Skating rink at the bridge-city center

Skating rink in the TRC Bridge-City Center

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, st. Glinka, 2, Shopping and entertainment center Most-city center

Phone: 790-30-17



Description : The main hobby of this ice rink is that it is open all year round! In winter and summer, in the morning and in the evening, you can learn to skate or hone your skills, performing axels, sheepskin coats, ritberbergs, vykryuki, jaxons and flashlights. Here you can have fun, strengthen your health, and just have a lot of fun! After skiing, you can relax in a cozy cafe, which is located on the territory of the ice rink.

Excellent service, convenient working hours, flexible prices at different times of the day - all this will help you to have a wonderful time.

Schedule and prices: weekdays - the standard ticket price is 30 UAH, children's ticket (children under 12 years old) 15 UAH., School student card 20 UAH.
Escort of personal instructor 30 UAH.

Weekends and holidays - the standard ticket price for sessions is up to 16.00 - 40 UAH, after 16.00 - 50 UAH, after 22.00 - 40 UAH.
Children's ticket (for children under 12 years) for sessions up to 16.00 - 30 UAH, after 16.00 - 40 UAH, after 22.00 - 30 UAH.

Maintenance of personal instructor 40 UAH.
Escort of personal instructor 30 UAH.

Services on the rink: discounts for children, students, students

Marshrunks: watch here