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Kyiv Street Art (Scale drawings)

Over the past few years, artists have decorated the streets of Kiev with dozens of bright and large-scale drawings - murals. Talented artists from Ukraine, Spain, Argentina, Australia and Portugal diluted the urban landscape of the capital with paintings that amaze. The gray walls are adorned with incredible portraits, landscapes and abstractions.

TSNUua decided to collect the brightest street art of Kiev, which not only pleases the eye with its colors and skill of execution. Most of them are designed to draw attention to important topics and pressing problems, such as war, the struggle of the Ukrainian people and global warming that threatens the planet.

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Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

The portrait of the hero of "Heavenly Hundred" by Sergei Nigoyan appeared on the wall of a house in the center of Kiev in the summer of 2015. The author of street art, depicting a young guy with a particularly keen eye, was the Portuguese artist from Lisbon Alexander farth, known under the pseudonym "Vhils".

The peculiarity of his graffiti is that it is not painted, but literally carved on the wall of the old house. Fart uses construction tools instead of paint, which removes layers of old plaster, exposing brickwork.

Author: Alexander Fart "Vhils" (Portugal)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

The image of a bird on a 16-storey house is one of the largest murals in Ukraine. 90 liters of paint were used to create large-scale work.

Author: Alex Maksimov


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural, which occupies the entire end wall of a 16-storey building, consists of two conditional parts, which, according to the author's plan, reflect the struggle of nature and capitalism. In the figure, the artist divided the planet into two parts, where the natural is depicted as a bird, and the artificial is displayed in a mask.

Author: Okuda (Spain)

UL. VICTORY, 114/2

Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

The bright abstraction of the Spanish artist appeared on the wall of the house in Svyatoshino in 2015 and became an unusual decoration of the district, as the drawing was executed in the style typical for Vanbergen - bright colors and unusual geometric shapes.

Author: Kenor Martinez Vanbergen (Spain)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural of the Portuguese artist Antonio Correa was created as part of the Dynamic Urban Culture Kyiv project. On the walls of the skyscrapers there are depicted huge swallows that would be transformed into other animals.

A special impression was made by murals at night, as the artists equipped it with a button, including directional lighting. The light burns only while you press the button, so everyone can feel alone with the art.

Author: Pantonio (Portugal)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural appeared on the wall of the Center for Patriotic Education of the Youth "Paratrooper" and depicts a warrior who returns from the Ukrainian Donbass, with his weapon down and proudly lifted his head. As the web users note, the street art depicts the Komsomolets mine in Gorlovka, Donetsk region.

Author: unknown


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

In the framework of the Dynamic Urban Culture Kyiv project, artists created a perceptive mural with the Virgin Mary and the little Jesus in her arms. Street art, which was consecrated by priests from the Temple of St. Panteleimon, dedicated the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

"Respect for one's health, creative thinking and spirituality are the three components necessary for the harmonious development of the personality." It is about spiritual culture that the new Murali says. Is there something for us that is more like the image of the Virgin Mary, protects the Ukrainian from the days of the Cossacks and to this day "- Describe in the draft idea of ​​murals, which simply amazes us.

Author: Team UpTown (Ukraine)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural with the image of the famous Ukrainian Mikhail Hrushevsky appeared in Kiev with the support of the mayor of the city Vitali Klitschko. The large-scale work, which was created on the eve of the 150th anniversary of the birth of a historian and politician, blocked the advertisement of a construction company that had previously occupied part of the house.

Author: Team Kailas-V


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

About the murals that appeared on the wall of a five-story building in the Shevchenko district of the capital, virtually nothing is known. Bright street art painted an unknown author, depicting on it a stormy waterfall against the background of green and autumnal brown trees.

Author: unknown

UL. Olesya Gonchara, 24A

Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural depicts a man with a typewriter Ukrainian artist dedicated to those who create himself, just like in journalistic work. Drawing takes not even one, but several walls of a large house, which further emphasizes the scale of the artist's work.

Author: Alexander Grebenyuk (Ukraine)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Bright patriotic murals "Ukrainian Saint George" at the "Landscape Alley" appeared in Kiev in October 2014. The main character of street art is a Cossack warrior with a falcon head who fights against a snake. Kozak is considered the embodiment of the image of the people of Ukraine, and snakes - all the problems and enemies with which the country has to fight. For large-scale work needed a wall of about 150 square meters. meters and 70 liters of paint.

Authors: Alexei Bordusov and Vladimir Manzhos from the art duet "Interesni Kazki"


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

In the summer of 2015, a mural appeared on the wall of the house near the Golden Gate, depicting a woman in embroidered clothes. The author of "canvas", which strikes, was the artist Guido van Helton, who was inspired by the poem Lesi Ukrainsky "Lily of the Valley" to create the work.

Author: Guido van Helton (Australia)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural depicting a girl during a flip flop in the summer of 2015 was created by the famous street artist from Australia Fintan Maggi as part of the Street City Art project. A drawing dedicated to the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics - Ukrainians Anna Rizatdinova.

Author: Fintan Magee (Australia)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

The artist's work from Kharkov within the framework of the City Art project depicts a white bird surrounded by black ravens and is called the "Messenger of Life". Street art came out thematic, because next to the house, whose wall became a canvas for the artist, an enclosure with famous crows - Corbin, Carluhoy and Cyril, - or know both the people of Kiev and tourists.

"My painting is called" The Messenger of Life. "The white crow is a symbol of good news and the birth of a new life, next to it are black crows, who are among the wisest birds on earth, we know so little about them, but we always marvel at their minds and intelligence, "- explained the author of murals.

Author: Alexander Brittsev (Ukraine)

Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural under the title "Time of Change" is dedicated to the patriotic spirit of the Ukrainian, who are fighting for freedom and a bright future. At the work of Vladimir Manzhos from the art duet "Interesni Kazki" is depicted a six-armed Cossack, who is fighting the snake that enveloped the Earth.

Interesting in the large-scale work is the symbolism, which the artist filled with murals. In the figure you can see such interesting details as a monkey with a grenade, a blown up tank with the inscription "On Kiev" and Lutsk castle, to which the stork returns.

Author: Vladimir Manzhos from the art duet "Interesni Kazki"


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Artist from Argentina Franco Beans, who created in Kiev a vivid abstraction, known for his works around the world. Beans work in the style of Mexican mythology, harmoniously adapting it to other cultures. In particular, in Kiev's Murali, the artist combined Argentine culture with Ukrainian symbols, depicting a man with the head of an eagle holding a blue-and-yellow flag.

"Franco's work is a mixture of different mythologies, but it's encouraging that he decided to glorify the flag of Ukraine in his Murali, he added that he admired what our country went through," the organizer of the CityArt project Geo Leros wrote about the work of the Argentine artist.

Author: Franco Beans (Argentina)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Elephant with dozens of balloons, which appeared on the wall of the house of one of the sleeping areas of Kiev, the artist from the Donbass dedicated all the dreamers. The huge realistic elephant Alexander Korban "dreams" to fly and causes warm and positive thoughts. The project, created with the support of the Sky Art Foundation, took the entire wall of the five-story building.

Author: Alexander Korban (Ukraine)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural was created by a Spanish artist who works under the pseudonym Aryz. The figure shows a man in an unbuttoned shirt that holds a stick similar to the flag's flag in his hands.

When creating a monumental image of a man in the artist, there was an unfortunate conflict with the nun. The woman approached the Spaniard and turned the buckets with his paint, probably thus showing discontent with the work of Aryz. However, later the conflict was settled.

Author: Aryz (Spain)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

A bright mural with a little girl decorated the wall of the five-story building. Children sings in the comb, trying on too large mother's shoes. The figure, created by a Ukrainian artist from Donbass in the framework of the project Dynamic Urban Culture Kyiv, charges with positive and reminds that being a child is happiness.

Author: Alexander Korban (Ukraine)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural an Australian artist appeared in Kiev in the fall of 2015. Street art painted on the wall of a five-story apartment house and depicts a girl standing in the water, and in her hands holds firewood. Mural, like many of the artist's works, devoted to the problems of ecology, in particular, to global warming.

Author: Fintan Magee (Australia)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural, created on Andreevsky descent by artists from Ukraine and France in the framework of the "French Spring" in Kiev, depicts the revival of the country. On the 15-meter "canvas" painted girl-Ukrainka, which symbolizes the spirit of the country and has a "cosmic" appearance. To create a grandiose work, the artists needed special equipment to paint the wall of a 5-storey building. The creation of "Ukraine" took the artists 11 days.

Authors: Alexey Kislov (Ukraine) and Julien Mullan "Seth" (France)

UL. Voloshskaya, 19

Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

The work of the Australian Magee became one of the first murals in Kiev. The picture appeared on Podol and decorates the building of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. Street art is devoted to the theme of preservation of the environment and is called upon to draw public attention to the actual problems of ecology. It depicts a guy in an embroidered deer, who together cross the river.

Author: Fintan Magee (Australia)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

In October 2015 an Australian artist created a mural dedicated to the beauty of Ukrainian women. On a huge panel depicts a girl who holds an embroidery in her hand, which is trying on her, and looks thoughtfully into the distance. Street art is striking because it occupies the entire wall of a 16-story building.

Author: Guido Van Helten (Australia)

UL. Ilyinsky, 4A

Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural can be seen on the facade of one of the buildings of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy". The artists created it in the framework of the festival "French Spring 2013". The figure shows a boy and a girl who are immersed in a fantastic world of inventions thanks to books.

Authors: Vladimir Manzhos from the art duet "Interesni Kazki" and Julien Mullan "Seth" (France)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural with the image of the Ukrainian hetman Skoropadsky was created by the creative group Kailas-V a special historical place. After all, it was at Stavokrovzvalny that decisive events took place in the life of Skoropadsky and the whole country. According to the artists, this is another work in the framework of the project, dedicated to famous personalities of Ukraine and the world, played an important role in the formation of the state.

Authors: Kailas-V team


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

One of the freshest murals, which appeared in the last in 2015, was created on the building of the municipal hospital fund near Sofia's square. Street art, created in the framework of the CityArt project, was painted by the Lviv artist Taras Arm and depicts the flight of huge birds that fly to heaven.

Author: Taras Arm (Ukraine)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural, created by a famous street artist from Brazil, combined the culture of Ukraine and North America. On the street art depicts a Ukrainian Cossack, to whom "Brazilian" hands put on a make-up.

However, the bright work of the Brazilian avant-garde was in the center of the scandal, as it appeared on the wall of the house in 1910. Activists claimed that the building is located within the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Ancient Kiev", which means a ban on any changes to the facade. However, the work was successfully completed.

Author: Nunca (Brazil)

UL. Olesya Gonchara, 15/3

Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

A mosaic panel with magic children's faces occupies the end wall of a residential building. In style, Murals is similar to the work of American artist Andy Warhol. Street art of the Ukrainian artist consists of 8 mosaic portraits of children. According to the author, real people are depicted on Murali, most of which are the children of his acquaintances.

Author: Konstantin Skretutsky (Ukraine)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

"Ecological" graffiti with the image of mills you see on the wall of the Kiev apartment house. According to the authors, "Mills" is a reminder that there are alternatives to coal, oil and gas that do not lead to a climate and humanitarian crisis on the planet.

Authors: Alexander Korban, Vitaly Dolgiy (Ventel), Roman Kuleshov (Wius)


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

Mural, whose creation took six days, depicts several cars and large wheels that seem to hold everything together. Such an unusual street art made the people of Kiev break their heads over what appeared on the wall of the house. However, all doubts and guesses were dispelled by CityArt Coordinator Geo Leros, who explained that the artist had drawn a carousel.

Author: M-city


Киевский стрит-арт (Масштабные рисунки)

A fairy-tale mural "settled" on the wall of the ordinary building college of Soviet times. Funny aliens in a flying saucer with a transparent dome appeared in the Dynamic Urban Culture Kyiv project. With its bright colorful colors, the mural has the purpose of raising the mood and recalling the careful attitude to nature and to each other.

Authors: Vyacheslav Shum and Anastasia Merkulova (Ukraine)