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The best bicycle routes in Kiev

Лучшие велосипедные маршруты Киева

Kiev, with its diverse landscape, is well known for “what kind of administration” - a difficult place for cyclists. Despite the many problems, people with bikes are becoming more and more every day.

Bicycle tours in Ukraine - a relatively new kind of outdoor activities. Its advantages are obvious: the ability to escape from the daily routine, exercise in the fresh air, and most importantly - mobility. Thanks to the bike, you can cover long distances by watching directly what is happening around you.

For beginners Peoples Friendship Park

Лучшие велосипедные маршруты Киева

For beginners, ideal Park of Friendship of Peoples. (photo 1) Although it is mainly a dirt road, it is rather easy - if not to rush. There are no climbs, but there are ruts due to which one can fall, so be careful.

Park "pokatushek" - Park guerrilla glory

Лучшие велосипедные маршруты Киева

Another great park for "pokatushek" - Guerrilla fame. (photo 2). Drive along the Health Path, which begins at the end of the street. Trostyanetskaya, after crossing the tram tracks. Picturesque area, well-packed primer and sports grounds along the road.

You can go further: cross the road leading to m. Red Khutor and go further without turning, to forest paths with incredible landscapes, but there it is already more difficult. If you have enough strength, you can get to with. Knyazhychi.

PushchaVoditsa - Romance "Peresechenka"

Лучшие велосипедные маршруты Киева

Those who are interested in the romance of the “traverse” - welcome to Pushcha. (photo 3) You can, for example, roll on the Archimedes dirt track. This is, however, for the more experienced.

On the street. Krasnoflotskaya

Лучшие велосипедные маршруты Киева

Or on Krasnoflotskaya, a little closer to civilization. (photo 4)

As for the asphalt area, cyclists have a lot of problems here: only small children can ride on the sidewalk, and the neighborhood with cars is not always safe. The authorities have long promised to build bicycle lanes, but so far the business is moving very slowly. However, even in such a situation, the bike is great for fast and trouble-free trips to work - but here you can find the route yourself. The main thing is not to scare colleagues away with the smell of noble sports sweat. Ideal if you have a shower at work; if not, the sink and towel will fit. At last count, more than 2,000 Kiev residents chose a bicycle for a trip to work.

In total, there are approximately 15 thousand cyclists in Kiev. Those who are keen on this seriously, join in cycling clubs and arrange epic collective "pokatushki" - most often outside the city.

In the city

Лучшие велосипедные маршруты Киева

In the city, however, there is also enough space for a small, but epic journey. For example, here’s an approximate route for a circle on the Left Bank: (photo 5)