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rink avalanche Dnepropropetrovsk - prices, reviews, phone numbers

rink avalanche

Address: Dnipropetrovsk, st. Space, 20

Phone: +38 056 232-45-32



Description: an open-air rink functions until the onset of a temperature of +10 degrees, which allows you to skate from December 1 to April inclusive.

Breaks in the rink (10 minutes every 2 hours) are made only for the time required to process the surface of the ice and its preparation. The ice processing machine keeps the ice in top condition regardless of the number of visitors.

Sports equipment offered for hire is designed for all age categories starting from 4-year-old children.

Visitors will be offered various options for visiting the ski complex. The automatic accounting system (turnstiles, magnetic readers) allows customers to comfortably spend leisure time, and service personnel to quickly and efficiently serve the visitor.

Special attention is paid to children. While parents are busy with skating and entertainment, children have the opportunity to learn to skate or ski, take part in competitions, visit the children's room, just play in the snow, outdoors in the company of their peers.

Schedule: on weekdays from 14:00 to 22:00.

Prices: 20 UAH - 1 hour, hire of konbkov 5 UAH

Minibuses: look here