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Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in 2010-2011

I must say that 2010 is very rich in various tweaks and applications for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with jailbreak. We offer the top 10 free and paid jailbreak utilities of 2010, which significantly expand the functionality of iOS and fully disclose the capabilities of Apple's mobile devices.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

To use these tweaks, you need to jailbreak iOS 4.1 to 4.3.3 on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using GreenPois0n / Sn0wbreeze or jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 for all devices using Redsn0w .

10. Fast Copy

In the tenth place of our top - a useful tweak of the function copy-past. The only thing that makes Fast Copy - removes the delay, which occurs every time you click on the buttons in the clipboard pop-up menu in iOS.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Fast Copy)

The edit menu buttons (copy, paste, select all) are always slightly freezed before performing the action. In fact, it's made by Apple specifically. This tweak eliminates it, speeding up the process of cutting, copying and pasting into iOS.

9. SwitcherPlus

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (SwitcherPlus)

SwitcherPlus - one of the most useful tweaks, because it allows you to fix the icon of any program in the multitasking panel. This is very convenient, especially when using password collectors like LastPass, 1Password or any other applications that you need to have quick access to.

8. ScrollingBoard

IOS users with jailbreak have the opportunity to expand the functionality of the system with the help of special tweaks. Utilities InfiniFolders and FolderEnhancer allow you to have limitless folders, and InfiniDock - an unlimited number of icons in the dock.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (ScrollingBoard)

Tweak ScrollingBoard combines the capabilities of all these programs and allows you to:

  • Add an unlimited number of icons to the dock and folders
  • Install iPod controls in the dock
  • Have volume and screen brightness controls in the dock
  • Install any add-ons and widgets
  • Have an AirPlay icon in the dock
  • Use the "scrollview" mode.

7. SwitcherMod

The SwitcherMod utility changes the switching panel functions in iOS 4.x. For example, you can abandon the traditional way of closing applications through the retention of icons. SwitcherMod puts a cross on all the icons in the multitasking panel for quick removal of unnecessary programs.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (SwitcherMod)

In addition, SwitcherMod allows you to change the algorithm for displaying icons. It's strange to see applications in the multitask pane that are not running, right? Instead of displaying active and recently used utilities, it's more logical to leave icons for only active applications. This not only reduces the slaginess of the panel, but is also more natural for the end user. If you prefer to see there and recently used programs, then in the Exited App Style setting there is a Transparent option that makes the icons of non-working applications transparent.

6. Action Menu

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Action Menu)

The Action Menu extends the functionality of the standard copy-past function in iOS. An additional package from Cydia contains a rich set of functions:

  • Clipboard history
  • Google Search, Wikipedia, Google Dictionary and Translator;
  • Quickly send selected text via the Twetter client installed on the iPhone (Tweetie, Twitterific, Twittelator and TwitterFon)

5. CallLock

It's no secret that even after a few software updates, the distance sensor in the iPhone 4 continues to bugger, delivering a lot of inconvenience when using a smartphone. CallLock from Cydia solves this problem by blocking the device screen for the duration of the conversation.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (CallLock)

Manual mode allows you to lock the iPhone 4 screen with the Power button, without resetting the call.

4. RemoveBG

RemoveBG does a very simple thing - it closes all applications running in the background. Removing all applications from the multitasking panel not only frees up memory, but also makes the iOS device faster and more efficient.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (RemoveBG)

Toggle switch for SBSettings frees the iPhone's memory in one tap.

3. Synchronicity

Another extremely useful application for jailbreakers is Synchronicity. Tweak allows you to use the iPhone while synchronizing with iTunes via USB.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Synchronicity)

By default, when syncing (copying music, installing applications, etc.) from iTunes on the iPhone screen appears the message "Synchronization is in progress." However, the phone becomes unavailable for work. If you need to go online or run the iPod, you will have to abort the procedure.

Synchronicity removes this restriction, allowing you to work with the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad during synchronization.

2. BiteSMS

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (BiteSMS)

BiteSMS is the best SMS manager for iPhone. The program supports all functions of the native application in iOS, including landscape keyboard, MMS, forwarding function, deleting several messages and contains a number of its unique functions:

  • Quickly create an SMS / answer / call
  • Insert emoticons and contacts
  • Protection
  • Fast forward / delete
  • Character count / shipping costs
  • Proxy
  • Managing Autocorrection
  • Hiding the keyboard (by clicking on empty space above the text)

To call fast SMS, just tap the speaker icon after pressing the volume button. This should be the native application Messages on the iPhone.

1. MyWi

The reason why MyWi won the title of the best jailbreak tweak is simple. The program offers the most revolutionary feature for iOS: one tap turns an iPhone into an access point or a Wi-Fi router. Now you can connect a laptop or iPad to the Internet anywhere, where there is a mobile connection from the iPhone.

Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (MyWi)

If you were thinking about buying an iPad with Wi-Fi or 3G, then with this tweak for the iPhone this issue will disappear by itself. The program provides 40 and 104-bit WEP-encryption network and allows any device to connect to the iPhone network in a few seconds.

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