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11 lakes with clear water in Kiev and near where it is pleasant to swim

11 озер с прозрачной водой в Киеве и рядом

In Kiev, started the beach season. For all lovers to lie on the sand under the scorching rays of the sun review of the cleanest and aesthetically pleasing lakes in Kiev and the surrounding area.

It is no secret that most people of Kiev disdain to swim in the Dnieper - after all, the brown color of the water pushes away and nullifies the desire to plunge into it with the head. An alternative to a not very clean river may be the Kiev lakes, of which there are many in the city.

Of course, not all of them are clean, in many it is forbidden to swim, and some even look like a garbage dump.

It is worth paying attention to several beautiful reservoirs near Kiev. It is better to go there on weekends, by noisy companies, with a bonfire, a guitar and kebabs. Some lakes even have specially equipped beaches.

The main thing - do not leave garbage behind you, do not bathe in a state of alcoholic intoxication, do not burn bonfires on unprotected territory and do not bury the husk from seeds and cigarette butts in the sand. And then our lakes will always be clean and pleasant to relax.

Ministerial Lake

Министерское озеро

Here, sunbathers will enjoy the sandy bottom, clear water, clean shore with green grass and clean air. The depth of the reservoir reaches 14 meters. The water is very clean and clear, thanks to the special algae that grow at the bottom of the lake. There are all conditions in order to change clothes, sunbathe, ride a boat and fry kebabs. Note that recently there was demolished the fence, which blocked most of the beach. Now for the people a lot of free space.

Where to look: st. Bogatyrskaya (go by minibuses and buses in the direction of Vyshgorod from m. "Heroes of Dnepr").

Palm lake

Вербное озеро

The lake is located next to residential buildings. Nearby is a playground, supermarket. Sandy beach. There are changing cabins and a rescue station on the beach. Here you can go fishing and have a small picnic.

Where to look: st. Priozernaya (from Petrovka metro station walk or drive 2 stops on trolleybus No. 30.31).

Telbin Lake

Озеро Тельбин

The lake is interesting because it has the shape of a boomerang. Sandy beach, there are cabanas. Telbin - is one of the largest lakes in Kiev, its area - 1.8 sq. Km.

Before the Bereznyaki residential area was built around it on the site of a birch grove in the 1970s, in the spring during floods the lake was connected to the waters of the Dnieper.

Where to look: st. Shumsky (from the metro station Levoberezhnaya on buses No. 49, 95, 87 and minibuses No. 249, 245, 599, 535).

Blue lake

Синее озеро

It is noteworthy that the lake has no complaints from the sanitary epidemiological station. And Kiev old-timers even claim that the water in it is healing. It is worth noting that holidaymakers here do not specifically go. Basically, it is inhabited by residents of the surrounding houses, who try not to litter the reservoir.

Where to look: st. Gas pipeline (from the metro station Obolon on the 502 shuttle bus to the final one and walk along the Pravdy avenue).

The lake

Озеро Тяглое

The depth of the lake reaches - 32 meters. This is the deepest lake in the capital. And it happened so, because during the construction of the Kharkov massif the builders took sand from it. Because of this, the lake has become deeper and much wider than it was before.

Where to look: st. Collector, Darnitsky district.

Lake Goraschikha

Озеро Горащиха

On the lake there is an official beach, with all the infrastructure for recreation - trestle beds, toilets, cafes, garbage cans, a rescue station, as well as boat and catamaran hire. You can sit on two sides - both on the beach and on the opposite side of the lake. It is worth noting that this is the only lake recommended by the sanatorium for swimming in Pushcha-Voditsa.

Where to look for: Pusha-Voditsa, line 5-8 (get 12 tram from Podil).

Lake homa

Озеро Хома

The lake is located just outside the village of Zazimye, 20 km from Kiev. Here you can find a well-equipped beach, there are sandy bays. Rental catamarans and boats are also present. Nearby is the entertainment complex "Fishing".

Where to look: near the village of Zazimye (you can get from Lesnaya metro station by bus number 320 or by bus number 328).


Озеро УТОГ

In fact, the reservoir is an artificial pond. The beach is sandy, well equipped, there is a pier. On the opposite side is the "wild" beach. Sand is practically absent there, and the banks are framed by trees.

Where to look: Pusha-Voditsa, 1 line (to get 12 trams from Podol).

Blue Lake

Озеро Голубое

The lake is one of the most beautiful in the area. It is located in the vicinity of the village Podgortsy Obukhov district. The absence of an equipped beach adds to the natural charm of the lake. He is not needed here - the coast is sandy, flat and wide.

Where to look: from the metro station "Vydubychi" go by bus in the direction of Obukhov about 30 minutes. A car on the Obukhov highway 15-20 minutes.

Lake in Gorenka

Озеро в Горенке

The recreation area is located on the territory of the former quarry, which has become a lake. There are free and paid beaches. The water in the lake is clean, and in the coastal cafes you can eat. However, you will not be able to retire yourself - the place is quite popular, so on weekends and on holidays it is quite crowded.

Where to look: from the Nyvky metro station to the village of Gorenka (about 30 minutes) and walk to the lake, which is located on the outskirts.

Lake Red Farm

Озера Красный Хутор

If you drive along the Zhytomyr highway and turn off near the village of Mriya, then you can see two beautiful big lakes, which are called Red Khutor. There are two wide sandy beaches, which are well equipped. Nearby there is a holiday village where you can rent a house.

Where to look: drive along the Zhytomyr highway, turn right near the village of Mriya. Also from the metro station "Svyatoshino" they go to the bus.