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Places worth visiting in Kiev

Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить

The story of Kiev in "nominations" with a photo.

It is worth visiting these places, most of which are well known.

  • The longest street: Brovarsky Avenue with a length of about 14 km.

  • The shortest street: Engineering Lane (not far from Arsenalnaya Square), less than 50 m long, there are 3 houses here.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The oldest street in Kiev: Vladimirskaya, it is more than a thousand years old.

  • The shortest and at the same time the widest main street of European capitals: Khreschatyk, with a length of only 1300 meters and a width of as much as 75 meters from house to house.

  • The narrowest street: Georgievsky Lane, the width of the carriageway is only 5.4 meters.

  • The oldest tree (presumably): Wilhelm Christer oak on st. Osipovsky. Has an age of 600 to 700 years.

  • The most densely populated area : Desnyansky, about 354.5 thousand people.

  • The least populated area: Pechersky, about 139 thousand people.

  • The deepest metro station in Kiev: Arsenalnaya, with a depth of about 105 m, is one of the deepest stations in the world.

  • The most beautiful metro station in Kiev: Golden Gate.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The tallest building in Kiev: a television tower, built in 1973, its height is 380 m.

  • The highest point in Kiev, in relation to the Dnieper: Glory Square, a height of more than 200 m.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The most popular souvenir from Kiev: Kiev cake, it has been produced since 1956.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The largest educational institution: National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, about 42 thousand students, the total staff - more than 50 thousand people.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The most visited museum in Kiev: National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Kiev-Pechersk Lavra"; there are about a million tourists a year.

  • The most ancient monument in Kiev: a monument to Magdeburg Law (a column of Magdeburg Law) was erected in 1802-1808 by the architect Andrei Melensky.

  • The tallest monument in Kiev: the monument-sculpture "Motherland" on the territory of the National Memorial Complex "Museum of the Great Patriotic War". Its height is 102 m, the sculptor is V. Boroday; the monument was opened in 1981; one of the five tallest sculptures in the world.

  • The largest housing estate in Kiev: Troyeshchina (240 thousand inhabitants).

  • The largest industrial enterprise in Kiev: Aviant plant, in which AN-brand aircraft flying in the sky of all continents of the Earth.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The longest city transport route: tram number 12 (metro "Kontraktova Square" - Pushcha Voditsa), its length is about 20 km.

  • The shortest transport route in Kiev: funicular, length 222 m.

  • The largest park in Kiev: Park them. Rylsky, Goloseevsky district; The area of ​​the park is about 150 hectares, opened in 1958.

  • The wettest housing estate: Vineyard.

  • The driest housing estate: Kharkov.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The most unique monument (the only one in the world): a monument to a garbage truck. It was installed in 2004 on the street. Gas pipeline, 2, Kyivspectrans company in gratitude to the workers of sanitary cleaning of Ukraine for labor merits.

  • The tallest building in Kiev and Ukraine: a residential complex on Klovsky descent, 7, 168 meters high.

  • The championship of the highest building of the Russian Empire and the USSR for 30 years was also for Kiev. Ginzburg House (12 floors, more than 60 meters) was located on the street. Institutskoy, on the site of today's hotel "Ukraine", and went down in history as the first "skyscraper" of Ukraine. It was destroyed in 1941.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The smallest elevator in Kiev: located in the house 11-B on the street. Slotted. The elevator accommodates one person, the floor area is about 0.5 sq. M.

  • Места в г.Киев которые стоит посетить
  • The smallest operating temple: on the street. Vladimirskaya, 43, in the basement is the church of Mary Magdalene.