock from the screen
LockSeconds - adds seconds to the clock on the lock screen
Slidemyname - custom text on unlock slider
App Stats - application usage statistics
Play Awake - songs as ringtones
CleverPin - intelligent iPhone security system
Calendar Pro - calendar in the Notification Center
NoteMe - quick notes in the Notification Center
AnyLockApp - install any application on the lock screen
NoLockScreen - disable the lock screen
AndroidLockXT - lock iOS in the style of Android
RecognizeMe - iPhone Biometric Protection
Infinidock - an infinite number of dock icons
IconBounce - live dock icons
Poof - hide icons from the screen
SiriLaunch - Launch Siri from the Notification Center
AppsCenter - launching applications from the Notification Center
WeeRoll - custom animation for the Notification Center
Sbrotator - landscape mode for home screen
Display Recorder - video recording from the iPhone screen
Overflow - dock icons carousel
AnyVoice - any accents for Siri
Hands-Free Control - activate Siri with your voice
Dismiss Siri - Disable Siri voice
Gridtab - 9 tabs in Safari
Simplexity - improved multitasking
Multiflow - new mode for displaying background applications.
FastBlurredNotificationCenter - blur effect for the Notification Center
Mirror Widget - a mirror in the Notification Center
PerPageHTML + - add HTML widgets to the Notification Center
FIREBREAK - panorama shooting mode
zToggle - enable multitasking and wallpaper on unsupported devices
RetinaPad - includes support for Retina graphics on iPad in 2x mode
Unibar - search from the address bar
Autocorrection Bar - hidden autocorrection panel
iSwipe - Swype keyboard from Android
3G Unrestrictor - high quality video over 3G
MultiTunes - Sync iTunes with Multiple Libraries
PwnTunes - copy photos and music without iTunes
Iconoclasm - icons 5? 5 instead of 4? 4
Camera Wallpaper - image from the camera as wallpaper
ChangeCarrier - change operator name and watch text
Lingual - Siri translation in 30 languages
iMame - one of the best emulators for iOS
Sprintomize - maximum iPhone customization
AnyIcons - system switches in the form of application icons
XBMC - multimedia center
VoiceUtils - reboot and respring
Speak Events - voice notifications
Sara - Siri alternative for unsupported devices
SBSettings - quick access to system switches
iTransmission - download torrents
ProTube - download videos from YouTube
iFile - file manager
IntelliScreenX - Megavidget for the Notification Center
WiFi Booster - speeds up Wi-Fi
5 Icon Dock– five icons in the Dock
ScreenDimmer - custom screen blanking settings
ClearFast - clear all notifications
I Know It– One iPhone Discharge Message
SIManager - backup contacts on the SIM-card
OpenSSH - includes SSH support
iSHSHit - copies iSHSH certificate
xBackup - backup tweaks
Cydia Attacher - send any files via iMessage
WeatherIcon - weather on the icon or in the status bar
CamFast - quick start camera
SwitcherLand - multitasking panel in horizontal mode
PhotoEnchancer - Hides Photo Albums
MusicBanners - banner notifications in the Notification Center