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Business plan: technology of development and development - Pokropivny S.F.,

Pokropivny S. F., Sobol S. M., Shvidanenko G. O.

P 48 Business plan: technology development and training: Navc. posibnik. - K: KNEU, 1998. - 208 p.

ISBN 996 - 574 - 046 - 5

At the primary school conference, the theoretical, methodological and practical power supplying the plan is important for the rivalry in Ukraine. Filed a detailed description of the business plan, your structure, logies and design. Reporting on the visibility and technology of the development of types of business plans, including marketing, marketing, organizational and financial planning. Pridilena uvaga otsіntsі economic rizikіv in bіznesі. The presentation of the bi-plan. Guided practical application of the business plan.

The assignments for listening to magistere programs of the young people are set up in the main schools of the 4th anniversary of the loan, and also they are active, they are actively involved in the development and development of a new business in Ukraine.

BBK 65.290 - 2


Rozdil 1. Business plan for rinkovіy sistema gospoduyuvannya
1.1. Sutn_sna characteristic bіznes plan
1.2. Цілі розробки бізнес-плану
1.3. Formula information field bіznes plan
1.4. Zagalna methodology development business plan
Rozdil 2. P_dgotovcha stadiya rozrobki b_znes-plan
2.1. Logic to the process of strategic planning for training stages
2.2. Otsіnka spriyatlivih zovnіshnіh mozhlivost that zagroz for bіznes
2.3. Viyavlennya strong і weak storіn fіrmi
2.5. Formula tsiley dіyalnost_ fіrmi
2.6. Analysis of strategic alternatives of strategic strategies
Rozdil 3. Structure, logit of development and design of the business plan
3.1. Business plan structure
3.2. Logіka rozrobki bіznes plan
3.3. Vimogi to the style written by the design of the business plan
Rozdil 4. Product (poslugi) і rinok
4.1. Galuz, fіrma that їїї produktsіya
4.2. Doslіzhennya rinku
Rozdil 5. Marketing plan
5.1. Meta Logic marketing marketing plan
5.2. Marketing strategy
5.3. Strategy of implementation and implementation of products (after service)
5.4. Prognoses sales
Rozdil 6. Virobnichy plan
6.1. Head of the warehouse
6.2 Site Security Plan
Rozdil 7. Organizational Plan
7.1. The structure and structure of the plan
7.2. Zm_st main rozdіlіv organіzatsіynnogo plan
Rozdil 8. Otsinka risikіv
8.1 Vidi mozhlivih risikіv
8.2. Concepts management rizikami
8.3. Come on for neutrality abo minіmіzatsії negative nasіdkіv mozlivikh rizikіv
Rozdil 9. Financial Plan
9.1. Significance, success and technology of development of financial plan
9.2. Plan of revenues and videos
9.3. Plan penny nakhodzhen and Vitrat
9.4. Plan balance
9.5. Ochikuvani fіnansovy somefants
Rozdil 10. Presentation of the business plan
10.1. Tіlі that zavdannya presentation ї bіznes-plan
10.2. Organizational presentations to the business plan
10.3. Ways to improve your presentation of the business plan
Rozdil 11. Practical application of business plan
11.1. Business partnership plan for the offense of joint venture - Sparta TOV
11.2. Business plan of the Organizational Experimental Industrial Number of corrugated cardboard and tariff in AT “Dnipropavilpapirmash”