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Ice Skating Rinks of Vinnytsia - ice complex Ice Avenue

Ice Complex "Ice Avenue"

Address: Vinnitsa, st. Porica 27A

Telephone: Administration: +38 043 257-33-55, Cashier: +38 043 257-33-11, Cafe: +38 043 257-33-44



Description: Ice Avenue is one of the best ice complexes in Ukraine. Payments for all the services provided are performed using electronic cards. This allows each client to create their own personal electronic history, accumulate bonuses and receive additional discounts. But the most important thing for what to come to "Ice Avenue" - of course, go on the ice. The ice cover is of the best quality, it is closely monitored: after each hour of skiing, the ice is cut off and updated to an ideal state. In one session on the ice field can easily fit from 200 to 250 people. Rolling park - new models of skates from leading manufacturers. Mandatory attribute of skiing safety is a medical center in the complex, and the high sides of the skating rink will not allow to slip out of its limits. In Ice Avenue, anyone can ride, even 3-4 year old kids. Novice help experienced instructors. The recruitment to hockey and figure skating groups has already begun, where only high-class athletes will be coaches. The plans are to create your own ice show, all participants will undergo special choreographic training. In Ice Complex "Ice Avenue" hockey matches of the Highest League of Ukraine are already held. Ice Avenue visitors can enjoy just watching what is happening on the ice. Conveniently placed stands are designed for 438 spectators. And those who would like to relax, will be happy to be invited to a cozy cafe on soft leather chairs and sofas. Friendly staff will offer a wide range of varied dishes - from meat and fish to fitness menus. Ice Complex "Ice Avenue" is equipped with modern, one of the best light in Ukraine - musical equipment.



Everything is very easy and simple. You have decided to take an active rest and hit the Ice Avenue ice complex. At the entrance you will be met by the administrator, he will explain everything popularly and answer all your questions. At the entrance and exit is a cash desk in which you deposit an estimated amount of money on a magnetic card. The complex is equipped with a checkpoint system and in order to pass through the turnstile, you must have an Ice Avenue ice card. This magnetic card will be given to you free of charge at the box office. But it will be a one-time card, i.e. at the exit of the complex you will have to pass it. If you want to take a permanent personal card, then you need to leave in the checkout a deposit for a magnetic card in the amount of 10 hryvnia. In this case, you can always keep this card with you and use it every time you visit the Ice Avenue ice complex. Those. at the exit of the complex you can not hand over the card to the cashier. If there is money left on the card, you can use it on any other day. If you have a desire to return the card and the rest of the money - no problem. You go to the checkout, hand over the card and return the money + deposit for the card. In the arsenal of the Ice Avenue ice complex there are 6 (six) types of cards:

- one-time visitor card for children
- one-time visitor card adult
- permanent children's card
- permanent standard card
- permanent premium card
- permanent VIP card

Now we present to your attention an explanation of the above table. The cost of skating on ice is divided into adults and children (up to 12 years), on weekdays and on weekends. The price of stay on ice for an adult category of people is on weekdays - 25 UAH, on weekends - 30 UAH. Accordingly, for children weekdays - 15 UAH, weekends - 20 UAH. Payment for the first 60 minutes is mandatory. After an hour of riding the payment is per minute. During the ride, you can go off the ice to relax or sit in a cafe. In this case, time stops. Those. is considered the time of direct stay on the ice. If you are the owner of a Premium card, then the cost of stay on the ice for you will be on weekdays 23 UAH. 75 kopecks per hour (25 UAH - 5%), on weekends - 28 UAH 50 kopecks. (30 UAH - 5%). If you are the owner of a VIP card, then the cost of stay on the ice for you will be on weekdays 22 UAH. 50 kopecks per hour (25 UAH -10%), on weekends - 27 UAH 00 kopecks. (30 UAH - 10%). For the convenience of visitors, SUPER TARIFF also exists on weekdays - 15 UAH per hour of skiing. This price is valid only on weekdays from 10.00 and until 14.00 and I am the same for all types of cards of the adult category.

The table shows that the cost of a magnetic card is 10 UAH. We focus your attention on the fact that you do not buy a card, but leave a deposit for it. The deposit is taken only if you want to keep the card. You can return the card at any time and the deposit will be returned to you. A one-time card is issued free of charge.

In the ice complex "Ice Avenue" skate rental works. The cost of rental is 5 UAH per 100 minutes. Accordingly, for owners of Premium cards skate rental will cost 4.75 UAH. in 100 minutes. For owners of VIP cards skate rental will be 4.50 UAH. in 100 minutes. You can come with your skates - it will be cheaper, because you do not have to pay for the rental of skates.

As for the "skate sharpening" service, everything is clear. This service costs 20 UAH. for sharpening one pair of skates. Premium card holders have a 5% discount on this type of service, i.e. the price will be 19 UAH. Accordingly, "VIP" customers will pay a 10% discount, i.e. 18 UAH

The next type of service, which is provided in the ice complex "Ice Avenue" - is "instructor services". If you first began to ice or want to improve your skills, you can take an instructor who will explain, advise, support and teach how to skate correctly. This service costs 20 UAH per hour of instruction. Premium and VIP customers again have their discount of 5% and 10% respectively.

Ice Complex "Ice Avenue" is equipped with VIP rooms in which there are personal electronic storage lockers, separate toilets, electronic-sensory shower enclosures. In order to use the VIP room you must pay this service in the amount of 10 UAH. VIP and PREMIUM customers enjoy privileges. Those. First of all, this service is provided by VIP and PREMIUM clients. Clients of the category "One-Time Visitor" or of the category "STANDARD" VIP-rooms are provided only with free space.

Please note that the wardrobe and common storage rooms are available to all categories of customers and this service is free of charge. Also free and shared toilets ice complex "Ice Avenue". The fact that the wardrobe, storage rooms and toilets are public and free does not mean that these services are of poor quality. Outerwear, shoes, bags, man purses and other things are accepted in the common wardrobe and storage room. Toilets for all visitors of Ice Avenue ice complex are divided into female and male. Each of them is equipped with electronic sensor devices (sinks, mixers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, air fresheners, etc.). Every hour in these rooms are cleaned.

On the territory of the ice complex "Ice Avenue" is a cafe "Avenue". This cafe is located directly in the lobby of the ice complex and is happy to receive any visitor. You can pay in a cafe with the help of the magnetic card "Ice Avenue" (if you have money on the card) or in cash. PREMIUM and VIP customers have a discount in the cafe and 5% and 10% respectively.

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