Scheme of all municipal transport in Kiev

Municipal transport of Kiev
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Transport in Ukraine is represented by air, rail, road. Currently, all traditional types of land public transport operate in Kiev: a tram, a trolleybus, a bus, shuttles and a funicular . Also started the implementation of the city ​​electric train project.

The diagram shows all buses, trolleybus and tram routes, as well as metro lines and city electric trains. Designer Konstantin Cherepovsky spent 16 months on this job.

The transport scheme was not ordered by the city administration or the transport utility company, it is a personal initiative of the designer. According to Konstantin, he saw that theoretically there might be a demand for such a printed circuit, since few people use Internet services to choose a route in middle age and especially after 50 years (Internet penetration in the latter category is less than 50%). In addition, the lack of an offline map is a big problem for tourists and city visitors.

Схема всего муниципального транспорта Киева

Another reason for creating the scheme was that Kiev has a relatively small network of rail transport - entire areas have access to public transport in the city only in the form of a bus or a trolleybus, such as Solomenka or Vinogradar. Therefore, in addition to the metro, there are 140 land routes here. Separately, for interested designers Konstantin wrote an article The Making Of , in which he told his own way of developing the scheme. In addition, the article has links to similar work in other countries, the designer used, as Projects.

In the scheme there are no minibuses, since there are more than 300 of them, urban and suburban together. But the bike route Troeschina-center, railway stations and airports, river station, funicular, main tourist sites are marked.