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The basis for managing personnel is Khramov V.O.

VO O. Khramov, A. P. Bovtruk

Навчально-методичний посібник

Х89 The basis of staff management : the Navy method. посіб. - К .: МАУП, 2001. - 112 p .: іл. - Bibliography: p. 109.

ISBN 966-608-086-9

The proponovanomu navchalno-methodical posobniku rozglyadayutsya problems organizatsii ta її models, zasobi upravlennya, base kadrovoї polity, the principle of styli control, method of management that pytannya rozvitku personnel, and takozh termini, model tehnologii management of personnel.

For students-bachelors in correspondence with those of distance forms, the beginning of the wandering investments, the managerial work.

BBK 65.050.2y73

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