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Axess center is more expensive

Telephone: 38 (044) 207-4047, 207-4040
Address: st. Pymonenko, 13, office 5A / 33
Travel Agency - is a full-cycle mini-market of tourism services, which offers tours to different countries, insurance and works with classic retail, as well as the owner of the brand "Axess expensive center".
The set of travel agency services includes services for the implementation of high-quality leisure in world resorts (in the form of tour packages from leading tour operators), booking services for aviation, bus and train tickets to all destinations, hotels around the world, car rentals, the provision of excursions and transfers.
In addition, with Axess you can insure your life, health and property, as well as get expert help in financial matters - obtaining a consumer loan, issuing traveler's checks and payment cards.
The company has special conditions for regular customers - Bonitos accumulative program and Axess Card privilege program.
The license for travel agent activity, series AB No. 329216, issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine on March 30, 2007.

STI Ukraine

Phone: 38 (044) 490-5960
Address: st. Proreznaya, 18/1, of. 6
STI Ukraine is the official representative in Ukraine of the International Confederation of Youth Travel ISTC.
Our services:
- Registration of international student (ISIC), teaching (ITIC) and youth certificates (IYTC).
- Booking and sale of air tickets of leading airlines at special student fares.
- Education and internship abroad, language courses in Europe.
- Book hotels and youth hostels around the world.
- Registration of insurance policies.
We are the most youth company - created by young people and working for young people!

Central railway ticket office

Phone: 38 (044) 465-1955
Address: Blvd. T. Shevchenko, 38/40
UCOP provides pre-sale tickets for 0-45 days in the directions of "There" and "Return" in direct, intergovernmental and international communications, prior admission from organizations and institutions of collective applications for reserving seats in trains, ordering tickets by phone, delivering tickets at the place of residence, work or leisure.
Passengers are provided with a reference and information service that operates around the clock and provides information on arrival, departure of trains, rules of travel and ticket prices.

Ticket offices of Central Railway Station

Telephone: 38 (044) 465-2059, 503-7005, 503-6050
Fax: 38 (044) 465-2059
Address: pl. Vokzalnaya, 1
Reference and information service - t. (044) 503-7005;
Order tickets with delivery - t. (044) 503-6050


Telephone: 38 (044) 390-7787, 228-0272
Address: st. Vishnyakovskaya, 9b
We offer you a family, extreme, exotic vacation, individual and group tours around the world!
Booking air and railway tickets for regular flights.


Phone: 38 (044) 490-7373
Fax: 38 (044) 246-6061
Address: st. Saksaganskogo 42
Individual tourism. Luxury holiday anywhere in the world. Hot tours. Visa rules. Sale of air tickets, rail and bus.

Hermes Travel Group

Phone: 38 (044) 201-1570
Fax: 38 (044) 201-1577
Address: st. Rognedinskaya, 2
Full range of tourist destinations and services:
- organization of recreation abroad
- selection of the tour for individual request
- organization of business tours
- organization of weekend tours
- organization of rest in Ukraine
- tourist services for foreign guests in Ukraine
- booking and sale of air tickets
- booking hotels worldwide
- railway tickets for sale
- organization of seminars in Ukraine and abroad
- organization and conduct of test drives
- organizational and advisory services for registration of passports and children's travel documents
- transport service
- organization of receiving passengers through the VIP-hall of the airport Borispol


Phone: 38 (044) 490-6070
Fax: 38 (044) 279-8163
Address: st. Reitarskaya 9
Travel agency in the center of Kiev. More than 11 years of successful activity. Order air and railway. tickets. Hotel reservations. Extract of insurance. Selection of tours.


Telephone: 38 (044) 491-1877, (067) 233-6970
Address: st. Melnikova, 83a
The Tesoro company provides visa support in embassies and consulates of the following countries:

Argentina, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, United Kingdom, Hungary, Holland, Israel, Indonesia, Macedonia, India, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Cuba, Korea, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, Jordan, Spain, Iran, Syria, Serbia , USA, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, UAE.


Phone: 38 (044) 219-0003
Address: st. Zhilyanskaya, 59
The main activities of the Pilot company are:
- Sale of air tickets for international and domestic flights, sale of railway tickets
- Booking rooms in hotels in Ukraine and around the world
- Tourist services
- Insurance


Phone: 38 (044) 235-9497
Fax: 38 (044) 235-8232
Address: st. B. Khmelnitsky, 94, of.1
Bus tours around the world. Sightseeing tours. Business tours. Relaxation. Air and train tickets to any destination.


Telephone: 38 (044) 236-6014, 236-4953, 236-8202
Fax: 38 (044) 236-8185
Address: Victory Avenue, 9
Ski tours. Rest on the sea. Thermal resorts. Holidays in Ukraine. Registration of passports. Order air and train tickets. Rest for children.

New logik

Phone: 38 (044) 206-3322
Address: st. Mikhaylovskaya, 6a
Flights. Hotels: booking in Ukraine and abroad. Train tickets. Registration of international passports. Theme tours in Kiev. Tours in Ukraine. Business travel. Tours.


Phone: 38 (044) 568-4150
Fax: 38 (044) 568-4451
Address: st. R. Okipnoy, 2, hall of the hotel "Tourist"
Booking and purchase of air tickets, Railway tickets for organizations.


Telephone: 38 (044) 461-9050, 492-2882
Address: st. Melnikova, 5b
The main activities of the company are educational, tourist and health programs, VIP tours, sea cruises, honeymoon trips, children's leisure, reception in Ukraine, sales of rail, air and bus tickets.

Beni terreni

Phone: 38 (044) 227-8370, (067) 657-1000
Address: st. Lutheran, 24, office 1, code - 248
We will create all the conditions for comfortable tourism - we will provide a wide range of vouchers, we will take care of all the visa requirements, help with the road and find the right hotel. You just have to enjoy the pleasures of tourism, basking in the sunshine of a tropical resort. Beni Terreni - tourism with comfort.


Telephone: 38 (044) 461-9880, 461-9881, 284-9908
Address: Blvd. L. Ukrainki, 34, of. 102
We are always ready to assist you in the selection of the tour, provide advice and provide a truly unforgettable experience after a holiday in the country you choose.
We are also ready to provide you with our services for the purchase of air tickets, train tickets, insurance.


Phone: 38 (044) 489-1987
Fax: 38 (044) 489-1986
Address: st. Starokievskaya 9
Mercury-Intour is a complex service for traveling people. Full support from the sale of the tour and paperwork to the organization of the meeting host. Wide selection of last-minute tours to Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia. Fast paperwork for travel abroad.

Ticket service

Phone: 38 (044) 233-5595
Address: st. V. Vasilevskaya, 13
Our service offers a convenient service for Kiev residents and guests of the capital - the order and delivery of train tickets and air tickets in the city of Kiev. We work quickly maintaining the quality of service to our customers. Accepting applications around the clock on-line on our website. The train schedule, as well as other related information regarding train travel and air transport can also be found on our website.


Phone: 38 (044) 494-0320
Fax: 38 (044) 462-5149
Address: st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, 3a, of. one
Travel company "Aquavita" provides services of booking air tickets to anywhere in the world, hotel reservations. As well as transport services, sale of train tickets, car rental in Ukraine and abroad, a full range of travel services for organizing visits to exhibitions, seminars and congresses.


Phone: 38 (044) 292-3229, 496-0130
Fax: 38 (044) 496-0131
Address: Mira Ave., 4a
"Aquaturia" perfectly proved itself to be efficient in work: instant selection of a tour, choice of a boarding house / sanatorium for prevention and treatment, booking hotels around the world, booking and purchasing air / railway tickets, developing routes for caravanning, fulfillment of individual orders, visa support, services professional guides and guides, etc.

Art Tour

Phone: 38 (044) 246-1110 (multichannel)
Address: Ave Vozduhoflotsky, 15
Currently, the main activity of our company is the booking, sale and delivery of air tickets.
We offer our customers to choose the most convenient form of payment for them - cash, non-cash, credit cards. If necessary, the ordered ticket will be promptly delivered to your office.
Urgent registration of passports, urgent registration of travel documents of the child. Book hotels and cars around the world. Insurance.
Also, the Art-Tour Ukrainian Travel Agency offers rail tickets at the lowest cost with delivery, online booking and telephone ordering.

Ban Terra

Phone: 38 (044) 502-8002
Fax: 38 (044) 234-7249
Address: st. L. Tolstoy, 6, of. 403
Travel company "Pan Terra" offers you the tours for every taste, to any country in the world. We cooperate with the largest tour operators, which allows us to select the most optimal prices for our clients. We are always ready to assist you in selecting a tour, provide advice and provide truly unforgettable impressions after a holiday in the country you choose.
We are also ready to provide you with our services for the purchase of air tickets, train tickets, insurance.


Phone: 38 (044) 247-4719
Fax: 38 (044) 247-4733
Address: st. Shchors, 3
Travel company "Dinadis" specializes in business tourism, as well as corporate service. During its existence in the tourism market, the company "Dinadis" has established itself as a reliable partner.

We are pleased to provide our partners with the following services:
- booking hotels in Ukraine and abroad;
- booking and sale of air tickets;
- organization of charter flights to anywhere in the world;
- organization of tours for foreign tourists in historical places of Ukraine;
- excursion service in Kiev and cities of Ukraine;
- transport service taking into account all wishes of the client;
- complex organization of conferences and seminars in Ukraine;
- visa support;
- Corporate holidays abroad: Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Greece and many others.

Life tour

Phone: 38 (044) 520-1558
Address: st. Khreshchatyk, 46a, office 1
Travel Agency "Life Tour" - a new direction in the field of tourism!
We offer all types of recreation in all countries of the world!
Our services:
- all types of tours
- exotic vacation
- vacation at sea
- train and air tickets
- conference service
- as well as the lowest prices in the Crimea!

Ukrainian Travel Company

Phone: 38 (044) 288-2949, (068) 596-2267
Address: st. Zhilyanskaya 126/23, office 215
Ukrainian travel company:
- sale of tours in all directions (England, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Thailand, Tunisia, India, Jordan, Italy, Bali, Seychelles, Maldives, Syria, Cuba, Singapore, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, France)
- sea cruises,
- VIP travel,
- booking and sale of air and railway tickets,
- transfer,
- visa support,
- booking tours of hotels around the world,
- insurance,
- excursion programs,
- education abroad, colleges and schools, language courses, higher education.

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