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Business plan: technological development and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

Pokropivniy S.F., Sobol S.M., Shvidanenko G.O.

P 48 Business Plan: R&D Technology and Saving: Nav. posibnik. - K: KNEU, 1998 .-- 208 p.

ISBN 996 - 574 - 046 - 5

At the beginning seminar, theoretical, methodological and practical nutrition, business planning, and important important development in Ukraine. A detailed description of the business plan, structure, logics and design is presented. Report on business and technology development of typical business plans, including marketing, distribution, organization and financial plans. Respect for economic and economic rises in business. Viokremlena presentation to business plan. Practically put your business plan.

Significance for rumors of master's programs of direct and indirect careers of other primary mortgages of the fourth month of accreditation, as well as active, active engagement and development of business in Ukraine.

BBK 65.290 - 2


Rozdil 1. Business plan in the market system of state donations
1.1. Сутнісна characteristic of the business plan
1.2. Tsіlі rozrobki business plan
1.3. Form of information field for business plan
1.4. Zagalna methodology rozrobki business plan
Rozdil 2. Pid preparation stage of the development plan for the business plan
2.1. Logic to the process of strategic planning at the preparation stage
2.2. Estimation of hidden opportunities and that threat to business
2.3. Viyavlennya strong and weak sides of companies
2.5. Formula Tsіley dіyalnostі fіrmi
2.6. Analysis of strategic alternatives vibration strategy
Rozdil 3. Structure, logic of development and design for business plan
3.1. The structure of the business plan
3.2. Logic for business plan development
3.3. Vimogi to the style of writing and design for business plan
Rozdil 4. Product (services) and rinok
4.1. Galuz, company and products
4.2. Forensic Market
Rozdil 5. Marketing plan
5.1. Meta and Logic of the Marketing Plan
5.2. Marketing strategy
5.3. Zbutu strategy and realizatsii products (service) companies
5.4. Predicted swag sale
Rozdil 6. The virobic plan
6.1. Golovne zavadannya th warehouses virobnichnogo plan
6.2 Zmіst virobnichnogo plan
Rozdil 7. Organizational plan
7.1. The whole structure of the organizational plan
7.2. Zmіst basic distribution of the organizational plan
Rozdil 8. Otsіnka rizikіv
8.1 See the rizikiv
8.2. Concept of managing risiks
8.3. Come in for neutralization and at least negative reviews of negative prices
Rozdil 9. Financial plan
9.1. Significance, financial and technological development of financial plan
9.2. Income plan and views
9.3. The plan of penny nadhodzhen i i vitrat
9.4. Balance sheet
9.5. Ochukuvanі financials koofіtsієnti
Rozdil 10. Presentation of the business plan
10.1. Values ​​of presentation of the business plan
10.2. Organization of the presentation of the business plan
10.3. Improve your presentation and presentation business plan
Rozdil 11. Practical butt business plan
11.1. Business-plan partnership with obmezhenoyu vіdpovіdalnіstyu - TOV "Sparta"
11.2. Business plan of the organization of experimental and industrial virology of corrugated cardboard and tari at AT Dniprovazhpapirmash